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Ang Geworsky

Ang Geworsky

Since 2000, Ang has worked tirelessly typing, sorting, keeping track of information and generally adding much needed head, hands heart and humour to inJusticebusters.

Ang GeworskyWhen we got the "Dueck notes" from Holgate during the summer of 2001, she went through them all and typed them up, e-mailing them over to Sheila to post on the website.

Ang knows the cases inside out and can quickly lay her hands on any document we need -- if we have it! In the days since November 7, 2001 when we began to come into possession of more documents showing the proof of the crimes we allege have been committed by the public officials who charged the Rosses, Klassens and Kvellos she has been indispensible in cross-referencing and placing stickies on pieces of paper.

When the fifth estate decided to do an update, she was able to find the new documents and produce them as needed.

She also runs mean photocopying machines, scanners and fax machines.

1993 conversation between Richard Klassen and Social Services' head Sheila Gagne (Before the lawsuit was launched.)

In May, 2001, after establishing an injusticebusters' office in downtown Saskatoon, Ang and Richard Klassen, along with John Lucas, pursued a strategy of claiming Michael was a pedophile (based on his actions up to age 14) and faulting Social Services for allowing Michelle to keep her children while Michael was allowed to visit. As webmaster, Sheila Steele refused to involve the website in this strategy.