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Anita Klassen's Diary 3

Monday August 22/88

Visit with Dad. They didn't
Visit. No appointment made with
Office + he didn't show up.


Tuesday August 23/88

My sister came in town today!
Janine, Paul + Tammy.


Wednesday August 24/88

Mett Mom at 3:30pm for visit!
Went to meet mom + Don.
They had a good visit. Don
Gave me cucumbers. Went
To Mom's to visit Janine, Paul,
Tammy + Bob. Stayed they
Till 9:30pm. Rocchina took
Michael from 11:00 A.M. to


Thursday August 25/88

Michelle, Kathy + Michael's grandma
>From Weyburn (Helen's Mom) called
To see how things were going +
When court is! Judy picked
Michelle up at 2:15pm to


Friday August 26/88

Rocchina took Michael for the
Weekend. (my Restbit)! 4:30pm.


Saturday August 27/88

Judy took Michelle
At 1:00pm to 7:00pm.

Sunday August 28/88

Michael came home
8:00pm. He was
very active.
On the go always.


Monday August 29/88

*Diane Dennis came over. Kids
played outside. Heather came over
for a visit.


Tuesday August 30/88

Bruce is picking Kathy up at
6:30pm to 9:00pm. Rick + Kari
came over had a visit then
they took Trevor + Jackie to Grandma + pa's.


Wednesday August 31/88

Rocchina wants to take Michael
To a movie. 4:00pm to 9:30pm.
Mickey's Birthday today 3 years old.
Went out for supper (me + Dale)
Carol babysat Michelle + Kathy.
Then picked our kids up at
Grandpa + ma's.


Thursday September 1/88

Me + Dale went out to get fishing
Supplies + Vivian took care of kids
For * hour. Rocchina dropped
My bike off.


Friday September 2/88

Stayed at home. Watched T.V.
Saturday September 3/88

Dale left to go fishing
With Trevor, Ken, Rick +


Sunday September 4/88

No entry.


Monday September 5/88

Sat at home. Not feeling well.
Dale came home at 6:30-7:00pm
They had a great time!


Tuesday September 6/88

At 3:30pm meet with Mrs. Francais
At C. Robins for Michael + I.
Didn't go to appointment
I went to hospital. Sore throat
They gave me medication.


Wednesday September 7/88

1:00pm meet teacher at Wilson
school with Kathy (Mrs. Christie)
Rocchina took Michael at
10:00A.M. to 3:00pm. She was
not happy with his behavior!


Thursday September 8/88

Mrs. Francais. (2:00pm meet)
*Bruce took Kathy from;00pm
to 8:00pm.


Friday September 9/88

Michael + Kathy start school.
Judy phoned to see if she
Can take Michelle tomorrow.
She is going to phone back
*took Michelle to Dr. Kusch to
get earring out of her ear. Kathy
slapt her and it got caught
in her ear.


Saturday September 10/88

No entry.


Sunday September 11/88

No entry.


Monday September 12/88

Michelle ran away with my
ten speed. She went to Jackie's school
the secretary phoned us. I was not
to happy. Then we went going
to Mom + Dad to visit when
Michelle disappeared again.

Tuesday September 13/88

Today Michelle went in washroom
With my purse. She took $21.00 +
Went to Pioneer Confectionary bought a
Large slurpee then went to McDonalds
Got a milkshake, chicken salad + small fries!
She was just ready to eat it
When I found her. I brought it
Back to manager + told her Michelle
Was not alouded to buy this. She stold
The money + got a refund except the milkshake.
She throw it away.
I talked to Bob Neufelt + Dawn Shack.



Wednesday September 14/88

Diane enns got back to me this morning.
She is going to see if Mary can help!
Phone if ever I need a Restbit.
Rocchina phoned to see if I
Need help, how things were going.
She is picking Michael up today.


Thursday September 15/88

Out at 2:15pm.
Rocchina took Michael 3:00pm to
7:00pm. She dropped Michael
off at Pam's. me + Dale went
out for awhile.
Visited Grandpa + ma + Pam.


Friday September 16/88

Meet Mom + Don at 3:00pm to 4:00.
The kids had their visit. Michelle
Throw things at S. worker.
Rocchina took Michael at 5:00pm
To 9:30pm.
Dale went out. Rick came over
Played hearts with Trevor + them.
I went shopping Dale took care of
Kids. Don Shack phoned + saod
Michelle starts school Tuesday.


Saturday September17/88

Sat at home.
Dale went to work.


Sunday September 18/88

Went to John + Myrna's
For a visit. then
Grandpa + ma came over for a visit.
Monday September 19/88

Rocchina phoned me.

Sat at home.


