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Diane Ens took over where Carol Bunko-Ruys left off

Covering up the truth about the Ross children

Except instead of trying to keep the Ross children together, she spent Saskatchewan taxpayer's money to keep them far apart. Bunko-Ruys' job was to keep Michael, Michelle and Kathy together while Dueck manufactured the case against the original sixteen people. She described Michael's repeated raping of the girls as "a touching problem" in her reports to Social Services.

Kathy Ross and Bunko-Ruys

Bunko-Ruys sat with the children in the Saskatoon Police Station "soft room" while Dueck elicited malicious tales from them. A tiny portion of these tapes were shown on Fifth Estate. Contracted by Social Services to handle the three Ross children, she billed them for many many hours and the tax-payers unittingly footed the bill. She is still in business running "Community Child Care Consultants," on Main St. in Saskatoon.

Once the trials were over with only one conviction secured, Social Services put Diane Ens on the case. Ens was fully aware of the situation and removed Michael from his sisters only when it became clear that the public was likely to find out about the scandal. Michael was sent to Ranch Ehrlo in Regina and a year later, Michelle was also sent to Ranch Ehrlo. The last foster child, Kathy, was placed with a foster mother named Joy and sent to Vernon, B.C. Kathy was given no reason wht she could no longer see her siblings. Ens collaborated with Joy to make sure that Kathy did not receive Christmas or birthday presents from her family, that she was given false information about the material published on the Internet and that the name of the website be kept from her. She was also "protected" from Fifth Estate researchers who came very close to tracking her down and was prevented from seeing the Fifth Estate shows.

Michelle Ross and Diane Ens

Ens prevented Kathy from attending the funeral of her grandfather Vogel, Helen's father. Michelle and Michael were not even informed of the death at the time. Kathy did not want to move to Vernon, British Columbia where she has been for the last four years. Her foster mother in Vernon, Joy, told her that "lies" were being published about her on the Internet but refused to give her the name of the website. She learned of the Fifth Estate show only because a teacher told her about it.

According to he StarPhoenix and CBC, Ens could not be reached for comment on the allegations Kathy made and we are making against her. We have never heard of a case where so many serious allegations could be levelled against so many people without a single response of denial. We know that Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys would be hard-pressed to pursue any charges since Bunko-Ruys failed to lay charges against us the first time when Dueck did charge us and we were acquitted.

UPDATE Dec. 15, 2001

Diane Ens is now being asked to answer to a civil claim against her and twenty-odd others filed by Michael Ross and Peter Klassen. Michael is the older brother of Kathy and Michelle and admits he molested his sisters over a 43 month period while living in the Thompson home and with the full knowledge of the foster parents, police officer Brian Dueck, Carol Bunko and several other social workers.

Michael was then taken to Ranch Ehrlo in Regina and was thwarted in attempts to make contact with his birth parents.

He states that his allegations against all the accused were fabricated.

Kathy's e-mail to injusticebusters

Diane Ens to Kathy, Jan. 22/01 is below

Michael and Michelle were also removed from their Section 56 agreements by Ens, though similar means: We don't know if their contract stated that making contact with their siblings and parents was part of the deal. Diane Ens lied to all of them who have been looking for each other for the last four years.

For two years while Michael was living in Regina, Ens promised to arrange a meeting with his Dad. She lied to both of them, many times, setting meetings and then cancelling, telling each of them the other was sick. Michael finally left Regina and came to Saskatoon to find his father for fear he might be dying. Ens also lied to all three children regarding the nature of the testimony they were being asked to give at Richrd Klassen's criminal defamation trial five years ago. All three have said that they would have happily testified if they knew that they would be expected to tell the truth.

Ens Affidavit from Rick Klassen's 1996 criminal defamation trial

This is one of the pages Judge Zarzeczny cites in his fiat. He cites it because Dueck's lawyers refer to it in their brief. None of the material on this page was obtained through discovery. Our investigation of Diane Ens took place after Richard Klassen's jury acquittal for libelling Dueck. We would point out once more that Dueck was already a defendant in the $10M lawsuit when he had Klassen charged.

Promoting the lawsuit has alwys been a secondary concern of this website. Our major concern has been and continues to be bringing Dueck and those like him, of whom there are too many, to justice. For almost four years he allowed the incestuous activity among the Ross children to go on. He knew that Michael was dangerous and put all the children in Warman, Saskatchewan at risk. When Carol Bunko-Ruys faded into the background, Diane Ens became his foremost ally in Social Services.

They created Michael and now they blame him.

