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Justice for Emma

So called child protection agencies continue to take children without accounting to anyone. We did not ever get justice for Emma

Most recently, we received the following from Lisa:

. . .The decision of course was totally bogus and the judge or lawyers never had a case law to go with it. So they winged it by saying that she was not adopted (at the time they've all told us that she was) during our posting and that we never presented evidence to show otherwise.......hmmmmm. Even though Dave Brown admitted on stand that he told us this...that she has in fact been adopted at time of posting. Even the judge's decision says this but he just ignored his own words.

Got to perhaps you can post something to the fact that its a gag order to prevent us from looking for Emma. In fact, the judge was down right blantent (?) in saying this, "Leave Emma alone and get on with your lives.

She has a new family now so don't bother her or her family". That's exactly what he said, and I remember this so well.

Love lisa

She is continuing to gather information for her next battle

Feb. 9, 2001: From the McCathys:

This is all we need

August 16, 2000
File No: SFSNC 6562
Bernard & Lisa McCarthy v Children's Aid Society of Cape Breton & Unknown Persons
Before: The Honourable Justice Donald M. Hall 3

[7] The Florida authorities incorrectly treated this as an order to apprehend the child which they did on October 30th, 1996. The following day the Florida circuit court granted an order placing the child in temporary care of the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services with visitation rights to the parents. Despite this apparent misinterpretation and without any further order from the Family Court of Nova Scotia (Order; NS has lost jurisdiction), an Agency worker (Lynn Billard) was dispatched to Florida where she picked up the child and returned her to Nova Scotia and no further order of the Fheld in Sydney on November 18, 1996, and the child was placed in temporary foster care.

Message to each Nova Scotians who is affected with AIDS.....that's Children's AIDS: "Don't let it affect your family!!!"....And this message goes out to ALL who are reading about EMMA:

"International Bureaucratic Child Abduction: Both the US and Canadian private social service agents CONSPIRED in the ABDUCTION OF EMMA and protects its SECRECIES with the aid of government officials!"......Lisa McCarthy.

"WE'RE COMING TO AMERICA"!!!..... the McCarthy's

Subject: Will you please honor Emma by...
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 23:29:23 -0400
From: (McCarthy Family)
To: <injusticebusters@xxxxx>

Our Sheila,

Will you please honor Emma by telling your viewers that the McCarthy family intends to show injustice just as injusticebusters are doing.....proudly and with admiration and that there will be no end until it is just!!

Love us all,
McCarthy's for Emma

Jan. 2001

Emma may not have received quite as much publicity as Elian Gonzalez did, but her story is similar. International Child Abduction: US and Canadian private social services abducts Emma and protects only its secrecy! Why do they want to keep Emma's name secret? Emma was not on a raft in the ocean. Emma was in the U.S. with her parents who were looking for a place they could live free from the authoritarian tactics of Cape Breton C.A.S.

Cape Breton CAS claimed they obtained an order in Canada to apprehend Emma. They went to Florida (where they had no juridsiction) and persuaded officials to give her to them and came back to Canada with her. Justice Hall has recently admitted: "There was no court order anywhere to apprehend Emma. . . there just isn't one". Emma's mother was in custody on a minor matter during the time when this happened. Lisa McCarthy was not informed that Emma had been apprehended and for two weeks could not find out where she was.

Just over two years ago, at Christmas time, Lisa and Bernard McCarthy received a hand-delivered letter informing them their daughter Emma had been adopted. It was a lie. Cape Breton Children's Aid Society, a privately funded organization which the Nova Scotia government has contracted to handle children's aid cases, had no authority to take such an action. They had illegally abducted Emma in the first place. inJusticebusters first posted the story two years ago and have heard blusterings from the Nova Scotia media, who seem to accept CAS press releases as the gospel truth, that we were going to be criminally prosecuted for releasing Emma's name. No such thing happened. But Lisa and Bernard McCarthy were prosecuted and were found guilty, although there will be no penalty and no criminal record.

What a joke! But it is no joke that Emma's whereabouts have been kept from her rightful parents and that all legal avenues have been closed to them in their efforts to regain custody of their child.

inJusticebusters have run out of space so we have taken down this full story which we have had posted since December, 1998. We do not deny that we have carried any of it. We continue to allege criminal wrongdoing. We will make the full file available to any reporter who wants to look at it, but the best bet is to contact the McCarthys directly. And if any police organization or media wish to press charges against us for anything we have published, we have always made our whereabouts know. We believe that we have not been prosecuted because we have published the truth and fair comment.

Round up these suspects!

Greg O'Keefe: the president for the Board of Directors for the Children's Aid Society. He was well informed with Emma's case.

Frank Sampson

Frank Sampson: former executive director and responsible for ALL of the goings on at CAS offices. Also, he is the one who authorized Lynn Billard to steal Emma and go against a US court order.

Marie Boone: now executive director in place of Frank Sampson who is also responsible for ALL at the CAS offices. She was completely up to speed when she took Frank Sampson's job.

Dave Brown: Director for Unit B at CAS office. We have had him posted since day one and his name has appeared on posters and graffiti all around North Sydney.

Lynn Billard: She was the original social worker who played a big part in the apprehending of Emma. She is the one who supplied US officials and international authorities misleading and false information. She told Florida officials that Bernie was born in NS and that the McCarthys were all illegal in US. She is the one who actually who flew down to Florida and took Emma back to Canada. What did she use to have Emma brought through the Immigration and Citizenship Canada?" They did not have a permission slip from one of the parents which would be required to legally take her through.

Doreen Burke: Supervisor and also played a role in the sweeping of Emma from us in the US.She phoned Lisa and Bernard on X-mas eve in 1998 and said that Emma was already adopted.

John Jenega: Child Care worker for CAS. He also is responsible!!!!! He was Emma's case worker at the time whenLisa and Bernard were claiming that Emma needed to get out of the foster home where she was because they knew that she was being abused sexually. Of course, he just ignored us all. Remember, he was the one who called the McCarthys on September 25, 1998 and proposed to give Emma back. Then they went and lied to the appeals court and said that wasn't true. Eventually the appeal division ordered that CAS produce the documents from that day.

Robert Crosby: lawyer for CAS.... represented the CAS in this matter. All he was interested in was cover up CAS's butt and he never, never, never talked about Emma. I don't even think he ever mentioned her name once in all of the court proceedings. They call him "side show Bob" here. Like the character on the TV show "Simpsons". (On April 27, 2000, he contacted Lisa McCarthy inquiring where she got the documents which we have published on this page. This is further evidence that these people do not care about the children in their care but care deeply about covering the lies on which their careers are built.)

Bad Reporters: Nancy Radcliffe from the Halifax Daily News, puts her own clever, observations ahead of the facts!