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Dave Thornton

Graft and Corruption, Municipality of Kincardine Ontario

Dave Thornton

Mr. Thornton's troubles began after he promised to try and get $5000 back for a woman who had been duped in the Muffin Club pyramid scheme his estranged wife was involved in.

Dave Thornton continues his efforts to expose pyramic schemes in which local authorities, including police, are involved. This is from the message board on


November 22, 2004 (6:14am)

To the Kincardine Mayor, Council, Police Services Board and Citizens of Kincardine.

Your police need investigating as do many of your corrupt politicians.

Mhairi Walsh received thousands of dollars in the "Women Helping Women" pyramid fraud The "Muffin Club." Meetings held at her home where women were coerced into parting with $5,000 each.

She was then awarded "Citizen of the Year" in spite of the fact police and politicians in that town knew of her involvement in this fraud. She ran these pyramid frauds from a few hundred dollars per person to at least $5,000 per person. Jan Johnstone, who ran as an M.P.P., was defeated then elected to the school board. Their involvement in this multi billion-dollar pyramid fraud was common knowledge in Kincardine.

Maureen Poulten wife or partner Don Poulten Re/Max broker in town held meetings in her dress shop in connection with this huge pyramid fraud with the knowledge of politicians, police and others of authority in Kincardine.

The public had a right to know their politicians were involved in a huge fraud when they went to the polls. This was a massive corrupt "coverup" by your police, politicians, and even your two newspapers who gutlessly refused to mention the names of a these politicians, or even the fact there were unnamed politicians involved. The Kincardine news printed "seven local area women have been charged." When the police refused to charge them, but instead discriminated, and charged a Farmer's wife in Tiverton, and the maritime widow living in Southampton, who had no political connections, were not wives of lawyers, or politicians, nor were they advertisers in local newspapers, the story of your corrupt politicians, lawyers wife, Re/Max broker's wife or partner, and Mari Walsh and the rest of the scum in your town, was "killed". I, and I believe others would like to know why, and how much power your corrupt police hold over citizens and the press. And we intend to find out in the next few weeks ahead.

My wife Julia Sandel Ranney, a former missionary, was persuaded to secretly join this corruption in the fall of 1999 after agreeing with me the year before in 1998 not to get involved, because as I explained to her, it was illegal, and certainly immoral and it would be women, abused women, the abused women this scam used as a ruse pretending to help, to enlist recruits, the women who could least afford it that in the end would be persuaded to max out credit cards and would be the real losers when their abusive husbands found $5,000 cash on the credit card and nothing to show for it after this filthy scheme collapsed and the dirty lawyer's wives, filthy corrupt politicians, real estate agents, the wife of Jerry Roberts the director of the Board of Education London, Mrs. Thompson, of Thompson brother furniture in Paisley, retired Walkerton District schoolteacher Evelyn Dargie, relatives of police officers and judges received their filthy "blood" money. Now, If any of you people again want to write this off as the "ranting and raving" from a mentally disturbed former Citizen, I suggest you read carefully and digest "EACH AND EVERY WORD"

This abusive pyramid was supposed to help abused women. This dirty filthy fraud that your politicians and people of authority perpetuated, I thought was some small group trying to start up. I had no idea that so many of you upstanding citizens would ever even contemplate doing something like this. It swept Canada, went into the United States. Women in Sacramento California were found with $12.000,000. Police, lawyers, doctors, politicians, firefighters, etc. were involved. This is acknowledged by the Attorneys General of a host of US States who had the intestinal fortitude to condemn police and politician's involved. In this secret society police, politicians, and even the Attorney General of this province did what they could to coverup this filth, intimidate citizens, and trumped up charges against the one man in your corrupt filthy community that tried to stand up against this and get these people their money returned.

Now, Fiona Wilson, the wife of the unethical, disgusting lawyer Frederick Wilson of Kincardine was involved with my wife Julia Ranney handling thousands upon thousands of dollars. An illegal wiretap was placed on my telephone keeping track of my movements (already admitted under oath in court). That dirty corrupt lawyer worked with your dirty corrupt police force to trump up false and twisted evidence to put me on trial. This is just one example of the small insidious dirty tactics.

Pictures were taken of the sign in front Julia's Health and Beauty Spa, broken by vandals years before, and put in a file of evidence against me, and I was then accused of damaging property. A pry bar and screwdriver were placed at the bottom of the stairs at the back door of my matrimonial home. Police then took pictures of scratches on the inside of the door, and then with their twisted jargon made it appear like break and enter. The whole file consists of these "dirty tricks." This was not a criminal investigation it was clearly a filthy attempt at taking anything innocent and innocuous and twisting it to make it appear criminal. Reminiscent of the burning of the Witches of Salem, or the modern "lynch mob." Those bastards.

