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Anita Klassen's Diary 2

Monday May 2/88

Kids back at school!
Trevor baseball game (Pacific Park)
Rocchina picking Michael up
At 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.Michael had a good day at school
Donald Ross phoned wanted to visit
Tomorrow told him to get ahold
Of worker then Geraldine can phone
Back. (Kathy lost her first tooth)
Went to Diane + Dennis. Trevor had a game over their!
He lost!


Tuesday May 3/88

Kids at school!
They kids played outside. Michelle
Was in the other court. I went to
Look for her but couldn't find her!

Sat at home. Michael went with
Rocchina at 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Watched Hockey (4-1)Edm)


Wednesday May 4/88

12:45 pm Michael MacNeil Clinic
Michael is kicked off the bus.
Michael no school today cause he
Has to go to MacNeil at 12:45 pm.
Not worth the little while by cab!

Josphine came over from Regina to visit
+ Clara too! Had supper with Jo
then visited.


Thursday May 5/88

NO school C.R. school.
H.C. out early!

Trevor had ball practise. Sat at
Home watched Hockey. (5-3 Edm)


Friday May 6/88

Kids at school! Michael went to
Buns Master Bakery. Michael is
Going with Rocchina from 3 pm ti 10 pm.

Trevor had a baseball game!


Saturday May 7/88

Fishing season opens.
Judy picking Michelle
Up at 10:00 Am to 3:00 pm


Sunday May 8/88, Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Mom!
Went fishing with
Kids. Michelle + Michael
Didn't do to good.
Put them in car for awhile.


Monday May 9/88

Good day at school!
Sat at home. Kids played outside.
Michelle took Mathew's bike!
Dale followed her home. Was very


Tuesday May 10/88

Michael had a excellent day at school!
Michael went with Rocchina at 3:00 pm
To 8:30 pm. He had a great afternoon.
They went biking. Then stopped
got a treat. He brought me flowers
Sat at home. Played outside with kids.


Wednesday May 11/88

Took Michelle to MacNeil Clinic
At 11:15 to 11:50 A.M. talked about
Michelle is not to ride bike till
Next week Wednesday. Michael went to
MacNeil at 1:30 pm.


Thursday May 12/88, Ascension Day

Kids at school. Judy picked Michelle
Up at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


*Friday May 13/88

sexual abuse meeting at public
Library at 9:30 to 4:00 pm or so!
Room #2.
Dale took care of kids. Michelle went
To Mintzler farm. The kids had a
Great day. Hot outside.
Diane Dennis + kids came over watched movie


Saturday May 14/88

Kids pictures at 11:50 Am


Sunday May 15/88
No entry.
Monday May 16/88

Kids at school. Michael went to
Rocchina he walked their at 3:30 pm
I wasn't too happy!
Trevor a baseball game. We went
To watch it!


Tuesday May 17/88

Kids at school.


Wednesday May 18/88

Michael MacNeil Clinic-1:00 pm


Freda takes kids at 4:00 pm
Me + Dale went to
Casino then left to Regina.


Thursday May 19/88

Dale got to go to Regina for Comp.
Doctor checkup. 10:30.
Michael visit with Dad.


Friday May 20/88

Sat at home. Picked the kids up
At Grandpa + ma's. went shopping.
Me + Dale + our kids also Vi went
Fishing. Had a great time.


Saturday May 21/88

Kids come back
After dinner!
We picked the kids up
At 4:00pm. Me + Dale
Went to Casino. Vi babysat.
Sunday May 22/88

No entry.


Monday May 23/88

No school!
We went to the fireworks The
Kids enjoyed it. I wasn't
Feeling well all day.
Vivian was over + came to
Fireworks too!


Tuesday May 24/88

Back to school!
Rocchina took Michael 6 to 8:30 pm


Wednesday May 25/88

Michael went to MacNeil Clinic at 1:00 pm
Then Michelle at 1:45. Michael
Didn't listen. He came up to
Margeret room. Wasn't listening!


Thursday May 26/88

Michelle at 10:30 Am to MacNeil
Go to Kathy's school with our cat!
At 10:40 A.M.


Friday May 27/88

Dale took Robert fishing with
I sat at home.


Saturday May 28/88

The guys went
Fishing, Vi came


Sunday May 29/88

Vi took Michael
+ Kathy, Jackie
to church they
had a good time.
Dad, Jackie + Trevor went


Monday May 30/88, Memorial Day (U.S.A)

Back to school!
Kids played outside. Dale
Took care of them. Me + Trevor
Went to baseball game. Trevor won!


