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Michael London Ross

Michael London Ross

We helped Mike file a lawsuit just before Christmas. Some of the writings and drawings Michael did while he was in the clutches of the authorities who took him from Dale and Anita's and put him in the Thompson home, written while he was being encouraged to make up stories of Satanic abuse at the same time his violent sexual acting out was permitted, are hilarious and give us some amazing insights into a creative mind. The word which crops up most often in Michael's juvenalia is the word "Help!" We hope to have them posted soon.

We also now have the medical records of all three children as well as their full Social Services files. From these records we are able to establish that Michael has been truthful with us.

We also have been able to see which drugs were given to him (he was stabilized on Thorazine for thre months before the trials of his parents and Don White -- no doubt to inhibit his tendency to yell out Bingo numbers in the middle of the courtroom as he had done at the preliminary hearings.) We have confirmed that he was telling us the truth when he told of being whisked to City Hospital and circumcised without ever having been consulted. And we appreciate hisdetermination to prove wrong Judge Mary Batton's prediction he would not likely live beyond the age of 13.

Most importantly, we have observed that Michael is not violent and has taken advantage of whatever truthful information he can find to take charge of his own emotions. His path has been made more treacherous by coming to terms with his homosexuality, but Michael is clear about his sexual identity. He aspires to be a drag queen and his wonderful sense of style suggests he would be successful.

We have also observed him continue to say he is sorry for the lies he told and that he is remorseful for his sexual attacks against his sisters and others. We believe him. As he said on fifth estate, he is the one who deals with his own demons and he is doing that.

Michael's letters and drawings: Letter written in Carol Bunko's therapy room when she "stepped out" | Signature on the back of this letter | "Knifes" | Black candle | Blood diagram | Sorry | Michael's angels and devils | Spinning his wheels

Michael reunited with his birth parents after he left Regina. Diane Ens had promised to get him together with his father for years and then always arranged for something to go wrong -- telling one or the other that the other was sick and cancelling at the last minute.

Finally Michael sold his stuff, got on a bus and came to Saskatoon because he feared his father would die. He wanted to clear up two matters: to come out as a gay man to his parents and to apologize to them for telling lies at their trials. This picture was taken in 1997 after he accomplished this.

Good on you, Michael. You're a class act.

Michael, together with Peter Klassen filed a lawsuit in January. It was dismissed in February, shortly after John and Johanna Lucas had suits dismissed. John Popowich settlement

During April, inJusticebusters and Star Chamber passed out leaflets and CDs.

1993 conversation between Richard Klassen and Social Services' head Sheila Gagne (Before the lawsuit was launched.)