I did not threaten my wife, I did not take my clothes off in front of my wife as a dirty filthy assistant prosecuting attorney Martin told the Superior Court Judge while I was held in solitary confinement, my ribs broken. THERE WAS NO COURT ORDER as I was told when I was arrested, and is written in a police officer's note book. I did not threaten to rape my wife, as one of your dirty filthy police officers named Brad Smith stood on the witness stand perjuring himself before a Justice of the Peace stated. His own police reports he was in charge of, and admitted reading several times, clearly stated Mr. Alexander Nichols, a known liar and scammer, lied on February the 14th 2003,(lied is the word used in the officer's report) when he stated first, I had threatened and assaulted him, and later went into the kitchen and threatened to "rape my woman and he should bugger off." This is another piece of scum that fits in quite nicely with many of your corrupt vile citizens. Peyton place has nothing on the scum of your municipality. Including the schoolteacher who openly smokes dope and runs around naked with the full knowledge of your corrupt police who take no action.

A young single mother Sherry Price of Kincardine was defrauded of $3,500. My own sister from Kitchener, was defrauded of $7,500, then sworn to secrecy. This money went to Jan Johnstone, MPP candidate, to "go over the top" as it's called when you make $40,000. Norm Smith real estate agent and his wife Joyce Smith friends of my estranged wife, testified in court as to their involvement in this pyramid. The corrupt Kincardine police knew about this pyramid fraud and suppressed the names of the people involved. Police intimidated people so they would keep their mouth shut. Sherry Price is in absolute terror, afraid to speak out about how she was "victimized" by the corruption in this municipality.

And now another pyramid fraud is operating in the area. Treasury Traders International. Their international headquarters in Mississauga Ontario. It is being promoted by a retired OPP Officer. His name is Chuck Doore (sic). He claims to also be an accountant. They claim to have a lawyer on the government committee that regulates the industry. They claim this is been checked over 100 times by police. They claim the Peterborough police checked them and it's legal. They claim to have someone from CRA (Customs Revenue Agency) making money from this fraud. Perhaps you can find out if any of your corrupt politicians and police are involved in this pyramid fraud.

Check those web sites in the US and Uk listed on following pages you will find the truth that is suppressed in Canada. This illegal pyramid fraud Treasure Traders International has now opened an office in Owen Sound. Perhaps you could find out if you're "Citizen of the year" Mhairi Walsh, whose husband works for a TV station, is handling thousands of dollars in this new fraud.

On the 19th of March when I was arrested. Police files show, my wife stated "there was no assaulted, no threat, no contact, no words exchanged... I am going to see my lawyer about my civil matters I just want this occurrence recorded. Then she went to you're corrupt Women's House Bruce, then talked to her filthy lawyer Ted Wilson. Then sat with members of your filthy corrupt police department. Then made a videotape, which I have seen, and changed her evidence to... he ripped his clothes off and screamed at me. My wife, told the straight forward honest truth. This is the woman I knew. It was your filthy corrupt police, and other scum in your community's that coerced and intimidated her to lie.

Now, if there are any politicians or people of authority in that corrupt municipality who still do not know about this fraud and all the people that were involved in it, you should be pushing for an inquiry. If you as politicians have been coerced, and intimidated by your local police in this or other corruption in that town, including police brutality, police threats to keep your mouth shut about what you know about police brutality, these pyramid schemes, illegal drug dealing, the protection of people in Kincardine using, abusing and dealing in drugs you should have the intestinal fortitude as politicians to speak out, ask for an investigation, and give a news release to your two newspapers who also appear to lack the intestinal fortitude to tell the rest of your citizens in that community just what is going on.

At least the citizens of your community should be told of these web sites where they can obtain information so they can assess for themselves the extent of corruption, coercion, and intimidation.

Exiled Citizen of the Municipality of Kincardine..... David John Thornton. 519-632-1116.

Note: Today I must go to court and watch a 14-year-old child plead guilty to making death threats against the grandfather she has known and loved from birth. She always put her arms around me and said "Grandad I love you." She never in her entire life, said one negative word against me. These kids asked me advice when they came face-to-face with a drug situation. Now, because of the filth of your Municipality, and now because of your Police Department spreading vicious lies, and those two filthy prosecutor from Walkerton, Brian Linley and Martin she believes I tried to kill her grandmother, and hired a pig farmer to murder her. Those filthy disgusting gossiping, lying corrupt degenerate family destroying bastards.

Do you see and understand yet, "god BLESS god BLESS" and "VOICE OF TREASON", the horrors in the greed of pyramid schemes, that can take this many citizens in position and power and turn them into a modern "Lynch mob" to cover up the fraud you slick and slimy degenerate's can mask in your jargonistic claptrap perpetuated in a community. This is what you leave behind in a community in the wake of your corruption, not prosperity and happiness. How do you people sleep at night??!!!

