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Correspondence, Documents, etc. February 2000

January 11, 2001: Judge Hrabinsky | The significance of Rossman's brief

Since the claim was first filed, there has been resolution in the Milgaard case, a Regina judge has found police culpable of malicious prosecution and a top Ontario judge called for compensation for the wrongfully accused in May, 1999. Holgate shone for a day and a half at the exams for discovery when he stood by his client's right to continue his open campaign against the cover-up.

Report on the Exams for Discovery, Feb. 2 and 3, 2000

  • The Defendants in the $10M Lawsuit have revealed their two-pronged strategy.
  • First, they are brazenly continuing the cover-up by stalling the proceedings while they seek a gag order from a judge and
  • secondly, they are starving Michelle Mimi Ross, a ward of the government and the most vocal of the child witnesses who, with her sister Kathy will turn 18 early next month.
  • The exams for discovery began Feb. 1 with McKillop (who is acting for the Defendants Matthew Miazga, Sonia Hanson, Richard Quinney, Owen Maguire, Carol Bunko-Ruys, City of Saskatoon, Minister of Social Services of Saskatchewan and Minister of Justice for Saskatchewan) questioning Plaintiff Richard Klassen at some length regarding his association with the various posters and handbills which decorated Saskatoon streets during 1993-1995. This questioning took a full day.
  • At no time did the lawyer ask Mr. Klassen if he was guilty of the original charges of sexual touching of the Ross children.
  • He did not ask this question because he knows the answer. The plaintiffs were not guilty and now that the child witnesses have come forward, they cannot defend the plaintiffs' claims.
  • On Feb. 2, Dueck's lawyer Mr. Rossman claimed to have not ever visited inJusticebusters website! He tried to stopped proceedings to get a Court order before April 15 placing a ban on publishing any of the material disclosed in the discovery exams. Richard Klassen proffered that he would agree to be excluded from the list of plaintiffs lawyer Ed Holgate provided the discovery information. Affidavit of Richard Klassen pledging to allow his lawyer to keep discovery depositions secret from him can be found here. The exams were stopped so the Defendants could apply to the Court for a more thorough going gag order. inJusticebusters Rick Klassen made it clear to the defendants that since he has sought for full public disclosure since before launching the lawsuit and that he alleges a cover-up, he would continue to tell whoever would listen the facts of this case through any and all media including the Internet.

Michelle Ross provides affidavit and Holgate breaks publication ban!

