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Rick Klassen: Counting the costs

Rick Klassen

". . . As of Friday the 25th of January 2002, I received 500 more pages of material that should have been disclosed at the time we were charged. The disclosed material that I have read within the last day, has given us even more evidence that Dueck and his entourage allowed those children to be raped all for the sake of their manufactured case against us. The local media has continued to ignore this case, but what they don't understand is that it is not going away.

Thursday night, out of anger, I emailed the Star Phoenix asking them if they were going to continue with their cover-up. Almost immediately I received a reply claiming they were now having meetings with their lawyers discussing the possibility of breaking the publication bans, only time will tell.

Their worst nightmare is themselves. . . ."

The same day Rick was in contact with the government lawyer, Don McKillop, who assured him he would have full access to the box of "mislaid" documents. Monday, Jan. 28 he drove to Regina where a much-changed McKillop told him he would never win his claim against the crown prosecutors, that he had never been convicted in a court of law and that he'd have a "better chance" with the politicians to "make this go away."

Of course it is them who want this to go away. Now that we have this material out into the light, a great many people will be scrutinizing the crown's actions more closely. And if more criminal wrongdoing is found, it will be some of them who "go away."

Since his life was turned upside down in 1990 Rick Klassen has achieved one of his main goals: this website which he and Sheila Steele launched in 1998 managed to get the attention of fifth estate producers and with the showing of Scandal of the Century Nov. 29, 2000, the story which the Saskatchewan government had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep secret was made public. The broadcast created so much public interest that fifth estate is doing a thorough update which will be shown January 23, 2002. The story itself is all over this website, but some of our earliest efforts to publish the facts can be found here: 'Scandal of the century' and 'Scandal of the century' - Chronology and the cover up.

On November 7, 2001 Rick set out to achieve another important goal: to end the $10M lawsuit he was responsible for launching in January, 1994. He and solicitor Ed Holgate parted ways and Rick set about to obtain the discovery material which Holgate had failed to get and failed to understand the importance of.

The costs have been enormous. Moving from Harris (where he was driven out by ostracization, verbal attacks, discrimination against his children in school and a vicious vandal attack on his house) to Altona, Manitoba and then back to Saskatoon were financially ruinous and unsettling to his family life. His physical health combined with the demands of this case have forced him to stop his painting and decorating business.

Since November 7 Rick has spent over $2000 in photocopying alone as he paid the government and police defendants for photocopying of the discovery material -- which turns out to be diosclosure material from the trials which he should have had for free ten years ago. He has burned thousands of dollars worth of gasoline driving between his home, Regina and Saskatoon to tend to the case. He has been told to his face by a prosecutor- defendants' lawyer that he won't be able to afford the financial costs.

Still along the lines of personal humiliation, he has spent a half day in a discovery session being grilled about his life before the charges and being told "he wasn't worth anything before and he isn't worth anything now.".

Rick has a solid team working with him. Somehow he has managed to keep his life afloat. Donations are essential. There will be no tax-deductible receipts for those who respond to this appeal. There will be the satisfaction of having helped a cause which is important to every citizen: busting a real injustice.


Kari Klassen being interviewed by Brian Dueck in Red Deer, 1990



Marie Klassen

Marie Klassen

Western Report articles

During April, inJusticebusters and Star Chamber Publications distributed over four thousand leaflets and 150 compact discs. The entire legal community and all the media have had the material for several days. In typical Saskatchewan style, the media is silent although many lawyers have come gone out of their way to get their copies of the CD which have become an instant hit. We have posted the material on the CDs here so you won't be left out if you didn't go by either court house or the police station in Saskatoon where they were given out for free as part of a promotion of the truth.

1993 conversation between Richard Klassen and Social Services' head Sheila Gagne (Before the lawsuit was launched.)