Update from David Thornton

To citizens around the world and anyone who can help.

My name is Dave John Thornton I am 63 years old. I have no criminal record. I was living a peaceful life in Kincardine Ontario, until I "tripped over" a huge coverup by the police.

Please, please, please, please check this American international crime tracking web site. Go to Page down (about 4 clicks) to BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Click on "PYRAMID SCHEMES". Page down to bottom. Then page up to..........

Pyramid Exposure "Summed Up" as Death Threats ....... Marion S. Oakville Ont. Canada.

The police are involved in organized criminal activity in this province. They have threatened me. February 12th 2004, police pointed a loaded gun at my head and lied about a 911 call. I finally have the transcript of that call.

I tried to get two women their money back. One a senior from Kitchener, the other a single mother who could ill afford to be ripped off for $3,500. I did not know at the time this was an organized large scale $40,000 (each time over the top) pyramid fraud. I did not know there was a coverup of the participation of several politicians and Tammy Gailing the wife of the former disgraced Chief of police of Walkerton Ontario. Chief of Police Burle Gailing was himself convicted of fraud, breach of trust, and theft in an unrelated matter at the same time his police force and the Kincardine OPP were involved in this huge coverup for their friends, relatives, and business owners.

In retaliation, I was a promptly arrested March 19th 2004, for violation of (a now proven) nonexistent Court Order, disgusting false rape threats, and criminal harassment. Without a trial or conviction, on these lies, I was incarcerated in the Walkerton Jail four months, beaten up by jail guards, my ribs broken, held in solitary confinement a total of 32 days. For 10 days not allowed to call a lawyer, my family or The Ombudsman's Office. I was subjected to horrendous psychological terror, and physical abuse.

Fiona Wilson, a RE/MAX agent and wife of Kincardine lawyer Frederick Wilson, had secretly involved my wife, a former missionary, in their crimes. My wife was coerced into lying to protect these criminals. Police were attempting to "trump up" a "break and enter" and assault charge. My wife would never have put me in jail with lies. Her original statement, according to police documents was "there was no assault, no threat, no contact, no words were exchanged, I did not feel threatened..... I'm going to sort out my civil matters in court". Two days later she was coerced into saying "he ripped his clothes off and jump on the bed". Months later she would change that to "he ripped his clothes off and leapt on top of me naked". The newly hired chef (really a cook, liar, and scammer) targeting well off women, also lied, and "framed me" with a "trumped up" rape threat.

On May 28th 2003 I was a to appear at a bail review. My lawyer had made it clear I was to appear in body. I was however, held in solitary confinement harassed by jail guards. Unable to defend myself in court, nor being able to brief this new lawyer the prosecutor, Martin, in a conspiracy with lawyer Frederick Wilson, fed false and inflammatory evidence to a Superior Court Judge resulting in my being continually held without bail. Until I received the transcript a few weeks ago I was unaware of what transpired in court in my absence.

This is what these disgusting lawyers conspired to and put before the Superior Court.

from Court Transcript May 28th 2003

· Mr. Martin ..... but I understand that he was - that he did spend some time in custody on contempt. I believe it was....

The Court Right.

Mr. Martin .... a Family Court deal,..........

I had never been in court in my life nor in jail for contempt on a family matter.

· Mr. Martin ...... she's got exclusive possession - actually Wilson was the lawyer for her, Ted Wilson, was just here - she gets an order for exclusive possession. There's locks, there is like, a double set of locks between the two apartments upstairs. He continually, well, he's taken the locks off she keeps changing the locks, he keeps taking them off and then coming in and taking his clothes off and saying; here I am, and you know, just, a continually thing.

There was no Exclusive Possession Order . I had the right under Sec. 19 of the Family Law Act to be in my home until I voluntarily moved out, which I was in the process of doing. The nonexistence of this Order is now clear. I did not continually come and take my clothes off, not even once. My wife, according to original statements and police reports said nothing happened. They have "trumped" this up to destroy me and divert attention and protect lawyer Ted Wilson's wife and the rest of these upper echelon criminals. This is the same prejudice and "redneck backwood justice" that put Steven Truscott in jail for 20 years. Please please search on the web .....pyramid fraud women helping women.... I am going to be killed by willing police or participants in this fraud if I refuse to "keep my mouth shut". Police harass and kill natives "for fun". I take their "gun pointing" and intimidation very seriously. But I will not be intimidated into silence.

Both corrupt news media in Kitchener, The Record and CKCO TV for months have had, in their possession, OPP documents and two 911 recordings that prove my innocence. My E-mail is Please I need the public's help.