Tuesday September 20/88

At 7:30pm (open house C.Robins)
Michelle starts school at Mayfair.
Dawn Shack picking us up at 8:45 A.M.
To go to Mayfair. She is got a
Great teacher a very nice school!

Rocchina took Michael 3-7
Went to doctor's. weighed (130 * lbs)
Sat at home.


Wednesday September 21/88

School pictures (C. Robins)
Sat at home. Had chinese,
Food! Got my haircut.
Dale liked it a lot!


Thursday September 22/88, First Day of Autumn

Rocchina took Michael 3-7.
Doug phoned to tell me Michael
Was bad on bus + had to get
To school tomorrow some other
Brenda came over last
Night from Calgary for the
I went to doctors for a ultrasound.
Got a picture of baby. It was great!


Friday September 23/88-Sunday September 25/88

No entry.

Monday September 19/88

Didn't do much
Vivian was here.


Tuesday September 27/88

Sat at home. Dale went out.
Rocchina took Michael 3:30 to 8:30pm.
Vivian slept over. Jackie went
To Brownies.


Wednesday September 28/88

Went to Pam's last night.
Had a great time. Trevor didn't
Go to school he's got Broncitis.


Thursday September 29/88

Doug phoned Michael off bus
Tomorrow cause fighting + swearing.
Trevor home today too.

Rick + kari came over! Had a good


Friday September 30/88

Michael went to school by cab.
Rocchina took Michael 3:30pm to 8:30pm.
Trevor went back to school today.
Play Kaiser with Rick + Kari. Dale
+ Rick took off to play cards!


Saturday October 1/88

Daddy worked. Myrna
Came over. They stayed
For supper. Then John
+ Dale went out Myrna
stayed Norma + Rosella
came over. Played cards.


Sunday October 2/88

Sat at home
Dale went to work.
Kari came over for
Awhile. Judy took
Michelle 4 :00pm to 7:00pm.


Monday October 3/88

Kids went to school. Michelle
Got upset and bite a student.

Went to Woolco with Rita next door!

Sat at home.


Tuesday October 4/88

Jackie went to Brownies. Liz
phoned me to see how things
were going. Michael took off
to Ryan without permission.
He is grounded for two days.


Wednesday October 5/88

Michael snuck off to Ryans again.
Trevor went to get him.

Sat at home.


Thursday October 6/88

No school for Michelle! No school
In morning for rest of kids.
Michael took off to Ryan's today again!
Rocchina 3:30-
Daddy working tonight!


Friday October 7/88-Sunday October 9/88

No entry.


Monday October 10/88



Tuesday October 11/88

Tea party C. Robins 1:30
Out early at 2:10
Dawn Shack phoned me to see how
Things were going, if I need any
Letter for Liz she would send one!
Went to C.R for Michael tea party.
It was very good.


*Wednesday October 12/88

Liz Newton coming out in morning!
It went really good. She is fighting
To get better pay for me.
She said I had to be insane
To keep these kids this long!
She will get back to let
Me know how she gets for
Restbit homes. I am to tell
Bruce next time he phone
To contact Liz.


Thursday October 13/88

Michael went with Rocchina from
3:30 to 8:30pm.
Trevor + Jackie got out of school
Sat at home.


Friday October 14/88

Sat at home. Rick + Kari came over.
Michelle took money from cab driver!
Lied to teacher + lost her recess.
I talked to Kathy + Michelle's teacher.


Saturday October 15/88

Sat at home. Dale worked.
I bake all day. Had
Chinese food for supper!


Sunday October 16/88

Sat at home
Rick + Kari came
Over played cards!
Had a good visit.


Monday October 17/88

Don white phoned to see if we
Can visit kids make arrangement
Anytime after Tues. he will phone back
To see when it will be!


Tuesday October 18/88

"Michael's Birthday 9"
1:30-2:30 tea at Wilson for Kathy
went to Kathy's school to have tea party!
"Michael's Birthday party 9"
we had a good time! Cookie monster
cake. Played games!


Wednesday October 19/88

Sat at home. Dale went out!


Thursday October 20/88

Pictures at Mayfair school (Michelle)
*Michael took cab today!
Rocchina took Michael 3:30 to 8:30
Sat at home. Rick + Kari were
Over to see how to work his V.C.R.
Then played cards!


Friday October 21/88

Michael visits Mom + Dom at
4:00 pm. Judy suppervising.
Michael said just his mom + him
Were visiting. No one supervised
Sat at home. Dale + Trevor went to Grandma + pa's
Took the other kids to McDonalds to get
Their pails the to store get a treat.
Came home + color + had a great time
They played games.


Saturday October 22/88

Sat at home! Didn't
Do much.


Sunday October 23/88

Went to John + Myrna's
Had a good visit. Wade +
Shelly came over their!
Had supper their +
Watch a movie "Beetlejuice"


Monday October 24/88

*Kathy stayed home today! She had
a bad cough + could hardly speak.