Jan. 18, 2001: Michael and Michelle both have lengthy criminal records now. They each have charges for assaults against other family members: Michael against Michelle and Michelle against her birth mother. The assaults were committed while drunk. All their other charges, every single one of them, is for either breaches of unreasonable undertakings or failures to appear -- that is, missing a court date because they slept in, or lost the card, or whatever. They both live on the edge of poverty and often run out of cash before the end of the month. This happens to most people on welfare. Too much time in their life is spent hanging around in offices waiting for bureaucrats to throw them a crumb. Diane Ens has treated them terribly. She knows their full story and by failing to provide them with enough resources to succeed, she has clearly set them up to fail. And she has done so under orders from the same people who paid Carol Bunko-Ruys thousands of dollars to "counsel" these young people when they were children. Part of that counselling sanctioned incest. (By the way, this is one of the pages that we pseudonymized at Michael's request just before the first airing of the Fifth Estate show. Our reasons are explained here. We have restored the right names on the text, but the documents remain smudged. From context, it is easy enough to tell what has been smudged out.)

Feb. 8, 2000: Michelle was released from custody this morning and ordered to report immediately to Diane Ens. Ens arranged for her to live at the YWCA and instructed her to go to Social Services so she would be eligible by her 18th birthday. She is to go to Egadz for tutoring beginning tomorrow. Ens denied ever having told Michelle to stay away from us. She also refused to give Michelle any money but provided her with a purchase order to buy necessities from a drug store.

The Cover-up just gets uglier and more bizarre!

Flash: February 7, 2000: Michelle Ross was ambushed and apprehended by the police Sunday night at 9.45 for no other reason than speaking the truth about her life to persons she trusts. Her placement home managers, Scott Larson and Kim Froese ambushed her by telling that it was safe to come home. She arrived home and had already got into her pyjamas when shortly before ten the police arrived, cuffed her and took her to the Police Station and then to Kilborn Hall. She phoned inJusticebusters Sheila Steele who agreed to go to Court for her this morning and to take her home with me if possible. The Court was a circus. Diane Ens was nowhere to be seen but a social worker was there calling the shots to the Crown. Now Michelle is being held for another night while the people who have been throwing her around from place to place decide where to throw her next. Full story below. She was told she must talk to a legal aid lawyer before appearing in Court tomorrow morning. See our correspondence on this.

A brief history of Michelle Ross's involvement with Social Services

1. Michelle Ross is a twin with a brother who is 16 months older born to deaf parents with alcohol problems. She was first apprehended, along with her sister Kathy and brother Michael when she was five years old and placed in the foster care of Dale and Anita Klassen.

2. Michael had shown aggressive, sexual behavior before the three were placed in foster care but Dale and Anita were not told about any of it.

3. During the three years they were in the care of Dale and Anita Klassen, Michael raped and sexually terrorized Michelle but she was too scared to tell about it. In fact, Anita was kept very busy trying to follow the advice she received from Social Services while caring for a house full of children.

4. Michael was removed from the Klassen home and placed in the Thompson home in Warman on Dec 7th or 8th, 1989. On May, 29, 1990, Michelle and Kathy were also placed in the Thompson home. No explanation was given to the girls about why they were being moved. The assaults on Michelle resumed immediately and at some time he also began raping Kathy. The first eight months in the Thompson home was almost entirely caught up with managing the children and getting their stories straight for trial, under the supervision of Carol Bunko-Ruys, No one seemed to care if the stories were true or false as long as they were good enough to persuade the Crown that convictions could be obtained. All the adults involved adopted Carol Bunko-Ruys's assessment that the sex among the children was consensual when in fact it was brutal raping and torturing of the girls by Michael.

5. The trials resulted in convictions on four out of sixteen people. (Three of those convictions were later reversed). The trials stopped because the Crown stated that the children were too traumatized to continue. Yet the children received no treatment for their trauma.

6. On Jan. 1, 1994 Michael was removed from the Thompson house and sent to Ranch Ehrlo in Regina. This happened after many citizen complaints. Diane Ens was at this time the social worker for all three children.

7. On June 29, 1995 Michelle was also sent to Ranch Ehrlo. She had broken no laws but the Thompsons were unwilling to deal with her adolescent behavior which included swearing. This seems to have been the worst of her offences. Here, Michael and Michelle saw each other regularly. Michael no longer sexually attacked her but adopted the role of "big brother" and cautioned her at least once to keep her mouth shut about the past. Michael left Ranch Ehrlo during 1997 and had his own apartment in Regina for a while before moving to Saskatoon.

8. At Ranch Ehrlo, Michelle was subjected to severe punishments: restraints for small infractions of the rules. She was brutally raped on one occasion when she had run away from Ranch Ehrlo. Ranch Ehrlo allowed her to leave October 28, 1998 and she moved in with her "friends".She had no money and no resources.

9. On January 28, 1999 Michelle came to Saskatoon. Diane Ens arranged for her to stay at the YWCA. Michelle's first act when she arrived in Saskatoon was to contact Sgt. Brian Dueck. She became interested in finding out the truth of what had happened during the time she lived in the Thompson house.

