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Evidence of dirty tricks

How low will they go?

When Richard and Kari Klassen returned home to Outlook Friday evening, having spent two days in Saskatoon at the pretrial conference, a card was stuck in their door from Social Services. Their children, Brady 12 and Kayla 13, informed them that a Social worker had been to school and had interviewed them. Her name is Erin Srigley.

Update: The Klassen family had to wait until Monday morning to speak with the supervisor. After a conversation by telephone between Richard Klassen, the social worker and her supervisor, the matter was resolved.

Kayla has provided inJusticebusters with the following statement:

Kayla Klassen

A social worker came to my school on Friday and wanted to talk to me. The Social workers name was Erin, I can't remember the last name. She asked me questions about how often my parents were at home. She asked me where my dad worked and what the phone numbers were to the office, and my dads cell phone number and stuff.

I told her that my mom and dad are home sometimes but not all the time, and that we come to the office sometimes (Ang's place). I told her that I usually hang out with my friends, and stuff like that.

I felt uncomfortable when she was asking me all these questions, but I never asked if my mom and dad could be there with me. She did not ask me if I wanted them there when she talked to me. She asked me where my parents where, and I told her they were in Saskatoon. She asked me when they were coming back and I told her they would be home Friday night, and that my Grandpa Larson stays with us when they are not home.

Brady Klassen

She talked to my brother Brady too, and I don't know everything that they talked about, but I know she told him that they wouldn't be putting him in a foster home today. Brady and I were both scared that we were going to be taken away from our mom and dad.

She asked me to draw a picture of my family tree, and then she asked me which one of my family I loved the most. I told her that I love my whole family. I love my mom and dad and I don't want to live anywhere else. They have never hurt me, and they have always taken care of me.

Kayla Klassen

More to follow


Since the civil claim was won December 29, 2004, the Klassen family moved into Saskatoon. They bought a house on the west side.

Kayla and Brady have both been mugged and attacked.

Kayla brought a friend from Outlook with her to visit The Fringe. Both girls were mugged and had their purses stolen.

The muggers were other teen-aged girls who wore gang colours. The police knew who they were, had good descriptions but declined to charge them

Just as the police in John Melenchuk's case refused to investigate Melenchuk's stabbing assault years ago instead preferring to let Native people work things out among themselves, so it would appear the philosophy has extended to teenagers, white trash, any group of people the police on the beat aren't educated or equipped to serve and protect.