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Eric Cline says it's just fine that his fund helped pay for the phony "Wide Open Saskatchewan" campaign.

Eric Cline

Evidence that Justice Minister Eric Cline is just another dishonest lawyer

August, 2003: We ran into Cline a couple times this summer. He told Angela Geworsky that he would not be in the province for the month of September (when the Klassen/Kvello lawsuit and the Stonechild Commission of Inquiry will be convened).

May 30, 2003

Ms. Angela Geworsky
P.O. Box 1627

Dear Ms. Geworsky:

I am writing in reply to your letter dated May 5, 2003.

My officials advise me that you have, for some time now, been working to assist Richard Klassen in the bringing of the lawsuit that your letter mentions. That of course is your right and I mention it only to say that from that I assume that you will have a great deal of knowledge about the facts that underlie the lawsuit, and the process that the lawsuit has gone through to date. Therefore, I do not intend in this letter to seek to lay out any of those facts to you.

Likewise it is clearly your right to participate in the sorts of campaigns that your letter speaks of so long as in the process of doing so, you do not breach any laws. I will, therefore, not make any attempt to try to dissuade you from standing up for your beliefs, even where we may disagree.

The lawsuit about which you write has in fact taken quite some time to resolve and clearly the opposing litigants have been able to agree upon a resolution. As a result, and as your letter observes, it is scheduled for a trial in September 2003.

It is always unfortunate if people cannot work out solutions to their disputes between themselves, but one of the reasons we have courts in our society is to deal with those situations when they arise. For the Government Defendants, I can assure you that we have worked diligently to try to find a reasonable resolution to this dispute without the need for a trial but that we now consider that to be unlikely. While you may know much about what has passed between the parties regarding such solution possibilities, the confidentiality requirements of the process prevent me from speaking of them specifically with you.

Thus, it seems unlikely that it can be settled by agreement and likely that we will all need to await the decision of a judge following a trial of the issues. Having satisfied myself that the Government Defendants have taken all reasonable steps available to them to avoid a trial, I must contend to let the trial process run it's course.


Eric Cline, Q.C.
Minister of Justice
And Attorney General
Honourable Eric Cline, Q.C.
Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Room 355, Legislative Building
Regina, Saskatchewan

Letter to Cline from Angela Geworsky

May 5, 2003

This letter is written with the intention of addressing only a few issues that need to be raised in relation to the justice department in this province. The NDP has done there best in covering up the actions of their Government although there have been major issues raised such as Spudco, John Popowich, etc. One issue that has not been resolved is the Klassen lawsuit, which still lingers in the courts. The pre-trial for this lawsuit was held on the 1st and 2nd of May without a resolution. The trial is scheduled to commence September 8th 2003. It has been made very clear through the media coverage on this case that Richard Klassen is standing strong in his lawsuit. Now the Government and others involved had their opportunity to rectify their mistake and obviously have chosen to take their malicious actions further by continuing on with the trial.

The comments made by the Government lawyer for the defendants, which were published in the Special Edition of the Star Phoenix on November 2nd, 2002 "Klassen's await there day in Court" were appalling. Mr. Donald McKillop Q.C., council for some of the defendants stated that "inconsistencies in the testimony was not necessarily an issue, rather the task of having the children re-tell their stories, was." This comment was a deliberate attempt to once again leave the impression with the public that the Klassen's were in fact guilty of these most bizarre crimes against these three children. I didn't think that the guilt or innocents of the Klassen's was even an issue at this point.

There is no doubt with the evidence that has been brought to the publics attention through the CBC program The Fifth Estate, newspaper articles, etc. that the then accused are, and always have been innocent of the allegations that lead to their charges eleven years ago. Furthermore I do not think that it is, or should be questioned as to the deliberate and at the very least, negligent acts of the investigating police officer, therapist, and prosecutors involved in having these individuals charged. It is now time that the Saskatchewan Government be held accountable for the many wrongs which have been done to these people as well as many others in our province.

The only question that lingers in my mind is how the government and others involved are going to correct this most horrendous injustice that was inflicted upon these individuals. As far as Michelle and Kathy Ross are concerned, there is nothing that could compensate them for the destruction that was allowed to happen to them at the hands of their brother and the officials that were there to protect them. I must add that trying to rectify a situation would involve the, prosecutors, therapist, and the investigating officer, having to admit to their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions, realizing of course that I use the term "mistake" loosely.

Mr. Dueck, now Superintendent, states in the article mentioned above that it has been very difficult for him as well as his family and that things have been done to them as well as the Police Department which border on the "INSANE". I, as a member of the public, would like to know if the defendants named in this action, would not consider knowingly allowing two little girls to be violently raped by their own brother and charging sixteen innocent people for these very crimes that they knew were inflicted by the boy that they continued to place these girls withis in fact "INSANE" to say the very least? My definition of this would be "CRIMINAL".

Richard Klassen as well as the other plaintiffs in this case were counter sued by the defendants Matthew Miazga, Sonja Hansen and Richard Quinney for defaming them in relation to this case. Now it seems that the only counter suit still standing is that against Richard Klassen, the rest have been withdrawn. Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys had Richard charged criminally for this very thing, where he was found to be not guilty. The evidence is clear that the defendants knew that the girls were being sexually abused by their brother, and did nothing to protect them, therefore allowing it to happen.