  • On February 3, Michelle Ross signed an affidavit for Ed Holgate. She asked for and was provided with copies of the affidavit for both Sheila Steele and Richard Klassen. Klassen, who was present at the time, said to Michelle "You understand that by giving this to us it will be published on the Internet?" and Ross said, "Yes." Holgate then gave her the extra copies.
  • During the next few days, Michelle continued to disclose to inJusticebusters on videotape the truth of what happened to her during her stay in the Thompson house in Warman.
  • She also disclosed to us the details of her treatment after she left the Thompson house. This terrible treatment is still going on.
  • Both Michelle and Michael Ross have disclosed to inJusticebusters that following the abrupt ending to the trials in 1992, they were told not to talk about what had happened and received no treatment whatsover. Michelle has stated that after the trials her brother's attacks on her intensiified, ceasing only a few weeks before he was removed from the Thompson house and placed in Ranch Ehrlo on January 1, 1994.
  • Diane Ens, the social worker who had originally apprehended the foster children in the care of the Kvellos several years earlier delivered Michelle to a group home in Regina run by Ranch Ehrlo a year later, not because she had committed any crime but because they did not like her language. (This strikes inJusticebusters as ludicrous in light of the Thompson papers and the Dueck/Bunko-Ruys tapes where the children are all encouraged to make the most obscene charges against 40 people, albeit in clinical words.)
  • Ens has been Michelle's social worker ever since and remains so to this day.
  • Michelle received terrible treatment at Ranch Ehrlo. Eventually, in January 1999, she found her way back to Saskatoon and began to research her own past which she felt she mst resolve before she could take further steps in her life. Kept on starvation rations, and facing opposition from her brother who wanted her to stop digging up the past, Michelle wound up in Kilborn Hall after allegedly taking a knapsack from another girl. She was placed on probation and over the summer accumulated a couple breaches for breaking her curfew and coming home drunk.
  • She was placed in an "Independent Living" home in November, 1999 after the Y kicked her out. Her new "home" was a cruel travesty where she was not allowed to have friends, not allowed to be at home unless her keepers were there and was given little spending money but a $120 a month clothing allowance which was overseen by her Youth worker. See inJusticebusters letter to Scott Larson which resulted in Michelle being placed in Kilborn Hall for two days.
  • Right now, Ens has arranged for Michelle to live at the Y again, where she is provided with two food vouchers a day which are to be cashed out in a store that would challenge a nutritionist. Many people feed their dogs better and more frequently than Diane Ens feeds Michelle! She is also to report to Egadz every morning at 9 to take part in a program that uses up her time and seems mostly to be obedience training.
  • Earlier this week, Michelle received a letter from her twin sister which had been written in early December. Social Services can give no clear explanation for why they have kept these girls apart, but keep them apart they have. Kathy is doing well in school in B.C. and living a picket-fence and apple pie life, from which vantage point she can scold Michelle for breaching her undertakings. But all the efforts of Social Services to keep these twins apart have not succeeded in breaking the strong bond between them. We look forward to the day when they can come together and compare notes to arrive at the full truth of their own story.
  • Between jumping over the hurdles and through the hoops set up by Diane Ens and her probation officer, Michelle has found time to make her website and continues to demonstrate that there is an education to be had outside the class room, while preparing for her 18th birthday. She still fully intends to complete her formal education. Perhaps one day she will give classes to the police, prosecutors and social workers!

This throw-away foster child has shown herself to have more courage and integrity than all the defendants in the lawsuit put together. We will not allow them to throw her away!

Update Nov. 2001: Michelle managed to escape the clutches of Diane Ens by moving to Wynyard for a while where she established a relationship with James, a worker in a chicken processing plant. They now have a beautiful child, Maniel, born in Feb. 2001 and are expecting a second in January, 2002. Michelle has run into Scott Larson on the streets of Saskatoon recently and was able to hold her head high.

Affidavit of Richard Klassen pledging to allow his lawyer to keep discovery depositions secret from him | True Copy of Michelle Ross's affidavit, Feb. 3, 2000

True copy of Michelle Ross's affidavit, Feb. 3, 2000

inJusticebusters letter to Scott Larson which resulted in Michelle being placed in Kilborn Hall for two days.

February 5, 2000

From: Richard Klassen and Sheila Steele 668-0314

To Scott Larson and Kim Froese

1. Our first interest is to protect Michelle Ross and look after her best interest.

2. It has come to our attention that you have endangered the morals of a child, namely Michelle Ross, an indictable offence under Sec. 172.1, Criminal Code of Canada.

3. We have credible evidence. Our evidence consists of a videotaped interview conducted by Sheila Steele with Michelle herself and two taped telephone conversations with Scott Larson, The first conversation, with John Lucas contains quite different information from the second taped interview, with Rick Klassen.

4. Richard Klassen fully informed Scott Larson that he was co-owner of the website, and and that any information which the owners of the website investigate and find to be credible and in the public interest is posted. Scott Larson made it clear that he did not want to be posted on the website and that you would take action against us if we posted.

5. Michelle told us that Scott had called the police and informed them of our intention to post the information The information will be posted very soon.

6. We will make copies of all taped material available to you, the police and Diane Ens, as well as anyone else who has an interest in this matter.

7. We trust that there will be no reprisals against Michelle for her involvement in any of this.



Richard Klassen and Sheila Steele for