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Lisa "Big Eagle" Smoke

Lisa 'Big Eagle' Smoke

inJusticebusters is not satisfied that Charlie Smoke is not who he says he is. If everyone was as confident in his or her identity as Charlie Smoke has shown himself to be throughout this wild ride (which is not yet over for him) the world would be a more hospitable place.

inJusticebusters has received the following communiqué from Charlie Smoke who was deported stateside without being allowed to bring his family. We had been publishing occasional reports on the pages devoted to his story, but decided today that Lisa Big Eagle Smoke is a person in need of justice and she should have her own page. Lisa has been denied money to stay alive. Before Canadian Immigration made its moves against her husband, Charlie Smoke, this family was surviving and had a regular pay cheque. Charlie was working at a job which benefitted the whole community. This was a proud family providing a model in a city where many aboriginal people are thoroughly downtrodden. Charlie, Lisa and their children stood up for Native culture and the rights of all oppressed people. Charlie was an articulate spokesperson for peaceful race relations. Apparently the government of this country believes that Native people should all be downtrodden and that if a sane spokesman is emerging, he must be cut down.

As reports from Charlie indicate, Lisa Big-Eagle has been cut off from financial support and is being further harrassed by Revenue Canada. She does not have access to a computer to either receive e-mail from us or to reach out to the internet community. We are creating this page as Saskatchewan has been named as the Canadian province with the most violent claim and poverty is identified by many as the reason for this. We honour Lisa Big Eagle-Smoke's struggle with this page.

Re: Revenue Canada

Three months after the illegal extradition of myself, and the perjured statements by citizenship and Immigration Canada, this northern colony continues to assault the sovereignty and sanctity of my family! This July, Revenue Canada, obviously at the prompting of immigration, cut my family off child tax benefits without any prior warning whatsoever.

Charlie Lisa and Baby Smoke

Not only has Revenue Canada wrongly withheld money from my family, but they even have the audacity to charge my wife thirty-eight thousand ($38,000) dollars, claiming that my children did not rightfully deserve any of the money they've received over the years! This is a clear and blatantly obvious attack on my family in retribution for my struggle for recognition of Indigenous rights and justice!

This attack on my family is, in reality, an attack on Free Speech. The oppressive colonizers are sending a message loud and clear, especially to their dispossessed landlords, that those who speak-out will be punished severely -- and that includes their families. This message has been heard by the various Native and social-justice organizations in the region too, which is why they fear this northern colony so deeply. This type of attack inhibits the natural growth of society, and only causes more fear and resentment against those in authority. (It is authoritarians who sow the seeds of anarchy!)

Furthermore, this type of callous attack by a dysfunctional government leads to individuals totally lacking in self-esteem; broken, hurting families; crippled communities; and a world in utter chaos. The only humane response to such a vile act is for all human beings, everywhere, to pull-together and stand as one against this repressive regime! People, women and children must be cherished and protected above all else! Do not let this deceitful, self-righteous colony of Canada continue to prey upon innocent women and children!

Charlie and Lisa's daugther

All human beings carry the responsibility to protect the health and well-being of all others. Governments must bow to the people, and they must operate on some system of checks and balances. Unaccountability is simply unacceptable in a civilized society. Lisa, Pankeska, Mecate, Wanbli Win, Huya Tanka; those are the names of five people being abused by the colony of Canada. What are you going to do about it?

Charlie 'Wolf' Smoke

Onakijin, Lakota Territory

July 26, 2003

Charlie "Wolf" Smoke

Mitakuye Oyasin