Matthew Miazga stated in the preliminary hearing of the Ross, Ross and White (the Ross children's natural parents) that he had lost faith in his case against the accused, yet they continued on in their pursuit for a conviction ignoring the evidence before them. On the CBC program the Fifth Estate, a clip was played of Matthew Miazga after the stay of the proceedings against the Klassen's. In that segment he asserts to the public that the grounds for the stay of proceedings is merely due to the fact that the children were too traumatized to continue. This, in light of the evidence, should have been considered defamatory against the plaintiffs and now, eleven years later, this very prosecutors council, Donald McKillop Q.C. has confirmed his clients statement, implying to the public that it was not a lack of evidence but rather the state of the children was such that they simply could not re-tell their stories, Once again suggesting the guilt of the Klassen's and others accused.

There has been NO justification in this case. There is NO justifying the damages that have been done, and continue to be done even today, to the then accused. There is NO justifying the destruction that was allowed to happen to Kathy and Michelle's lives. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for these two girls to ask for help and receive nothing from the very people that were to protect them. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be accused of these unspeakable acts that the Klassen's were charged with, having the charges stayed with absolutely no exoneration. The audacity of the defendants to actually claim that they in fact are the ones that have been defamed is simply ludicrous and makes me afraid to live in this community.

The Klassen's will forever be known as "once suspected child molesters." This is the way they wake in the morning and this is how they go to bed at night. Twenty years from now, they will still be known as "once suspected child molesters." What brand do you go to bed with at night? This could have just as easily been you, or a member of your family. If things haven't changed, and society is never informed of the mistakes and the steps taken to rectify these most blatant errors in our justice department, Society will go to bed at night wondering who will be next.

There was obviously no knowledge gained by the seemingly deliberate errors made by the officials in the Klassen or Popowich case. John Popowich received $1.3M dollars and an apology from the Justice Minister Chris Axworthy, but in the same breath Chris Axworthy stated that it was of no fault of the prosecution, Bruce Bauer and Leslie Sullivan. There is no doubt that John Popowich deserved the compensation that he received, but my question is why was he compensated if there was no wrongs done in the "botched" Martinsville case? What exactly, if this was not considered negligence at minimum, was that compensation for?

The people of this province and this country deserve answers. We as members of society deserve to know how these cases are being dealt with, and what has changed to ensure that this NEVER happens again. What exactly is being done to rectify the Klassen case, which is still lingering in the courts, and WHY is it still there? Chris Axworthy stated that the other cases would be dealt with; I would like to know what his definition of this is. How can the government and the other officials involved in this case justify their continuation in defending the destruction that was caused by their very own hands?

Donald McKillop Q.C., once stated to Richard Klassen "if you scream loud enough the politicians will pay you to shut up." Believe me when I say that we will scream. The public will scream, and the public will finally know exactly what this Government is all about, if they haven't already got the full picture.

I wish to take this opportunity to inform you that as I am writing this letter, I along with many others, are organizing a campaign to go door to door on the east side of Saskatoon to overthrow the NDP Government. Further we are organizing a campout to take place on the front lawn of the legislative building in Regina, equipped with posters, pickets, and pamphlets and will stay until answers are given and the Klassen matter is dealt with FAIRLY. If the NDP Government is not willing to answer to this, then perhaps another party will be.

Yours truly,

Angela Geworsky
P.O. Box 1627
Outlook, Saskatchewan
S0L 2N0

From NDP caucus website:

Eric Cline, MLAEric Cline, MLA
Saskatoon Mount Royal

Legislative Office:
312 Legislative Building,
Regina, SK S4S 0B3
Phone: 787-6059 Fax: 787-6055

Constituency Office:
1627- 29th Street West
Saskatoon, SK S7L 0N6
Phone: 384-7200


Attorney General

Industry and Resources

Eric Cline was born and raised in Saskatoon. He received his early education at Estey School and Mount Royal Collegiate, and went on to earn degrees in Political Science and Law from the University of Saskatchewan.

Mr. Cline has been a member of the Saskatchewan Bar for over twenty years. He has been involved in several organizations including the Saskatoon Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association Civil Litigation Section, the Canadian Bar Association Legislation and Law Reform Committee and numerous other community and professional organizations.

Mr. Cline has also been involved in the publication of reports for the Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan.

Eric Cline was first elected in 1991 and re-elected in 1995 and 1999. He was an active member of the Legislative Standing Committee on Public Accounts, serving as Vice-Chair from 1993-1995. He was elected as the caucus member on the Cabinet Legislative Review Committee from 1991-1995.

Mr. Cline was appointed to Cabinet November 22, 1995 as Minister of Health. In July, 1996, he also held the portfolio of Minister of Labour. Mr. Cline became Minister of Finance on June 27, 1997. He has presented five budgets, including the Saskatchewan Budget for 2000-01, which contained sweeping changes to Saskatchewan's system of personal taxation.