Tuesday May 31/88

Kids at school. Dale made lunch!
Let me sleep in. michael went
To Rocchina at 3:30 pm to
Talked to Liz Newton about holiday
Money for the Ross's + our Restbit


Wednesday June 1/88

Michael MacNeil at 12:45 pm.
Michelle went to MacNeil. Then
Rocchina came and got him
At 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Cut the lawn. Dale + Trevor went
Fishing. Trevor went to "Batchoe."
He had a great day "he said"!




Thursday June 2/88

Go see pictures at 1:00pm The Bay!
Go to Caroline Robins if can.
Talk about camp for Michael!
No school P.M. for C. Robins
Out at 2:15 H. Coad.

Sat at home watched movies. Trevor
Went to practise.


Friday June 3/88

Michael getting picked up at 3:30 to 9:00 pm.
Michelle. Judy coming to get her at
"4 to 9pm.
Trevor got a baseball game!
Jackie went to Laila's after school!


Saturday June 4/88

Shannon + Murray
Getting married at
1:30 pm at M.R.M.C.
dale car didn't work
go to garage Monday
sat at home!


Sunday June 5/88

Kids went to church!
Michael went to
Church in the
Evening with the
Heichmen's. sat at
home. Di + Dennis
Came over for
Visit. Dale +
Trevor went to
Blackstrap with
Rick + Grandpa.


Monday June 6/88

Back to school!
Kids played outside. Was very
Hot. Trevor + Mom went to
His baseball game. Trevor won.
Took him out for a slurpee + me a cone!
Saw Rocchina their with her kids.


Tuesday June 7/88

*Rocchina picking Michael up at
3:00 to 9:00 pm. Doug phoned
and said Michael was swearing
and fighting on the bus. So he
can't go on tomorrow.

Vivian babysat the kids. Me + Dale
Went out.


Wednesday June 8/88

Michael-MacNeil Clinic 1:00 pm.
Margeret phoned to see how Michael
Was through the week.
Michael satyed home cause he
Was kicked out of the bus,
Sat at home. Rita + Chris stayed over night.
Had a storm!


Thursday June 9/88

Michelle MacNeil Clinic at 10:30A/M.
*Michael went to Rocchina's from (4 to 7pm)

Sat at home. Dale went out!
Vivian went with Rita to swift




Friday June 10/88

10:45 A.M. Michelle (MacNeil Clinic.)
Sat at home. Dale took Trevor to
Baseball game. Came home early
It was raining. Sat outside in the
Rain. It was ______!


Saturday June 11/88

Me + Dale went shopping.
Dale was upset cause took
To long to get shoes!
Judy took Michelle from
1:00 pm to 7:00 pm!


Sunday June 12/88

No entry.


Monday June 13/88

Kids went to school. Dale + me went
Shopping afternoon with Kackie. She said she
Was sick.
Stayed home. Dale + Trevor went fishing
With Grandpa + Uncle Rick.
Kari + Crystal came over in the
Evening for a visit we went out
For coffee + donuts.

Tuesday June 14/88

Kids went to school. Doug phoned
+ said Michael was kicked off
the bus tomorrow. He was spitting.
Geraldine phoned to see if the
Kids can see Dad. I said it
Would be nice before Father's Day if possible!


Wednesday June 15/88

Michael-MacNeil Clinic
Rocchina took Michael 6:00pm to 9:00
He got sick.was happy!
Dale + me + kids went to watch
Trevor's game!
*Michelle went to Eaton's to get
her ears peirced.


Thursday June 16/88

Kindergarten(C.Robins) Forestry Farm!
Michelle to go to school by 9:00Am.
Rocchina got Michael 3:00 to 9:00pm.

4:00pm visit with Dad(girls)
don came to office but asked for
geraldine + she was on holidays so
he leaved without see the girls!


Friday June 17/88

Kids went to school.
Sat at home.

4:00pm visit with Dad(Michael)


Saturday June 18/88

Sat at home. Dale
Worked. Took kids
To park.

Sunday June 19/88, Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Dad! Honey!
Rick + Kari over for
Supper. Their anniversary
Kids went to church.




Monday June 20/88, First Day of Summer

Kids went to school. Trevor has
A double hitter tonight starts
At 6:00pm.


