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Anita Klassen's Diary 1

Monday December 28/87

Left to Las Vegas.


Tuesday December 29/87

Got to Las Vegas.


Wednesday December 30/87

Went to a movie "the Grand Canyon"!
The kids + us + Uncle Rick! It
Was great!


Thursday December 31/87

Left to go home.


Friday January 1/88, New Years Day

"Happy New Years Everyone"!


Saturday January 2/88

Got home at 7:30 pm!
Went to Diane + Dennis's
For a visit!


Sunday January 3/88

The Ross kids came home
At 3:30 pm. Aunty + Uncle brought
them back.


Monday January 4/88

Back to school! Michael up early playing!
Michael went to McNeil Clinic. Then
To school.
Tuesday January 5/88

Kids went to school! Gwen Will
Phoned to see if I wanted to go
to court for the Smiths(William +
Sarah). It is Monday at P.A.


Wednesday January 6/88

Michael misbehaved at school. Mrs.
Francais phoned to see if he could
Come home, but he refused to get
In the cab so he is suspended


Thursday January 7/88

No entry.


Friday January 8/88

No entry.


Saturday January 9/88

Michael went to Rocchina
Till 7:30 pm.

Sunday January 9/88

Diane Dennis, + kids, Julian,
Norma + Rosella had
Supper over. Then play
Pictionary Had a Great
Time. Julian brought a ca (photocopy cut off)
For me.


Monday January 10/88

Kids at school.

Tuesday January 12/88

My Birthday "28"
Kids at school.
Vivian babysat the kids. Met
Dale went out for the evening
At Casino! Had a great time.


Wednesday January 13/88

No school for Kathy!
Michael went to MacNeil Clinic
At 1:00. He didn't want to
Come back in cab alone
He wanted me. But I couldn't
Be there* Trevor got his tooth
Pulled today!


Thursday January 14/88

Kathy was at school. She was in
The gym playing instead of getting
On the bus. nearly! Carol Hanson
Phoned + told me if she did
It again she would take her
Out of gym. the next day.
Rocchina coming to get Michael.
Had a visit with Diane + Dennis. Me + Dale
Had a talk with Sheldon Kvello!


Friday January 15/88

Vivian babysat the kids. Me + Dale
Went to Casino with Pam + Dad.
Had a great time! We
Visited with Mom after for a little while


Saturday January 16/88

Vivian babysat. Michael
Was playing with a
Barbie + Vi saw
Him hump the barbie.


Sunday January 17/88

Went to Dad + Mom's to
Visit. Had a great


Monday January 18/88

Kids at school!


Tuesday January 19/88

Went to school (kids)


Wednesday January 20/88

Michael to MacNeil Clinic.
Had a talk with Margeret.
Told Michael if he had any
Problems to talk to us.


Thursday January 21/88

Kids at school!
Went for coffee with Diane + Dennis!


Friday January 22/88

Kathy + Michael had a bad day
At school. Both teacher + principle
Phoned to talk to me.


Saturday January 23/88

Sat at home!

Sunday January 24/88

No entry.


Monday January 25/88

Liz Newton (Social Worker coming
Out 10:00 AM. Good visit. She
Said we deserve a metal! These
Kids are a had full!
1:00 pm go to MacNeil Clinic to[Unable to display image]
talk to her about Michael.


Tuesday January 26/88

Diane's Birthday!
Kids all had the afternoon off!
Kathys principle Mr. Weiler phoned to
Tell me she couldn't come today
Liz Newton phoned to tell me
To arrange restbit with Freda + Hech
Fsellwock then let her know.
Michelle was missbehaving all day
At coffee shop + home. Liz said she
Was trying to get top pay for Michael!


Wednesday January 27/88

MacNeil Clinic for Michael.
Then Rocchina taking him!
Dropped Michelle off at school then
Picked Michael up to go to MacNeil
Michael acts trouble when
We visit. with Marge together
Drop him off at Rocchina 2:00 to
8:30-9:00 pm. Michael was pretty
good after had a bath then to bed!


Thursday January 28/88

Kids at school. Had a good day!
Jackie + Michael had fun playing
Video games. The girls ran off
To Daniel's school. So I put
The to bed for awhile. Then got
Up had supper. Then the girls
Went off to gymnastics.


