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The so-called "trust conditions" letter which Ed Holgate received accompanying a six inch high pile of disclosure

Hnatyshyn Singer

March 30, 1995

Holgate Law Office
319 Avenue G. North
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7L 1Z2


Dear Sir:

Re: Brian Dueck v. Klassen et al

Further to your leter of March 14, 1995, we enclose herewith the following:

1. Copies of all written material listed as documents as requested

2. Our statement of account regarding the enclosed documents

The enclosed copies of the written material are forwarded to your office on the following express trust conditions:

(a) That you not photocopy any of the copies enclosed nor permit anybody else to photocopy same.

(b) That you not permit the enclosed copies to leave the confines of your office at 319 Avenue G. North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan without the express written permission of myself.

(c) That you not send copies of the enclosed documents via facsimile nor permit anybody else to do so.

(d) That in the event that you no longer represent your client, the enclosed documentsare to be returned forthwith.

Hnatshyn Singer page 2 . . . .

March 30, 1995

If you are unable to accept the aforementioned trust conditions, kindly return all copies to myself forthwith. I trust that you can understand the reasons for me imposing such trust conditions as the documents are of a sensitive nature. If you are unable to accept the enclosed trust conditions and return the said documents, we undoubtedly will be put into a position of seeking directions from the court in this matter.

Yours truly




Gregory G. Walen



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People are entitled to have their own disclosure but lawyers often prefer to keep it from them so they can control the client, this process does not serve justice and often leads to the crown and defence ganging up on the client -- who pays the bill?
-- Sheila Steele