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Charlie "Wolf" Smoke

Promoting an idea whose time has come

This just in: July 26:

Charlie Smoke

I got a ride into Wanblee yesterday so that my daughter could dance at the powwow there. Shortly after getting to this elderly couple's home there, I heard the news that George W. had assassinated two of Hussein's children. This only increased the concern I have for my own. Granted, at least one of Saddam's sons had it coming; still, the intense media interest in a dead son is worrisome, in the least! Also, this weekend is Manderson powwow, but we don't have a ride there.

Several days ago, Alan Adams (my supposed brother) flew to South Dakota to meet me. The meeting was strange, to put it mildly. He made some weird, cryptic comments about someone getting into my trailer while I was away, to leave something there; &, about someone unexpected working against me. The thing that ties all this together however, was his revelation that he'd spoken with one of my grown sons. Apparently, also, this son's mother, has been in regular contact with his entire family. I'm still trying to unravel everything that woman (Nancy) has said to Lisa, what she related to me, & what Alan has said to me & to Lisa. My concern though, again, is with my 20-year old son back east. And, also, even more so, with my 21-year old daughter on the west coast.

More than one reporter has mentioned finding information I'd posted on the Internet some time back, in attempts to locate this daughter (from a totally different woman). Each time, I refused to comment on her. I knew I could barely provide marginal protection for the child/children with me, but I could do nothing whatsoever for those not with me. I know the "authorities" know about the 21-year old. I've been trying to find her since she was 14 though, with no luck. Now I have no way of knowing if anyone else may have tracked her down though, & if so, what could have happened to her.

Nancy, the mother of my 20-year old son, has put a great deal of effort into confusing Lisa. Kate Much, the step-sister of Alan Adams, was working with her this past spring too. I tried to convince Nancy to stay out of all this, but she didn't listen. Now, my son's safety is jeopardized. Lisa has finally come to realize what Kate & Nancy did. But, what's done is done - And, my children, once again, are possible targets.

Another oddity of the meeting the other day, was that I discovered this Kate Much is not very well-off at all. Therefore, how could she afford the DNA test she had said she would provide? As I'd written earlier this spring/summer, she changed her mind just when I told Lisa to let her know I'd do it. However, if she was never able/prepared to pay for it in the first place, what was she up to?

All of this led to my being ambushed from the closest possible source a short time back. And, that is something I may never get over. However, the intrigue continues, just the same!

Now, as I posted about a week ago, Lisa & my kids have been cut-off Child Tax benefits (Family Allowance). Lisa has obtained an advocate in Regina with the Anti Poverty Ministry (Bonnie), but nothing has been done. And, revenue canada is saying that Lisa owes them 38 Grand, because the father of her children (moi) is "un-documentedî" Her computer crashed, her minivan broke-down, & she cannot afford to register the camper/van gifted to me. She also has still not been able to pay her rent or any of her bills. Needless to say, times are now even more stressful than before.

I am increasingly concerned for my children - all of them. I have to worry about the older ones disappearing, or something happening to them. I have to worry about something happening to the younger ones (the 1 with me, as well as the 3 with Lisa). I have to worry about the younger ones just being able to eat too! And, as I think I mentioned a month or so ago, what will happen to my daughter here if someone decides to come after me? I don't like having to mentally prepare my little girl for the appropriate response to suddenly hearing gunshots, or seeing her father shot, but that's exactly what I've had to do. Those of my children not with me don't even have the benefit of having me around to teach them such things though. Am I over-reacting? Possibly. But, are my actions & concerns warranted? Absolutely.

All of the strange events I've mentioned before continue. Also, there's frequently headlights about 3 or 4 miles away from Stronghold Table after dark, just sitting there, facing our little camper/trailer at Stronghold. The vehicles (sometimes 1, sometimes 2) just sit there for about 15 or 20 minutes usually, then turn around & head back towards Cuny Table Road, where they head west, the shortest route leaving the Reservation.

Back to the financial attack on Lisa, none of the local media has shown any interest in reporting on this situation. I've since emailed CKUT in Montreal, & APTN in Winnipeg. Hopefully, they'll take an interest in this newest, ugliest turn of events.

Charlie "Wolf" Smoke

Mitakuye Oyasin

July 20:

My car finally died, it's out to Stronghold now. I've been stranded in Kyle for a week, although I finally have a ride back out there. The devious colony of KKKanada cut my wife and kids off everything; no food, no money for rent, bills, etc.. They did this because of me. I was given some kind of camper van by someone up there, but Lisa is unable to register it now and bring it down here to me.

She called the media regarding the government cutting off her child tax benefits (their/our only income), but nothing was done about it. I've submitted my book idea to a publisher recently. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same.

Winter, 2003: Charlie Wolf Smoke sucessfully made his situation known to enough people that authorities in Regina backed down from their attempts to deport him. Part of his campaign was conducted on the Internet and we are keeping the instructions at the bottom of this page in case it needs to be revived. Abusive authorities have a nasty habit of trying to catch us unawares -- on a Friday afternoon or during a holiday.

Charlie Smoke

After winning in court, Smoke went on a speaking tour where he brought his story to students across the country and got some coverage on CBC as well as a special on APTN.

He is skilled at placing his own story within the larger contexts: the plight of aboriginal people on this continent since colonization and the plight of all of us today. He does not exaggerate any of his claims. He doesn't blame the bureaucrats who have been harrassing him. They are, after all, "following orders." The absurdity of those orders become clear through the story of one man who is threatened with deportation because he cannot produce a birth certificate. As we ponder just where Smoke might be deported to, and the cruelty of separating him from his family, we are forced to reconsider the whole matter of borders and whose interests they serve.