Friday January 29/88

Kids off to school! Liz phoned
To tell me that Clanton +
Debbie would take care of the
Kids next weekend.
Julian + Norma + Rosella came over played
Pictionary. Had a great time!


Saturday January 30/88

Kids sat at home.
With Vi. Me + Dale went
To get Jackie some skates.
Sat at home. Jackie + Trevor
Slept over at Grandma + Pa's!


Sunday January 31/88

Vivian took the girls to C (photocopy cut off)
They had fun.


Monday February 1/88

1:00 pm (Marg) talked about behavior +
acting. Phoned Liz to let her
know I got a hold of Debbie + Clanton.
Had a good evening. Michael helped
Do dishes + Michelle. He was very
Liz phoned me back. Said I could
Phone the cab to get the kids to
Debbie + Clanton.


Tuesday February 2/88

Kids at school!


Wednesday February 3/88

Kids at school! Sat at home Shelly
Phoned to see if I could
Supervisor with her tomorrow


Thursday February 4/88

Kids at school till noon.
Michael + Michelle out at noon!
Girls go to gymnastics
Michelle really acts up.


Friday February 5/88

(Restbit) weekend! Geraldine phoned
me to let me know that their
is court. Lawyer will get a hold
of me.
Went out with Dale + myself kids
At Grandma + Pa.


Saturday February 6/88

Verna's Birthday!
Went to Casino with
Dale then visited
Diane + Dennis.


Sunday February 7/88

Sat at home! Took my
Kids out for coffee!


Monday February 8/88

Rocchina 3:00 pm - She dropped
Them off at John + Myrna's.
Went over for coffee.


Tuesday February 9/88

Michael went to school.
Diane + Dennis came over to visit.

Wednesday February 10/88

Went to Kathy Valentine Party!
Had a great time (Sundae choc)
Dale went to work at night. Vivian
Came over to visit.


Thursday February 11/88

No school!
Went to Janice's for a valentine party!
Michelle was very miss behaved.
I got my hair perm. Michelle was
Not listening. I told then to sit and watch


Friday February 12/88

No school! Took Michael + Kathy
To Medi Clinic they hardly could
Talk. They got a touch of
Rocchina phoned to tell me
She couldn't come to pick Michael
Up cause of problems.
Went for coffee with Rita Diane Dennis!
Sheldon took care of kids! Had a great


Saturday February 13/88Vivian babysat I went
With Dale to work.


Sunday February 14/88, Valentine's Day

Clara's Birthday!
Valentine's Day!
Going to Mom!
Rocchina came to get
Michael from 1:00 to 8:30


Monday February 15/88

Michelle 1:00 pm meet with Margeret!
At MacNeil Clinic. Cancelled.
Back to school! Michael + Kathy didn't
Go to school.


Tuesday February 16/88

Visit at 4:00 pm with Helen at office.
Kids didn't visit cause they
Were sick. Kathy came home
Early by cab still sick! Michelle also
Stayed home too!


Wednesday February 17/88

Kathy stayed home. Doug phoned
Said Michael had to take a
Cab to school Friday. He was
Monkey around on the bus. Kids at


Thursday February 18/88

"No school for Michael" + No school for
Kathy also."


Friday February 19/88

All to school! Liz Newton phoned
To see how things were. The
Kids feeling better.
Julian + Norma came over had supper.
+ played Pictionary had a great
time. Vivian also here!


Saturday February 20/88

Took Trevor + Jackie
Shopping Trevor
Got his finger caught
Dale was upset so we
Went home! Sat + relax
We did a puzzle with Vivian.


Sunday February 21/88

Uncle Ken came
Over finish


Monday February 22/88

Michelle MacNeil Clinic 1:00 pm
Encouragement + choses.
Challenging. Michelle didn't want
To answer Margeret. She was
Nerves. The Ross kids didn't get


Tuesday February 23/88

4:00 pm. Visit with Helen: Diane Enns
from S. Services phoned to tell me she
never get a hold of
Helen so there couldn't be a
Visit. Rocchina couldn't come +
Get Michael cause she was
Not feeling well! Vivian babysat
Me + Dale went out.


Wednesday February 24/88

I had a good talk with Rocchina!
Michael MacNeil Clinic!
12:30 pm. Took Michael
shopping + payed bills. He got
upset. Misses his dad. He told me
he is going to run away to see his
Dad + live on the streets. I phoned
Liz to let her know how upset
Michael was. I got a hold of the
Lawyers.(Terry + Janet) about court.
I got to go at 1:00 pm to meet them.
Rocchina is coming to get Michael.


