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Brian Robert Ingrey

Mountie not welcome in city

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SASKATOON -- An RCMP constable guilty of sexual assault will keep his job but North Battleford City Council wants him transferred out of town.

Brian Robert Ingrey was found guilty of disgraceful conduct when he appeared before an RCMP board of adjudication Friday in Saskatoon. He received the maximum possible sanction, short of losing his job: forfeiture of 10 days' pay of $2,540 and a formal reprimand.

Brian Ingrey, 25, pleaded guilty to one sexual assault charge in October, 2002 in relation to a June 9, 2002 incident in Meadow Lake.

The complainant, a female friend whose name is subject to a publication ban, said Ingrey assaulted her by digital penetration while she was sleeping.

According to an agreed statement of facts presented at the time of Ingrey's guilty plea, the incident happened after a wedding where Ingrey had consumed approximately four double drinks of alcohol per hour.

Around 2 a.m. Ingrey's common-law wife went home while he and others went to the home of some close friends, another common-law couple who had been at the wedding.

All had been drinking and several people fell asleep in the living room.

The female resident of the house went to sleep, fully dressed, on top of the covers of her bed. Some time later Ingrey also laid down, fully dressed, on the bed and later the woman's spouse came and fell asleep there too.

The woman said she awoke to find Ingrey assaulting her. She left the house and later notified the police.

An RCMP officer went to the house around 10 a.m. and woke Ingrey, who was still sleeping on the bed. Ingrey, who was still so intoxicated he could barely walk, was surprised by the allegation and said he didn't remember what had happened.

Ingrey was suspended with pay pending the outcome of the Criminal matter. He pleaded guilty with the assurance of a joint submission from the Crown and defence recommending a conditional discharge.

Provincial Court Judge Earl Kalenith in December rejected the recommendation, however, and imposed a suspended sentence of 12 months probation and ordered Ingrey to seek alcohol counselling.

Ingrey is appealing that sentence June 27 at North Battleford Court of Queen's Bench.

He was reinstated in January 2003 and transferred to North Battleford, where he is currently stationed.

At the behest of North Battleford city council, Mayor Wayne Ray wrote to the RCMP last month saying the council thinks Ingrey should be transferred out of the city because his name was made public and that could make it hard for him to do his job.