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We are preparing this mock trial in time we squeeze in between our other online and offline work. We promise a fair trial. We know Judge Bobbitt likes to hear all the evidence. She is also well known for creative sentencing. She is unpredictable, though so we have no idea how long this trial is going to last. Her Courtroom is renowned for its intense drama. Comedy, Tragedy, Melodrama and Farce will unfold here at:


All rise the court is now in session!
The Honorable Justice Bobbitt is now presiding!
Justice Bobbitt

Putting this page together was an interesting diversion for a cold winter's night. It was definitely a fantasy. Dueck is not being punished. Sometime this spring, the Saskatoon police department promoted him to Acting Superintendent which is just two steps away from chief. The prospect of him becoming chief is our worst nightmare. It could happen. Anyone who has been following this story and finds this promotion objectionable should send a message to the Saskatoon Police Department indicating your displeasure. Not your backyard? No matter where you live, this is your backyard. Every corrupt law enforcement officr who moves up the ladder is an exemplary threat to the basic principle of accountability. The Duecks of this world have too much power and to bring even one of them down uld prove to be a victory for that principle.
-- Sheila Steele

Getting this trial together has proved to be a real drag. The evidence is all in but the Crown and the defence can't seem to get it together to agree on a date. Odd, since they get along so well on most things. Judges are all going kind of crazy these days, too, what with money-laundering catching up with the guy in Quebec and the Alberta appeals judge writing his true feelings to the National Post. Since we have all the evidence we need right on these pages, especially with Michael Ross's recantation of his original testimony, and since on the face of the evidence we can plainly state that Sgt. Dueck is guilty of knowingly allowing a boy whom he knew to be extremely dangerous to rape, sodomize and torture his sister, we are going to abandon this trial for now and give some thoughts on sentencing. Maybe the real courts will be suddenly overcome with a sense of justice and do the right thing themselves? who knows. inJusticebusters certainly do not!

Sgt. Brian Dueck

Brian DueckYou are charged with aiding and abetting in the rape and sodomy of an eight year old, and further you are charged with suborning perjury. To wit, during the years of 1991 to 1994 you did know that a Kathleen Jessica Ross was being sexually molested by her older brother Michael London Ross. Yet you allowed these assaults to continue, doing nothing to stop them thereby aiding and abetting in the crime of sexual assault on a minor. Furthermore, you are charged that you suborned child witnesses to commit perjury in order to manufacture a case against Klassen, Kvello, Ross, White, et al.

SGT. Brian Dueck. You are charged with very serious crimes. How do you plead to these?


Let the trial begin!!!

The Crown calls to the stand Richard Allen Klassen


Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

(A) Yes I do!

Crown Prosecutor Q: Mr. Klassen. Could you please tell the Court when you first came to know Sgt. Brian Dueck?

Richard Klassen (A): On a Friday in March or April of 1991, while living in Red Deer, Alberta, I was contacted by telephone by Cpl. Brian Dueck -- he was a corporal at that time. He asked if I would voluntarily come to Saskatoon to be interviewed by the police because allegations of sexual abuse had been made against me by Michael, Michelle and Kathy R. He said he would arrange the interview for a week-end so that it would not interfere with my work. I fully expected him to contact me within ten days to two weeks.

Crown Prosecutor Q: And did you know the children Cpl. Dueck referred to?

Richard Klassen (A): Yes. They were my brother's foster children.

Crown Prosecutor Q: So what did you do, Mr. Klassen?

2 Richard Klassen (A): On the Friday of the telephone call I drove to Saskatoon and arranged legal counsel with Darrell LaBauche of LaBauche, Albright and Co. I met with him on Sunday. He advised me to tell Dueck, when and if he called back, that if I was being arrested, to go ahead and do that, but that there would be no need to come and get me, I would come in voluntarily. He also advised me to give no statement.

Q: And when did Cpl. Dueck call you back?

A3: He didn't. I next heard from Cpl. Dueck when he arrived at my door in Red Deer on June 25, 1991, at 3.15 p.m. He told me I was being detained for the purpose of questioning and I was not being put under arrest, that I would be questioned at the Red Deer police station and would immediately be brought home. Even though I had spoken to Darrel LaBauche two months earlier, I agreed to go with Cpl. Dueck. I was in shock and believed I was under arrest. I also knew myself to be innocent and consented to a forty-five minute interview. Throughout the interview I requested legal counsel but these requests were ignored or sidestepped.

Q: You say you talked to Sgt. Dueck for 45 minutes.

A4 A large part of the interview consisted of Cpl. Dueck making allegations against my father. After the interview, Dueck took me home. This was the last time I ever spoke to him or saw him regarding this case.

This testimony is taken from this background page.

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