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Witness Tampering: Brian Dueck

Connect the Dots

This emerged from a longer sermonette by the same name. Sheila's blog

See the timeline to this case to see the bigger puzzle

  • summer 1998: the website is launched
  • just before Christmas, 1998: StarPhoenix reporter Dan Zakreski contacts us to let us know he is working on an updated story (the SP had not reported anything since our defamation trials).
  • January, 1999: Zakreski lets us know he had seen Michael's name on a docket at Provincial court. We confirm that Michael is in the Correctional.
  • March 8, 1999: Ed Holgate goes to the Saskatchewan Correctional facility and secures an affidavit from Michael where he admits that no one in the Klassen/Kvello families abused him. We provide The StarPhoenix with a copy.
  • In the course of researching his story, Zakreski asks the Saskatoon Police about Michael's recantation.
  • May 5, 1999 Sgt. Elias asks Michael to attend at Social Services where he takes another statement from Michael claiming Michael was coerced by Ed Holgate to make his recantation, that his childhood disclosure tapes to Dueck and Bunko-Ruys were true and that he would like to lodge a complaint against injusticebusters' website.
  • June 19, 1999: The StarPhoenix feature is published.
  • June 24, 1999: Michael assaults Michelle.
  • Spring, 2000: Steele and Michael first speak on the phone. Steele tells Michael that she will be happy to talk to him any time but that he must not lie to her.
  • Summer, 2000: Michael goes to the correctional after pleading guilty to assaulting Michelle. He begins phoning Steele daily.
  • Michael tells Steele that his friends have told him that The StarPhoenix article is damaging to him because it portrays him as a sex abuser. He admits he was angry at Michelle for talking to The StarPhoenix and that he was concerned he would not be able to make any civil claim if he did not keep his stories secret. Steele assures Michael that since he was a child at the time, it was not his fault but the fault of adults who did not challenge his stories at the time.
  • Michael agrees to speak to the fifth estate. After he gives the interview, he becomes fearful of reprisals inside the prison if the show is aired. the fifth estate agrees to postpone airing until Michael is released at the end of November. Since they have more time they film Michael meeting Richard Klassen inside the institution. In this meeting, Michael acknowledges to the world that he told lies about the Klassens and Kvellos, apologizes directly to Richard Klassen and indicates his desire to apologize to everyone who was hurt by his stories.
  • January, 2001: The fifth estate updates the story and Kathy comes forward. Michael is reunited with his sisters and although there are sibling flare-ups among them, all three remain firm in their statements that the stories they told to Dueck and Bunko-Ruys were not true. His sisters are not sexually threatened by Michael because he is gay.

Rick Klassen still standing. Pretrial conferences in May will prepare September trial. New Justice Minister Eric Cline has inherited a badly corrupted portfolio

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