Sat at home.


Tuesday October 25/88

"No allergies he said"
Jackie goes to specialist for allergies!
Sat at home. Dale not feeling
The kids played well last night!


Wednesday October 26/88

Doug phoned to tell me he was
Swearing + kicking on the bus (kickoff)
Diane came over for a visit.
Laila's Mom Linda came over for visit!


Thursday October 27/88

Michael has to take a cab!
Took Jackie shopping for coat + boots.
Dale took care of kids.
Sat and had a good evening!


Friday October 28/88*

9:00 Michelle: Rosthann Bell + Marg
at MacNeil Clinic!

*Kathy goes to 515 Hillaird St.
Fri-Sunday Corrine Nowoselski
4:00-8:30 653-8862
*Michelle goes to Judy's.
*Rocchina took Michael.


Saturday October 29/88

Went to John + Myrna
For supper. Had a
Great time.




Sunday October 30/88

The kids came home.
Rick + Kari were
Over. Myrna came
Over for the day!


Monday October 31/88, Halloween

Happy Halloween. (drawing of pumpkin) The kids
Went out. It was a beautiful
Night. Rick + Kari came over
Played cards.
Their was some great costumes!


Tuesday November 1/88

No school all day for H.C + Wilson
Michael goes (pm) Michael went
To Rocchina 2:30 to 7:30 pm.
Sat at home. Dale went out
Took Trevor + Jackie to the Bay for
Pictures. Then Trevor went
To Dr. Hill. Come back in 8 mths!
His teeth are doing great!


Wednesday November 2/88

Sat at home. Dale went out.


Thursday November 3/88

Kids out early 2:15 pm.
Kathy out early 2"00 pm.

Vivian was over. Me + Dale
Went out in the evening.
Had a good night!


Friday November 4/88

Went to doctors. "135 lbs"
Vivian babysat the kids. Trevor went
To Myrna for fun night with Jenny + Robbie.
We had a good evening, then
Went for coffee + munchies with
Rick + Kari.


Saturday November 5/88

Diane + Dennis over.
For coffee.
Sat at home.


Sunday November 6/88

John + Myrna came over
Rick + Kari over for
Supper. Had a good


Monday November 7/88

Sat at home had a good
Evening. The kids played games
+ crawled all over Daddy!
Michelle stayed home today (a cold)!
Michelle started her sexual abuse


Tuesday November 8/88

Rocchina picked Michael up at 3:30 pm.
Michael took off to Ryan without
Permission. He didn't get to go
With her. He came home about 5:00 pm!


Wednesday November 9/88

Sat at home. Kids playing well.


Thursday November 10/88

10:00 A.M Remembrance Day program!
At C. Robins.
Michelle going to Vetavision- school tour.
Home at about 2:50 pm.
Rocchina took Michael


Friday November 11/88, Remembrance Day

"Holiday" No school!
Took the kids to the China circus.
They had a great time. Rick + kari + Crystal
+ Heather + girls were with us.


Saturday November 12/88

Went to Grandma + pa's
For a visit. Trevor
Slept over.


Sunday November 13/88

Dale went to play pool.
Then went to Mom + Dads.
We made beanbags.
Had a good day.


Monday November 14/88

No school for Michael! C. Robins!
No school for Kathy! Wilson.



Tuesday November 15/88

1:45 Trevor Interview.

Michelle no school (pm)
Went to Jackie's Brownie Graduation!
Went out with Rick + Kari. Then
Came home played cards.


Wednesday November 16/88

Interview for Kathy 1:00 pm.
Kathy out at 11:45am no school pm.
Kathy interview went well. Got
To help her in her math.
+ alphabets.
Sat at home. Kari came over. Dale +
Rick went out to have fun.


Thursday November 17/88

Kathy out at 11:45 A.M No school P.M.
Michelle no school (pm) interview at 3:45 pm.
Jackie interview at 2:00 pm.


Friday November 18/88

Sat at home. Rick + Kari came
Over. Played cards.
Jackie went to a movie with
Kim + Grandma! She had a good time
Watched movies.


Saturday November 19/88

Going to concert
(Rod Stewart)
with Julian + Norma
+ Rosella. We had
a great time! Went for supper + coffee after.


Sunday November 20/88

Went to Mom + Dad's
Boys went to play pool!
Had a good visit.


Monday November 21/88

Kids went to school! Took Michelle
To doctors at 3:00 pm.
Sat at home.


Tuesday November 22/88

Teacher interview 10:00 Michael. Day off
Went to his interview went well!
He is doing good in school!
Sat at home. Picked up Michelles
Robert Badger came over. They had
Supper with us. (his cousin). He lives
At #6-1928-22nd St.