This is one of the documents being suppressed by the news media. It is written in the original notes of OPP Constable Melissa Barfoot...............

"The chef of Julia's who we felt was getting involved. At one point slammed the door in Dave Thornton's face. He explains that Dave immediately threatened him. However, I was around the corner at this time, and observed no such conversation going on between Dave Thornton and the male party. Received a call from Comm. Centre regarding information from Nichols Alex. PC Hackney contacted Nichols regarding civil dispute. Clpt. (Complainant) explains David Thornton threatened that "he was going to rape his woman tonight." This is the same gentleman who lied previously in regards to Thornton threatening him while I stood there. This will be noted on the occurrence by PC Hackney."

This police officer has unequivocally called Nicholls a liar and totally discredited him.

However, over a month later, after I tried to get two women their money returned this lying scoundrels statements were used by corrupt investigating officer P/C. Smith on the witness stand, before a mere Justice of the Peace. I was incarcerated without bail for four months, beaten by Walkerton jail guards, my ribs broken and subjected to physical violence, psychological torture and threats.

Man denied habeas corpus in Ontario

Summer, 2003: Canadian citizen David Thornton has been held in various institutions in Ontario without a hearing.

He was picked up after being accused by his wife's boyfriend of threatening to rape his estranged wife. Assistant Prosecutor Martin, told a Superior Court Judge there was an Exculsive Possession Order and he continually broke into her home taking off his clothes in front of his wife. Assistant Prosecutor Brian Linley told a reporter he was arrested on the bed or in front of the bed caught "in the act". (Even his estranged wife never accused him of any of this, and there is NO EXCLUSIVE POSSESION ORDER!!)

On rare occasions when he has managed to place telephone calls, he has not been able to properly communicate the facts of his situation.

(Note: While Mr. Thornton was incarcerated, he lost most of his possessions, his job and a thriving business. He continues to try to get someone to help him clear his name…)

inJusticebusters received the following e-mail regarding Mr. Thornton's situation:

Attached is a statement dictated to me by Dave Thornton who is currently in solitary confinement in the Walkerton Jail.

My name is Nicole Chessell and the following is a statement which was dictated to me by David Thornton via telephone on Friday, July 4th (2003) around 3:00 PM. Dave began the conversation by telling me that his fellow inmates had torn up all of his stuff and that he was being placed in solitary confinement for his own protection. Dave is prone to panic attacks and his previous experiences in solitary have been "a living Hell". He was very upset and asked if I could take a dictation for him and circulate it as much as possible. He specifically requested that I send this to the media and to Injustice Busters and to his MP.

"My wife admits that in 22 years I never hit her so I'm here because I might do something. The evidence being used to hold me is a statement by Alex Nichols that I said "I can rape my wife tonight and there's nothing you can do about it". The police occurrence report states that it's unlikely Thornton could have made the threat because he was upstairs talking with the police at the time and there was another police officer talking to Julia Ranney and the police officer had a clear view of the kitchen. Nichols did not report the threat until he had left and was going to bed that night and he suddenly remembered that while the police were there Thornton made that threat. The police report said earlier that when Thornton first entered the premises Nichols yelled "Thornton just threatened me!". The police report states that, unknown to Nichols, PC Barfoot was around the corner and heard the conversation and confronted Nichols and told him "I heard the conversation and Thornton did not threaten you at all". The police report further says that Nichols was clearly confrontational towards Thornton. Nichols went to the kitchen and wasn't heard from again. In view of the rape threat and the previous threat, Nichols' credibility is questionable at best.

These statements are being suppressed by the Crown Attorney and are not being made available to the Judge. This is legally known as "tainted evidence". This is why in view of Collins vs. Collins, it appears that the only reason I am being held without bail is this tainted statement by Nichols.

And the other problem is, all of my legal papers (disclosures, etc.) have been taken away from me. I can't file an application for bail on a Friday and then when the bail review occurs on the following Wednesday I am told that my papers have not been filed and therefore I am ineligible for bail. In previous bail reviews, lawyers have said they would file papers and never showed up and I never received any explanation. I explained it to the Judge during my court case: a lawyer stood up (John Mann) and said he would make sure that my papers would get filed for me. I was shipped back to London the same day - when John Mann went to the jail looking for me, they told him I had gone to London. A witness said that he just threw up his hands and said "He's gone to Never Never Land". John Mann has never contacted me and I can't get through to him from the jail phone because of a "line blocker" (which does not accept incoming collect calls), so I have no legal representation; I cannot get a lawyer on the phone; I cannot file my own papers and I am in solitary confinement."

inJusticebusters hope someone in Ontario will investigate Mr. Thornton's claims.