Tuesday June 21/88

*Jackie-Forestry Farm
Michael leaves to Pike Lake with
Class! Sleepover!
Mrs.Francais phoned to see if
Michael could come home tomorrow
Morning. He was sexually behaving!
Miss. Middleton + touching the other
Children. Wanting to have sex.


Wednesday June 22/88

Kinsmon Park-(C.Robins Michelle)
Michael comes home from Pike
He came home at 10:00A.M. with
Vice principle. Sent him to
His room for awhile!
Vivian babysat the Ross. Trevor
Dad Mom + Jackie, Rick Kari + Crystal
Watched Trevor play ball!
Watched movies after.


Thursday June 23/88

Michael Ross tooth
Fell out June 3/88 (stuck on book with a piece of tape)
*Kids at school. *Rocchina going
to come here then we go
to S.Services to meet with Liz!
About Michael's behavoir.
Michelle MacNril Clinic at 9:30.
She has been doing pretty good!
Listening, behaving-asking permission
Rocchina is going to work with
Michael 9 hours still also
A weekend twice throw the summer.
Liz sent away for my
Special fee again!


Friday June 24/88

Last day at school!
Kids go to school just in the morning!
All kids pasted.
Me + Dale went to bring air conditioner
Back then shopped for a little while.
Vivian babysat the kids.


*Saturday June 25/88

(Kathy got ears peirced)
Judy took Michelle
>From 11:00AM to
5:00pm. She dropped
us off at Cent to
get tickets for Trevor +
Mom + Dad.


Sunday June 26/88

Rocchina took Michael
At 5:30 to 10:00pm.
Me, Dale, Trevor + Jackie
Looked at houses + picked strawberries +
Went to A + W!


Monday June 27/88

My Mom's Birthday "58" years!
Judy coming to get Michelle
* at 5:30 or 9:00
Took the kids to park to swim!
*Rocchina took Michael 4:00 to 9:00


Tuesday June 28/88

Geraldine phoned to see if the
Ross kids could have a visit!
Took kids to park. They had
Fun. Kathy stayed home not
Feeling well!
Jackie 3:00pm Meet with
Daneille for Modelling!
She will get back the end
Of August.


Wednesday June 29/88

Michael MacNeil Clinic
Rocchina had Michael.


Thursday June 30/88

All kids 1:00-2:00pm visit
With Dad. Me + Geraldine supervise.

Rocchina took Michael: 6:00 to 9:00
Judy took Michelle: 6:00 to 8:30


Friday July 1/88, Canada Day

Kids were at home with Vi.
She babysat. Me + Dale + Trevor
+ Jackie were over at Kvello's
for supper then visit.


Saturday July 2/88

Went grocery shopping
Vivian babysat.


Sunday July 3/88

Julie got made at
Vivian she not babysat


Monday July 4/88

Took kids to park. Vivian babysat
For about 1 hour.


Tuesday July 5/88

Took kids to park. They had
A space helmet contest.
We had a wicket storm!
Vivian came over.
Carol babysat the kids while
Me + Dale had to go to bank.
To pay off the land!


Wednesday July 6/88

Rocchina phoned me to talk to me
About Vivian. She slapped Michelle
On the back of the head last week. But
Didn't say nothing till now!


Thursday July 7/88

Rocchina took Michael 1:30pm to 8:30pm
She stayed and had Tea with Me, Dale
+ Judy was here. We had a good visit.
the kids played well altogether.


Friday July 8/88

Rocchina came and got Michael
At 2:30pm to go for the weekend
To the lake.
Took the kids to the park. Kari + Rick
Came over. Fixed the car(waterpump)


Saturday July 9/88

Went to Rick + Kari
Went out for dinner
With Kathy + Jackie.


Sunday July 10/88

Michael came home
About 8:30pm. Rocchina
Had a good time.
Except Michael reacted.
Took the girls to church
Trevor over at Grandma + pa's.


Monday July 11/88

Had a meeting with Liz + Rocchina
About Michael + Girls. Talked about
Neighbour hood. Julie. *was upset at
Vivian cause always taking the kids
Away from her + Kathy always crying!
*Judy took Michelle to Kinsmon Park
6:00pm to 9:00pm.


Tuesday July 12/88

Rocchina picked Michael up at 1:30pm.
To 9:00pm.


Wednesday July 13/88

MacNeil Clinic for Michael
Last one this summer!
Bruce + Bonnie camp over to meet
The Ross's. They are great!