Wednesday November 23/88

Kids went to school. Sat at
Home, watched movies.


Thursday November 24/88

Trevor's assembly. Took the movie


Friday November 25/88-Sunday November 27/88

No entry.


Monday November 28/88

Sat at home. Kids went to
School. Took Jackie + Trevor shopping
In the evening. Dale took care
Of kids.




Tuesday November 29/88

Went shopping for Christmas gifts
Today. Heather took the kids
For lunch.


Wednesday November 30/88

Pizza Day for Trevor + Jackie!
Went christmas shopping today.
Took Julian out for lunch with
Rocchina picked Michael at
3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 5


Thursday December 1/88

Michael out early staff meeting.
Michelle out early too!
Michael came home at noon! Mrs.
Francais said he has misbehaved.
It has been like this for 3 weeks
Or so. She talked to Dawn Shack
+ they are going to have a meeting
about what we can do for him!
Sat at home.


Friday December 2/88

The family court lady phoned to
Tell me court is cancelled cause
Mom cencented to permitted ward!
Went out with Rick + Kari to
Bowl. Vivian babysat. Then came
Home + played video + games.


Saturday December 3/88

Sat at home, Dale
Babysat + me + Jackie
Went shopping to
Get maternity clothing +
Trevors gift!


Sunday December 4/88

No entry.


Monday December 5/88

Court starts for (Ross's)
Michael got
Suspended from school! He was
Swearing + running around sexual behavior
Too! Rocchina took Michael 3:00 pm
To 7:00 pm. He was misbehaving
Their she brought him home early!


Tuesday December 6/88

1:30-2:30 tea at Wilson for
Kathy. Went shopping + sat at


Wednesday December 7/88

Went shopping + had coffee.
Sat at home.


Thursday December 8/88

Out at 2:10 pm. H. Coad.
Michael was misbehaved at school
Teacher tried to get a hold of us
To send him home. But we
Were visited John + Myrna. So he
Couldn't come home.
Rick + Kari came over. I went
Shopping to get Dales christmas
Gifts! Had a good visit!


Friday December 9/88

Doctors-1:45 pm. (5 month checkup)
Michael got suspended today.


Saturday December 10/88

Sat at home.
Play video + relaxed.


Sunday December 11/88

Went to Mom + Dads
Judy took Michelle
>From 1:00 to 7:00 pm.
They had a good visit.


Monday December 12/88

Tea party at C. Robins for Michael 1:30

Sat at home. Went to Michael tea
Went good!


Tuesday December 13/88

Kids at school!
Rocchina phoned to see if
She can pick Michael up! They
Want to go shopping.


Wednesday December 14/88

Michael xmas program at 1:00 pm
Today + 7:00 pm tomorrow!


Thursday December 15/88

Christmas program at Wilson at
7:00 pm.
Trevor + Jackie christmas program
At 7:00 pm. Uncle Julian came
Jackie invited him. He was happy but
Shocked. Rick + Kari brought Kathy
Back after the concert. She was misbehaving
Watched movies with Rick + Kari.
Carol babysat Michael + Michelle!


Friday December 16/88

Doug phoned to tell me Michael
Has been kicked off the bus for
Monday. Sat at home.


Saturday December 17/88

Helped Rick + Kari
Move. Went out
For supper. They
Came and visited
After done. Vivian babysat.


Sunday December 18/88

Judy took Michelle
>From 12:00 to 6:00 pm.
I went to Grandma's
To visit. Jackie
Went to xmas party.


Monday December 19/88

Michelle's christmas concert 7:00 pm!
Michael went to school by cab today!
Michelle had her last meeting
At MacNeil Clinic.
Rocchina took Michael from 3:30 pm to
8:30 pm. Last visited till the
New year!


Tuesday December 20/88

Last day of school!
Kathy out at 2:00 pm!


Wednesday December 21/88, First Day of Winter

Christmas Holiday Start.


Thursday December 22/88-Saturday December 24/88

No entry.


Sunday December 25/88, Christmas Day

Rita + Julian + Norma
Here. Had a great
Time kids were


Monday December 26/88, Boxing Day

No entry.


Tuesday December 27/88

Liz phoned me to tell me
About the visit with Michael
On Jan. 27/89 with Dad!


Wednesday December 28/88

8:10 Dr. White- The Ross's.
Didn't go!


Thursday December 29/88-Friday December 30/88

No entry.


Saturday December 31/88

Had a great last day.
Diane + Dennis came over
Germaine phoned to
Wish us a Happy New Year.


Sunday January 1/88, New Year's Day

Back to school!
Start Wed. Jan 4/89
Went to Mom + Dad's
The guys played pool!
It was cold out!


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Don white + Helen Ross at Laird
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Cathy Smith (William + Sarah)
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