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Julian Falconer

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Julian Falconer

Julian Falconer the person is a husband and father. With his wife and colleague Elisabeth, he has two boys, Ben who is 7 years old and Justin who is 2 years old. Born and raised in a small rural town in Quebec and being the son of a Black Jamaican father and a White Jewish mother from Poland, Julian learned firsthand about issues of race in society.

Julian Falconer, the lawyer, is a senior partner with Falconer Charney Macklin. In the true tradition of a Barrister, Julian's practice takes him to civil, administrative and criminal courts at both trial and appellate levels. He has argued cases in both English and French. A major component of Julian's work has involved advocacy in human rights and public interest litigation. Some of Julian's more renowned clients led a December 2000 National Post profile to describe him as a Voice for the Powerless".

Julian has been legal counsel to the Urban Alliance on Race Relations since 1992. Julian co-chaired a ground-breaking conference in Toronto on the "Alternatives to the Use of Lethal Force by Police" that, for the first time, brought police and community together over the issue of police shootings. He has argued issues of race at the trial and appellate levels in both criminal and civil courts.

His individual clients have included many families who have lost loved ones at the hands of the state, be they police shootings or prison deaths. Julian's more notable work at the inquiry level has included acting on the Donaldson Inquest and representing the families of Robert Gentles, Edmund Yu and Wayne Williams in Coroners Inquests.

Julian is also legal counsel for the Odhavji family whose case is presently before the Supreme Court of Canada on the issue of abuse of public office and the citizen's right to private remedies against state officials. Julian also represents the plaintiff, Jason Burke whose allegations against the Toronto Police were the focus of a recent Toronto Star series on racial profiling. Julian's civil litigation practice includes plaintiffs' personal injury cases and commercial litigation on behalf of institutional clients as wells as individuals.

Julian's practice has also included acting as counsel for lawyers on matters ranging from partnership disputes to contempt proceedings and personal costs applications. Julian's academic publications include writings in constitutional law as well as issues of race and the justice system.

Last year Julian Falconer co-authored a book for Butterworths of Canada on the Ontario Coroners system.