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"Blood in the panties" complaint

The infamous "Blood in the panties" complaint which Dueck ballooned from a vicious assault by a boy against his sister into dozens of charges against nineteen people in the Foster Parent "Scandal of the Century".

The sisters were assaulted for three more months after Richard Klassen spoke to Sheila Gagne, who was then and remains head of Social Services. The conversation from 1994 was taped. Witness tampering in the Foster Parent case

CRISIS INTERVENTION (This line was cut off in the original pkg. given to Holgate)

Date 21/09/87 TIME REC'D 1920 CW SEX ABSE REPORT #10100

TIME SPENT 40 mins


CLIENT Ross, Don

ADDRESS 310 Streb Cres.


Children in care: Hand written
Michelle FSEE # 85
Kathy CCTW # 34
Michael SACS #66
Foster parent: Anita Klassen


Anita called. She explained the Ross children were with their dad this past weekend. Tonight Michelle was complaining of discomfort in her vaginal area. Anita examined her and found Michelle's vaginal area red and irritated looking. There was also a small amount of blood in the area - just inside her vagina. Anita felt Michelle should receive a medical examination.

I agree and suggested she contact the family doctor she uses for the children and arrange to meet at st. Paul's. We can then pick her and the girls up or meet them at st. Paul's. I advised her to also have Kathy examined.

2030 No word from Anita so I called. I ended up contacting her at st. Paul's. Her doctor asked Anita to bring the girls to st. Paul's and if it wasn't necessary he wouldn't do a full examination, just take urine samples. Tomorrow he would enlist the help of a specialist and conduct a full examination.

So as it turned out at st. Paul's that was all that was necessary tonight. A full exam and interview can be done tomorrow as there was no severe trauma. I agree to have our morning staff contact Anita Gross first thing in the morning to let her know of the situation.

2240 Anita Gross called. She had learned something about tonight's events and wanted more information.

I provided an account from my contact Anita Klassen. So now Anita Gross will call her in the morning to arrange tomorrow's interview and begin the investigation.

Don Gmeinweser