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Aaron Vopni

Star City youth named Junior Citizen of the Year

This accomplished young man was also apprehended, along with three adopted siblings, while members of his faced charges of sexual abuse, based on a scheme hatched by a 14 year old friend of one of the children. There was never any basis to the allegations. Nonetheless the family has been ripped apart, and the individuals within have been devastated.

Aaron was prevented from living with his father and brothers when he was returned home after 5 weeks in foster care and at a cost of several thousand dollars to his family.

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Aaron Vopni's Story

Aaron Vopni of Star City was honoured to be named one of four youths in the province to receive the SWNA's 2002 Junior Citizen of the Year award. Vopni was presented with the award medallion by Senator Jack Wiebe during the SWNA's annual convention in Regina over the week-end. The medallion recipients were also presented with a $3000 bursary for post-secondary educational purposes by SaskPower.