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Sheila Steele 1943-2006

Sheila Steele

Sheila has committed herself to bringing this case to public notice and finding justice since the day in February 1994 when Rick phoned her up and said, "I need a writer."

She works on the website every day and is writing a book on this case. She has written countless letters and documents for this case and has trained other writers. She loves her work.

She has been a conscious social activist since 1960. When she was born in January, 1943, her father bought her a membership in the CCF as soon as he and her mother had agreed on her name -- then bragged to all his friends his daughter was the youngest member. She knows he would be proud of her if he was still alive and she is also glad he is not here to see what the grassroots political movement he so believed in has become.

It was Sheila that the Ross young people first contacted when they learned they were on the internet. She has committed herself to standing by them and proud that she and Rick have been able to demonstrate to them that there are people who really mean what they say and do what they promise to do.

Some of Sheila's other adventures with the justice system can be found throughout the site. Throughout this particular struggle, she has learned that admitting to your mistakes and setting about to correct them is truly liberating and she hopes that there will be at least a few Saskatchewan officials who can also learn that.

Rick Klassen and Sheila Steele
An outtake from fifth estate's "Scandal of the Century", Jan. 23, 2002

Sheila's sons: MarlonKevin

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