Thursday February 25/88

Kids go to school!
Meet lawyers at 1:00 pm ask
To get prepare for court.


Friday February 26/88

No entry.


Saturday February 27/88

No entry.


Sunday February 28/88

No entry.


Monday February 29/88

(Aunt + Uncle want custody maybe)
"Court" for Ross's
Meet Geraldine at 9:00 AM at
Social Services.
Court was a till Sept 8-9/88
But Dad would like visits with
The kids. Mom + Don White are leaving
Tomorrow for B.C. Kathy missed
The bus home so cab brought her home.
Michael is a little upset,
My kids off school today.


Tuesday March 1/88

Vivian babysat. Me, Dale + our kids
Went to Diane + Dennis to visit.


Wednesday March 2/88

School. Michael went to MacNeil
Clinic. He was with her for
A little while. Then came to
See me. I watched the end of tapes
Saying No.


Thursday March 3/88

(No school pm. At C. Robins)
Dale babysat. I went shopping.
Girls went to gymnastics they
Work well teacher said.


Friday March 4/88

(Fun Night at Howard Coad +, C Robins)
Michelle and Kathy's Birthday!
Vivian came over. Took Jackie to fun night.
I had to work their. Dale stayed
Home played video games with kids
Michael + Michelle were both
Bad. They played with food in
The basement. Talk to Liz about Restbit
Next weekend.


Saturday March 5/88

Me + Dale went for
A walk. Vivian babysat
The kids. Got a movie
For the kids + popcorn
Had. Had a great time!


Sunday March 6/88

Diane + Dennis came + visited
Sat at home daytime.


Monday March 7/88

Michelle 1:00 pm MacNeil Clinic
Didn't go to MacNeil. Michael went
To school but got kicked off bus
Tomorrow Mrs. Francais phoned
To asked about if Doug
Phoned to tell me to send Michael
To school at 8:45 Am. I told
Mrs. Francais I was keeping him home.


Tuesday March 8/88

Michael (No bus Ride) I kept Michael
At home because he swore + push kids
Around of bus Doug said.
Rocchina came and got him at
3:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Liz Newton
Phoned me to tell me if
Mary Kuly K phoned. Also
If I knew I had to contripted
$ 5.00 per day for restbit.


Wednesday March 9/88

(Report Cards) All kids)
Michael MacNeil Clinic.
Sat at home that evening.
Dale went out. Rita came
Over for a visit.

Thursday March 10/88

(No school C Robins) also Wilson
school. Michael went to Rocchina's
from 2:30 to 6:30. She wasn't
feeling well. I took the girls to
McDonalds for a treat. Then came
Home. Took the girls to gymnastics.
Diane Dennis + kids came over in the evening.


Friday March 11/88

(No school C Robins)
Restbit at Mary's. Mary pick the
Kids up at 6:00 pm till Sunday!

Sat at home last night our
Kids at Aunty Pam's + Grandma + pa's.
Slept over
*Michael was playing with Dale's watch
we can't find it at all in the


Saturday March 12/88

Sat at home till
5:00 pm then me + Dale
went to Casino.
Our kids slept
over at Grandpa + ma's


Sunday March 13/88

Pick the kids up.
Went out for dinner
Then went to visit
John + Myrna. Came
Home Mary already
Came to drop off kids,
At 5:00 pm instead
Of 6:00 pm.


Monday March 14/88

(No school C Robins)

1:30 MacNeil Clinic(all kids.)

4:00-5:00 pm Visit with Dad at office
Geraldine is going to
Supervise it Liz want
To do a fee for service at same
Time. Bob Neufelt supervised the
Visit. He saw what I go through!


Tuesday March 15/88

Education week C.R. Visit the
Classroom from (1:00 to 3:35.)
Kids back at school. Mrs. Hanson
Phoned me to tell me that someone
Phoned the school + said they found
Kathy's report card. Michael had
A talk to Mrs. Francis about the five
Dollars I found in his dresser.
He admitted he did take it.


Wednesday March 16/88

MacNeil Clinic.
Daddy worked till 10:00 pm or so.
Sat at home. Had a good time
With the kids.


