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Gary Dimmock

Gary Dimmock's website, the Dimmock report has disappeared. We have picked up several of his stories and wish we had picked up more

Walter Gillespie and Robert Mailman: story on their wrongful convictions
By Don Cayo, 04/20/1998 in The Globe and Mail : the lack of respectability of accused like Mailman and Gillespie make them easy targets for frames and even a thorough investigation like Dimmock's does not result in a just result.

Hacker Hero calls it quits
B.C. computer whiz says police reneged on rewards for aiding in child porn arrests
Gary Dimmock, The Ottawa Citizen, March 4, 2002

Gary Dimmock's reports on George Pitt
Government reopens 12-year old murder case following Citizen report
Gary Dimmock, The Ottawa Citizen, June 9, 2005

The Clayton Miller story
We first posted the Clayton Miller story in 1998 using newsclippings, autopsy photos and several years' old Atlantic Frank stories. This helped keep the story alive and then last summer [2001], Gary Dimmock did a thorough investigation of some of the Miller's allegations.


The Dimmock Report probes the life of an underworld enforcer turned Mounties' agent who was paid thousands in tax dollars to infiltrate his outlaw friends.

This story formed part of last year's fifth estate package which won the Michener award.

Cory Patterson

How the mafia imports cocaine