David Ahenakew

Smoke does not restrict his campaigning to his own case. He understands that only by aligning himself with others struggling for justice does his own have meaning. His response to the media flurry over David Ahenakew is typical of his thoughtful and broad perspective. He also maintains his own website.

We have previously referred to Charlie Smoke as a "continental citizen." That term should be upgraded to "world citizen." In turn, that idea can be expanded to include all of us who played no part in colonialism -- the chopping up of the world into chunks which made possible and convenient the genocide and/or enslavement of whole races of people by those driven, not by survival or the human impulse towards achievement, but by greed.

The greedy are out of control and they promote lies to maintain control. Worldwide military and political "leaders" are making reckless plans and using deadly toys to extend their power. Those down the pecking order, from national and provincial elected officials to leaders of movements which purportedly represent minorities are afraid to tell the truth -- or even to see it -- for fear of losing what privileges they enjoy.

And along comes Charlie Smoke with all the qualities we need in a leader and every indication he is interested in truth and justice.


While the urgency of this particular appeal has now passed, it could become current at any time. Meanwhile, sending letters of support certainly cannot do any harm.


Send a letter of support to a) Prime Minister Jean Chretien, b) Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Denis Cordere and c) Regina city representative of CIC Joe Lozinski to show them that there is support for preventing Immigration Canada from further terrorizing Wolf Smoke and continuing to engage in Canadian colonial practices.

Charlie Smoke

Background information:

Sunkmanitu tanka Isnala Najin, or Charlie 'Wolf' Smoke, an Indigenous person of Mohawk, Lakota and Seneca heritage, has been called in to a meeting with an official with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on Thursday, Oct. 10th to 'review his immigration status' in Canada.

He is being told to produce a Canadian passport or immigration papers to prove to the Canadian government that he has the right to be in Canada.

This is nothing short of the Canadian government once again asserting its colonial will against Indigenous people.

Wolf has made it clear that he is an Indigenous person (Mohawk, Lakota and Seneca), *not* a Canadian, and that he will not accept any colonial government's authority over him and his community. His strong and principled stance of being 'pre-Canadian' has led the Canadian authorities to continually terrorise him and his family.

Charlie Smoke

The Canadian Immigration authorities have, in the past, tried to deport him to the US but because Wolf also identifies as "pre-American," the US authorities will not go along with the deportation from Canada.

There is a well-founded fear that the authorities will try to disappear Wolf.

One way we can try to prevent this is to demonstrate to Immigration Canada that we are also watching what is happening to Wolf and that we are acting in solidarity with him and his declarations of self-determination and self-identity.

Below is a draft letter of support for Wolf Smoke. *Please* feel free to use it or write your own letters and *e-mail* them to a) Jean Chretien, the PM and b) Denis Cordere, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

If possible, please also write or phone Joe Lozinski, the Immigration official that has demanded Canadian identity documents from Wolf Smoke

Charlie Lisa and Baby Smoke

Joe Lozinski can be reached at:

Citizenship & Immigration Canada
1871 Hamilton Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 2B9
(306) 780-6302

*In order to monitor the level of support organized for Wolf Smoke, please CC a copy of your e-mail to*


Jean Chretien, Prime Minister
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
Denis Coderre
Minister of Citizenship and
Immigration Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON

October 5, 2002

By E-mail:

I am writing to you to protest the Canadian government's continued harassment of Sunkmanitu tanka Isnala Najin or Charlie 'Wolf' Smoke as you address him. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has assigned him client number 4485-9302. His case file is: 4311-4485-9302.

I protest the fact that representatives of CIC have once again called Mr. Smoke into their offices on Thursday, October 10, 2002 in Regina, Saskatchewan to 'review his immigration status' in Canada and demand that you cancel this meeting, leave Mr. Smoke alone and end your government's harassment of him and other Indigenous peoples.

As you are well aware, Mr. Smoke is an Indigenous person of Mohawk, Lakota and Seneca heritage and as such does not need the Canadian government's permission to be living and/or working in what is now called 'Canada'.

I find it completely unacceptable that Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a department of the colonial state of Canada, demands from any Indigenous person 'proof' that they have the authority to be on their traditional lands. It is even more scandalous for the Canadian government to attempt to deport Mr. Smoke across the colonial boundaries between the 'USA' and 'Canada' as was done earlier this year and may be attempted again.

The Canadian government's harassment of Mr. Smoke is a continuation of colonial practices that have robbed Indigenous people's of their self-determination by usurping the land of diverse Indigenous peoples, destroying Indigenous people's livelihoods and denying Indigenous peoples their self-identity. Canada has been found guilty of all of these practices by Indigenous peoples, historians, social scientists and even by many legal bodies both nationally and internationally.

Indeed, the Canadian government's own recent report from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples found all of this to be true. In that voluminous report, the Canadian government was pressed to recognize that diverse Indigenous peoples have their own, self-determined forms of recognizing and maintaining community membership and that the Canadian government cannot simply make these invalid because it suits its purposes.

By demanding that Mr. Smoke 'prove' to the Canadian government his right to be in Canada, by demanding that Mr. Smoke provide the government with a Canadian passport and other forms of Canadian government issued identification, Canada is again imposing the government's oppressive and colonial views of membership upon Indigenous peoples.

I demand that you immediately stop your harassment of Mr. Smoke. I also demand that you recognize that the Canadian government has no authority to govern over his life or the lives of any Indigenous person.


(your name)