Thursday March 17/88, St Patrick's Day

Jacqueline's Birthday "6" Jackie.
Assembly at C Robins 1:45-2:20
Michael have a tea party today!
1:00 pm. I couldn't make it their.
Michael went to Rocchina at 3:00 pm
To 8:00 pm.
Sat at home, Girls went to


Friday March 18/88

No entry.


Saturday March 19/88

No entry.


Sunday March 20/88, First Day of Spring

No entry.


Monday March 21/88

Kids back to school!
Sat at home. Kids out to

Tuesday March 22/88

The kids went to Pam's. Me +
Dale went out they had a
Good time.
Michael couldn't eat his
Lunch cause he was playing
Outside till 12:35 pm so he
Phoned me + was upset.
I talked to Mr. Tait. He was not
To phone me!

Wednesday March 23/88

Michael at MacNeil Clinic
Sat at home. Dale went out.
I took the kids to McDonalds
With Sheldon + Sherry + Diane. Then
They came over for a visit.


Thursday March 24/88

Kathy was to dress up like a
Lady! She is having a tea party
At school!
Michelle + Jackie came to the store
In the morning, and came back
Michelle came downstairs chewing
Gum I asked her were she got it. She
Said she found it at the store. Then when
Michael + Kathy came home she got them some
Gum + Michael came upstairs + told me! Vivian
Babysat tonight.

Friday March 25/88

Fun night at Wilson school!
Kids Vivian babysat last night.
Trevor + Jackie went to Grandpa + ma
To sleep over. Vivian took the
Kids to McDonalds Michael was
Bad. He left their alone with
Out Vivian.


Saturday March 26/88

Me + Dale went shopping
Vivian babysat.
Sat at home watched


Sunday March 27/88

Sat at home, Dale
Went to get the kids
>From Grandpa + ma's.
They didn't want to
Come home.


Monday March 28/88

Kids went to school.

Tuesday March 29/88

Kids at school.
*Dawn Shack phoned to get ahead
on the Ross kids. She told me
she heard that Michael talked
to Michelle + told her that her
through would feel good if she
had sex. Liz phoned me back
I phoned her back to see about
Restbit next weekend. She said
She has a hard time finding a home!


Wednesday March 30/88

Michelle goes to MacNeil
Michael goes to MacNeil.
2:00 Judy McLaughlin
Good visit.
Had a good talk with Margeret.

Diane + Dennis came to visit.


Thursday March 31/88

Wilson out at 2:15 for Easter Break
Kids at school.
Got a phone call from crisis asking
Us if we want two kids.
Visit with Mom at 4 to 5 office.
Liz took over the visit. She said she doesn't know
I do it. No more visits alltogether. Girls next visit.
Mom gave them there easter treat.
Gave me a plant!
Julien + Norma came over. Had a great
Visit. Watched movie + visited.
*Michelle went to Michael's room + asked him
if he wanted sex.


Friday April 1/88, Good Friday

Went to visit John + Myrna. My
Kids went to Grandma + pa's for the
Had went out for supper.


Saturday April 2/88, Passover

Michael with Rocchina
>From 1:00 to 9:00 pm.
Me + Dale went shopping.
Gave Michael $ 10.00 to go
Shopping with Rocchina.


Sunday April 3/88, Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!


Monday April 4/88

1:30 pm MacNeil Clinic Michelle.
Marg is going to start with
Listening at bedtime.
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Judy came over.
1st we will start with
listening with Michelle


Tuesday April 5/88

Vivian babysat the kids, Trevor
Went to Grandpa + ma's place.
Me + Dale went out for coffee with Jackie.
Sat at home in the evening watched


Wednesday April 6/88

MacNeil Clinic 1:00 pm Michael.
Michael acted out at clinic he kissed her was humping!
Vivian's Birthday 21st "she phone me to tell me!
Sat at home. Dale went out. Kids played
Michelle was up all night


Thursday April 7/88
No entry.

Friday April 8/88

Restbit: Freda:
Drop kids off at 1:00 pm for a break.
We went to Casino then out for
Coffee with Rick + Dad + Kari.
Had a good time.


Saturday April 9/88

Our Anniversary(11 years)
Went out for supper
Then to casino. Kids
Slept over at
Grandpa + ma's.


Sunday April 10/88

Sat at home.

Picked kids up at
9:00 pm.