10. During the early spring of 1999, Michelle happened to see a poster for injusticebusters' website. She contacted Sheila Steele. Diane Ens warned her to stay away from inJusticebusters. Michelle read some of the documents inJusticebusters had placed on the Internet. She began to put the true story together. Michael was very insistent that she should "not dwell on the past" whenever she raised questions. In the meantime, Michael signed his own affidavit for lawyer Ed Holgate where he stated that he had not ever been abused by anyone in the Klassen and Kvello families. Sometime during this period Michelle was charged for taking a knapsack from another girl and placed on a curfew. During this time Michelle was also trying to get in touch with her sister Kathy who is with a foster family in British Columbia. Ens promised to give Michelle the name of the home where Kathy was placed. She has not yet done this.

11. June 19, 1999 the StarPhoenix published a feature on the case which included Michelle's statement that Dueck and Bunko-Ruys had accepted Michael's tall tales and had not properly listened to her or Kathy, particularly when they had informed them that Michael was assaulting them.

12. A few days after the StarPhoenix article appeared, Michael made a brutal strangulation assault on Michelle. The police finally acted upon Michelle's complaint in September. Michael was given a trial date for May 1. He continued to pressure Michelle. During the summer, Kathy tried to make contact with Michelle and even left messages for her at the YWCA which were given to her too late.

13. Near the end of October, Michelle was breached on her curfew and taken into custody. At this time Sheila Steele phoned Diane Ens and left a message on her telephone answering machine expressing concern that Michelle was not being properly treated.

14. On November 1, or thereabouts, Michelle was placed in the Independent Living Home of Scott Larson and Kim Froes. Scott is the manager of the home and Kim is Michelle's youth worker. When Michelle went to court for her breech of probation hearing, Judge Kolenik observed her maturity in defending herself and did not place any further terms on her probation order, leaving it up to Scott and Kim use their discretion.

15. Michelle was told that she could have many privileges in her new living quarters including access to the Internet. She was not allowed to have friends over. She was not allowed to be at home during the day when they were not home. As it turned out, she was locked out of the house whenever Larson or Froes was at work and ended up on the streets without money many times as winter set in.

16. Over the Christmas holidays, Michelle accompanied Scott and Kim and another youth ward to Calgary where they stayed for a few days with Scott's parents. During this time Scott took Michelle out to see another young person and smoked a couple joints with them. Early in the New Year, Michelle breached her probation order by leaving town with some friends and when she returned, February 1, she was greeted by the police and Scott who had prepared a list of rules for her to obey, including one which stated if she slammed the door to her room, the door would be removed.

17. On Feb. 3, 2000 Michelle swore an affidavit before Ed Holgate where she confirmed that Michael had been assaulting her during the entire time they had been together in the Thompson home in Warman and that Brian Dueck was aware of this.

18. On February 5, John Lucas and inJusticebusters confronted Scott Larson with his criminal behavior in smoking a joint with Michelle. inJusticebusters were also concerned -- and remain concerned -- that Mr. Larson, a 32 year old man, would allow such a situation to arise. He claimed to know nothing about Michelle's past and said he wanted to know nothing. He did acknowledge that he was aware that she had in the past "had sex with her brother." inJusticebusters set him straight that she was at all times a victim. Mr. Larson stated that he had a signed contract with Diane Ens to look after Michelle until she was 18 and to teach her life skills. inJusticebusters was and remain concerned about the propriety of a 32 year old man taking out a 17 year old girl unaccompanied in a strange city and getting her high. We are very glad that Michelle is a seasoned enough dope smoker that she did not become too impaired. Mr. Larson's explanation that he was "taking her out for some air" because she was "having a temper" and that she has concocted this story now in reprisal for his rules simply does not wash. We share Judge Kolenik's observation that Michelle is a mature, truthful young woman. She did not set about to "rat" Scott out but simply mentioned the incident while discussing other matters.

19. Diane Ens is the chief kingpin in the cover-up. Meanwhile, Michelle is providing important corroboration to allegations inJusticebusters have for many years believed to be true.

Michelle Ross has described herself many times as a "throw-away foster child". inJusticebusters will not allow anyone to throw her away!

Ens Affidavit from Rick Klassen's 1996 criminal defamation trial

Diane Ens is a terrible social worker who should not be allowed with in a mile of any troubled young person!

In 1996 all three children would have been prepared to testify at Richard Klassen's trial where he faced the defamatory libel charges Brian Dueck laid against him for telling the truth. As it turned out he was acquitted without their testimony.

Michael and Michelle have confirmed this to injusticebusters. We understand that Michelle was the most stable of the three at the time and she would certainly also have told the truth.
-- Sheila Steele