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Winnipeg Police Warning

Letter to me [Sheila Steele] from Winnipeg Police

Chief Jack Ewatski

Explosive: The Mikolajewski Report exposes the shoddy work done on the Barbara Stoppel murder investigation and how Jack Ewatski helped block a proper re-investigation to protect a retired inspector and the secrets a warranted search of his premises would reveal.

As we uncovered negligence and malice in Saskatoon's police station and prosecutor's office, similar bad investigations leading to wrongful convictions have turned up in other cities. Winnipeg is one.

Winnipeg Police continue their rogue ways

Received Mar. 25, 2003 | My response is immediately below | Monique Turenne speaks out for the first time in response to this letter

(under a Winnipeg Police Service letterhead followed by my full name and address)

March 20, 2003

Dear Ms. Steele:

The Internet site has recently come to the attention of the Winnipeg Police Service. As author of the articles, we wish to advise you that both Mr. Schinkel and Sergeant Thiessen deny the allegations made in respect of their actions in the prosecution of Monique Turenne.

The Winnipeg Police Service, Mr. Schinkel and Sergeant Thiessen are cognizant that Ms. Turenne's case is currently before the Courts, and that it would be inappropriate to respond as we would like to the contents of The allegations that you make are certainly issues that are properly left for the judicial process and we will do so.

However, one must question the fairness of posting such allegations at a time when it is apparent that those facing them are unable to respond. Certainly that action does not seem to be in keeping with the principles of exposing injustice to which the site espouses to be committed.

Yours truly


J.J. Ewatski

Chief of Police

My response:

Dear Chief Ewatski:

Thank you for your letter dated March 20.

I don't think I have published anything which does not serve justice. And I don't think there is anything before the courts which would prevent you or your members from responding. Ms. Turenne is appealing the extradition order to the Manitoba Court of Appeal and to the Federal Minister of Justice regarding violations of her Charter Rights. The only other case before the courts is in Florida where a Grand Jury has ordered Ms. Turenne extradited based on testimony which has not been cross-examined.

If you or your officers have standing in any of these proceedings the public has a right to know. I have published the statement which your officers claim to have got from Ms. Turenne and which she, in turn, denies having made. On the face of things her assertion that she did not make the statement makes more sense than the officers' signed affidavit that she did.

The stark contrast between these two claims suggests a judicial inquiry should be struck to get to the truth.

The pages of this website are open to you and your officers for any clarification you would like to make. I would publish any such contribution unedited and under the name of the writer.


Sheila Steele

March 25, 2003

inJusticebusters would also point out to Chief Ewatski that Monique Turenne's father has yet to receive a reply to the letter he sent to the chief by registered mail September 5, 2001.

Letter from Richard Klassen to Winnipeg Police Chief Jack Ewatski

November 30, 2003

Dear Mr. Ewatski,

I most recently had the opportunity of watching Disclosure wherein I heard you speak of the James Driskell case. I have followed your career for some time now as I am a co-owner of the site where you are currently posted.

I will introduce myself by saying first that I too am a wrongfully charged person due to "bad" policing in Saskatchewan. I was charged in 1991 with child molestation along with several other members of my family. The charges were eventually stayed and we since launched a lawsuit against the investigating police officer and prosecutors in Saskatoon. That lawsuit has now been heard and we are awaiting a judgment. I have chosen to stay out of the foray in Winnipeg for several reasons, but after hearing your excuses and blatant lies about the Driskell case, I have decided that I will now launch my own investigation into your criminal conduct. (Guilty, guilty, guilty). You see, Sir, as you continue to maintain that Driskell is guilty, I have found you so as well. I will now set out to reveal the evidence of that guilt, and just maybe with a bit of hard work, you will find yourself "before the courts", to face your crime. And while you are "before the courts", I will continue to speak. I now have a fair bit of experience in the field of malicious prosecution, and you Sir, were and continue to be, nothing but malicious.

The case involving Monique Terenne is yet another one that I have followed and is posted on the injusticebusters site with all information, as you well know. The comment you made in your email to Sheila Steele regarding posting information on the injusticebusters site, when one cannot defend themselves is to say the least, ridiculous. I watched you on television as you sat there and continued to insist that Driskell is guilty when in fact you know by the DNA evidence that he is innocent and you Sir are wrong. Please keep in mind that I am attempting to be kind.

I have concentrated my efforts here in Saskatchewan as this is where the injustice occurred to me; I am almost to the finish line in my case and will now concentrate on the cases you were involved in. The injustices that have occurred while under your watchful eye are unacceptable, and must be corrected. You seem to care very little about an innocent person being in prison, and like with David Milgaard, you are one of those imprudent people that would run around saying that although DNA may have exonerated him for raping Gail Miller, he was still the man that killed her.

You Sir are sick for the utterances you made on national television. Stating you still feel you have the right man in jail after being scrutinized for your corrupt efforts to put him there is unbelievable. There are laws that prevent people like you from doing what you did, and an obvious one that comes to mind is sec. 139 of the Criminal Code (Obstructing Justice). Believe me when I say that you have just begun to be scrutinized, you will now begin to be revealed.

In Saskatoon we have corrupt police officer Brian Dueck who has managed to work his way up the ladder to Superintendent, in Winnipeg we have the likes of you becoming Police Chief. This is such a chilling coincidence that it makes me wonder if perhaps you and Dueck know each other.

In any event, I have made it my life's mission to bring to public attention Brian Dueck, now it is your turn to be exposed. I left Manitoba two years ago to come back to Saskatchewan to fight my case. After watching you I have decided that it will be Winnipeg that I move to once I have completed my task here. In the mean time I will continue to help expose you on the Internet, and any other sources available to me.

I look forward to some day seeing you face to face while you attempt to struggle your way out of this corrupt situation you have put yourself in.

Yours truly,

Richard Allen Klassen
Born March 27th, 1961 (in case you want to run my C.P.I.C)

As it turned out we have stayed in Saskatoon. We can continue to expose Chief Ewatski from here. Winnipeg is hosting and Ewatski will address an International Conference on Wrongful Convictions October 22, 2005.

Winnipeg's Bad Apples in the police force

A proper investigation would reveal that Police Union head Loren Schinkel (below) and his partner, Sgt. Jim Thiessen (far below) conducted themselves improperly when they interrogated Monique Turenne.

Such investigation would further show that Schinkel broke the law when he created statements allegedly signed by Turenne and that he lied on an affidavit he provided to Florida officials.

Loren Schinkel Jim Thiessen

It is a fiction, a conveniently agreed-upon consensus among justice power-brokers (i.e. lawyers) that they cannot speak of matters which are before the courts. A good lawyer who believes in the righteousness of his client's case will often encourage a client to talk to the media.