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Welcome to inJusticebusters!

A year ago we were getting ready for the fifth estate update January 23. The show was informative as always and we continued to receive e-mail from those who had not seen us before.

Richard Klassen had a lot of court dates a he fought for court orders to examine several parties in the discovery process of Claim 271. He also fought off several attempts to have him dropped from the lawsuit he launched in 1994. One of these attempts by Dueck and government lawyers accused him of publishing sealed material on this site. Sheila Steele took full control of the site at that time.

Jason Warick wrote a feature in the StarPhoenix in November.

We were unprepared for the amount of attention we received -- and people at The Fifth Estate tell us they got more mail than they've ever received for a single show.

We all love the attention. That is why we do what we do. The truth has been a kind, but demanding taskmaster in this tale -- which began as a tale of woe, got in stride as a tale of rage and is now coming fully forward as a tale of triumph.

The government bureaucrats and the Saskatoon Police Service higher-ups have shown themselves to be boring men and women in gray who wreck people's lives as casually as they cash their monthly paycheques.

In this case, it would seem they believed they had found some vague connections between a couple white trash families -- the Rosses and the Klassens -- from which they could build a scenario which would be make-work projects for a whole lot of professional people.

It did not occur to them that even among disadvantaged groups of people there will often emerge someone with the tenacity to fight through the lies and deceptions and insist upon justice. Not only did Rick Klassen emerge as such a person with a lots of talent but he was able to find others who would fill in the areas he wasn't trained to do.

It has been a confidence-building adventure for all of us. The truth is a fierce concept but chasing after it is it own reward.

We're not quite there, though. We don't know how long the final push will take or what the casualties will be. We do know that the genie is out of the bottle and Saskatchewan can never suck it back in. We know that our efforts will shine the way for others attempting to do the same thing.

No one said it would be easy. But, darn! They never told us it would be so much fun.

Please enjoy your visit to the site, bookmark it, come back often, let us know if you catch typos or links that don't work.

-- Sheila Steele, webmaster