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While surfing the web I¹ happened to come across articles from and noticed it had expired on August 27, 2011. I wrote the publisher and pointed this out. After a bit more digging I realised the owner, Sheila Steele, had passed away in November 2006. All that effort and data will just disappear forever into the big web site in the sky.

I decided to try to salvage what I could from for my own use. Eventually I realised I had recovered almost everything and decided, for historical purposes, to publish the whole site using the .org domain name. I made an effort to buy from Network Solution but was not successful. went live October 11, 2011.

The data was recovered from various sources. Links to sites that no longer exist along with the linking text have been removed. An effort to recover the articles from these non-existant sites was attempted. Recovered articles have been incorporated into Some pages with long or unrelated material have been split into multiple smaller pages. Some pages have been removed.

Technically, the web pages and code were a mess. These issues have been addressed. In a clean up effort, email addresses for Sheila Steele and Richard Klassen, the original injusticebusters, have been removed everywhere on the site. All internal links have been validated and will no longer open a new window. We are in the process of validating external links and removing invalid ones. Counters have been removed. Wild colours have disappeared. An effort was made to have a general overall site look. This maintenance was and still is lots of work. Google ads will eventually appear on almost every page.

The stories and articles have not been verified, of course; addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers contained in the articles may not be correct.