Monday April 11/88

Back to school!
Michael was glad to be back
At school.
The kids were pretty good!

Sat at home. I went for
A bike ride.


Tuesday April 12/88

Dawn Shack phoned me to tell
Me about Michael wearing
Pantyhoses at school. He is very
Proud of himself.
Liz Newton phoned to tell
Me about the watches + Teddy Ruxpin
She is mailing a check for Teddy but
Want to see the reciepts, for the
Watches. Judy phoned.
Talk to Rocchina, she phoning tomorrow.


Wednesday April 13/88

Michelle at MacNeil Clinic.
Judy is coming to get Michelle
At 3:30 to 6:00 pm.


Thursday April 14/88

No school pm for C Robins!
Rocchina came and got Michael
>From 3:00 to 6:00 pm.
Vivian babysat the kids I went
To Casino with Dale.


Friday April 15/88

Sat at home. Babysat Shannon + Amy
Dale went to Casino with John + Myrna.
Vivian came over we watched
A movie + played game.
Trevor went to Grandpa + ma. Jenny +
Robbie over their too. He had a good visit.


Saturday April 16/88

Me + Dale went to
Supper then to Casino.
Vivian babysat the


Sunday April 17/88

Sat at home.
Kathy went to church
With Vivian.


Monday April 18/88

Back to school!
Michael was sented home at 12:00 cause
He asked Susan to take her pants off.
+ she she asked Michael to! Michael
is to have a visit with Dad!
He was sent home early cause of that!
Got his haircut. Went for coffee with
Michael + Janice.
Sat at home. Trevor went to softball
Practice. Michael was to have a visit with,
Dad but no supervision was lined up.


Tuesday April 19/88

Kids at school!
Michael was bad at school today
He was running out of the classroom
So he got kicked out tomorrow.


Wednesday April 20/88

Michael at MacNeil Clinic
1:00 pm with Margeret.
Judy is picking Michelle up at
School till 6:00 pm.
Michelle brought Jackie a pack of
Bonkers cause she is good!
Cause everytime you go somewhere
She asks for everything!
She was really good otherwise!
The Kvello's were over for a visit.


Thursday April 21/88

Kids at school. Michael got up early
Again. Rocchina coming to get
Michael at 6 to 9. Tonight. 3
I went shopping in the evening
Dale took care of kids + Michael.
Came home at 9:00 pm He had
A good visit. He got to wear a
Dress their. He is quite fasinated
About wearing a dress.


Friday April 22/88

Don + Helen phoned to arrange appointment to
See the girls on Tues. 4-5 pm.

Carol babysat the kids while me
+ Dale went to a movie. She +
the girls washed the floor. They
were really good. /except Michael


Saturday April 23/88

Judy coming to get
Michelle at 1 to 7.
Went to John + Myrna's for
Visit. Michelle dropped off their!


Sunday April 24/88

Michael went with Rocchina
>From 1:00 to 7:00 pm. 6
Diane + Dennis came
Over for a visit. watched
Movies. Had a great
Day with the kids.


Monday April 25/88

Kids back at school!
Liz to phone me. Liz said it is o.k.
For visit with Mom tomorrow as
Long as I can supervise.
Michael had a bad day at school
He got expelled for tomorrow.


Tuesday April 26/88

Helen: visit with girls I am supervising.
No school for Michael cause he
Misbehaved on Monday.
The girls had a good visit
With Mom. They would like to
Have the girls next weekend.
She is asking Geraldine.
Rocchina took Michael from 6 to 9 pm. They
Went biking + Michael misbehaved.
He slapped her, throw rocks-etc.


Wednesday April 27/88

Kids at school. Michael had
A better day. Took the kids to
The park then went to visit
Carol. The kids played good.
Sat at home. Dale went out.


Thursday April 28/88

Dad visit back doors of S. Services.
7:00 pm Judy brings them back.
Dad didn't meet with kids!
3 to 8:30. Rocchina cancelled cause
Michael misbehaved last time.
Went to H. Coad for assembly.


Friday April 29/88

Kids went to school. They played

Sat at home.


Saturday April 30/88

Sat at home. Kids
Played outside.
Watched movies.


Sunday May 1/88

Going to Diane + Dennis
For a barbeque. Bob there too!
Judy picked Michelle up
At 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
They went to U + S farm centre!