Thursday July 14/88

Rocchina took Michael 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Judy took Michelle 6:00pm to 8:20pm.
Michelle was misbehaving so she
Brought her back early. She wake
Up in the middle of the night.
And took the alarm off the door. Then
Played with Kathy. Dale woke up!


Friday July 15/88

Rocchina-I talked too she has
Her hours for Michael caught up to
The end of July except for 1 hour so
She want to take him tonight for
A good bye till the mid of August.
Bruce phoned and said he will be
Babysitting. I went shopping got Michael's
Stuff (clothing + sleeping bag for camp)

Saturday July 16/88

Dale went
To work Sherry + Gerrald
Came over. Went to
Get a treat with them
Then stayed home
Watched movies


Sunday July 17/88

Michael leave to
Camp 2:00pm.
Redleston camp past
Regina. (789-1234)
John + Myrna + kid come
Over. Ken + Rick + Kari
I biked to Grandma
+ Heathers.


Monday July 18/88

Took the kids for a walk. Had a
Headache. Dale car overheated again!
Talked to Freda, she said she would
Take the kids.


Tuesday July 19/88

Leaving Rocchina on holidays!
Sat at home. Wasn't very nice outside.
Dale took us to see the showhome,
But saw a different one.


Wednesday July 20/88

Took the kids to park. Sat at


Thursday July 21/88

Sat at home. Watched T.V. Dales
Dad, Pam, Rick came over with his car to show Dale.
Trevor slept over at Jenny + Robbies
Kids went to park for along
Time. It was hot out today!


Friday July 22/88

Michael comes home from camp!
Bruce is bringing him around
Supper time. Bonnie phoned + said
They will be late. Having supper at
Camp. Michael was back at


Saturday July 23/88

Dale, Trevor going to


Sunday July 24/88

No entry!




Monday July 25/88

Took the kids to park. They had
A great time.
Had a pancake supper their.


Tuesday July 26/88

Just Mom was their. Don didn't come!
Visit with Mom at 1:00pm.
The kids had a visit Christine supervise
It. She wants to see the on Aug. 18. 1:00pm.
Went to work with Dale. The kids
Went to visit Grandpa + ma's.


*Wednesday July 27/88

Michelle can wear different
Earrings today if no infection!

The kids went with Bruce + Bonnie
>From 6:00pm to
Me + Dale, Heather, Rick + Kari are going
to see Kenny Rogers. Jackie +
Trevor going to stay at Grandma + pa's.


Thursday July 28/88

Got ready for holidays +
Relaxed at home.


Friday July 29/88

Leave for holidays!

Started holidays!




Saturday July 30/88 - Thursday August 4/88

No entry-Holidays.


Friday August 5/88

Freda said Michael ran away yo
Dad's three times. The kids were
Pretty good otherwise. Michelle +
Kathy were at the park on top of
The boys. She things they need
Councelling for their


Saturday August 6/88

Kathy can wear different


Sunday August 7/88

Come back!
We came back at 7:30pm
Car not working good.
Picked up the kids
They were happy to come home.


Monday August 9/88

Camp for Michael to Ranger camp!
Kids stayed at Grandma + pa's while
Me + Dale took Michael to camp.
His camp leader is Ponn.


Tuesday August 9/88

Kids went to park.


Wednesday August 10/88

Michelle, Kathy, Jackie + Trevor went
To Riverdale to swim.


Thursday August 11/88

*Doctors 2:30pm: (it was positive)
Judy phoned she is going to pick
Michelle up at noon Sat.
Jackie went to forestry farm
With Tammy, Candice + Vicki. She
Had a great time.


Friday August 12/88

No entry.


Saturday August 13/88

No entry.


Sunday August 14/88

Pick Michael
Up at camp!


Monday August 15/88

Kids went to park.
Went to Great Grandma, had
A talk with her.


Tuesday August 16/88

Sat at home. Dale took care
Of kids. I went to Myrna's
To talk.




Wednesday August 17/88

Rocchina took Michael from
10:30Am to 7:00pm. Had
a hard start but ended


Thursday August 18/88

Visit with Mom cancelled. Meet
On Aug. 24 at 3:30pm.
Took the kids to McDonalds for


Friday August 19/88

Carol babysat the kids. Me + Dale
Went out to the casino.
Had a good time. Michael
Didn't listen to good.


Saturday August 20/88

Left to go to
Farm at 11:00A.M.
Stayed over night
Rita + kids were their
Had a great visit.


Sunday August 21/88

Left from the
Farm 3:00pm. Went
To Rita's for awhile
Then home at