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The Bice family

Dismantled by Abusive Authority

Update April, 2005: All charges have been dropped after the police investigated this. The CAS says it cannot return the children because too much time has passed. Tracey found this on the Internet.

Letter from Devon Bice

"devon bice of mohawk descent"

Updated April 19, 2004

About Our Family Research

my dad is dale bice and my mom is shelley warrington she is the daughter of larry johnison and patricia runge nee "st.pierre" I have mohawk status but trying to find out from where? i live In the belleville ontario canada area and so does my grand father. I also have a brother stuart raymond bice and he should have status too our grandfather got our band cards but we have lost touch with him...He has a wife debbie Johnson nee "lambert" and two sons larry Jr. and kelly and a daughter christine...looking for any help I can get...thank you...last known address for larry Sr. was belleville or prince edward county ontario..maybe even campbellford..I was taken from my family by c.a.s. 3 years ago and just want to see my dad and step mom and grandparents ...I want to go home if you can help I would appreciate it thank you....My step mom is Tracey I love her and would like to say sorry for all I have done to her and my dad....hope to see you soon if you read this mom and dad cause soon I'll be 15.... I almost got caught sending these messages but I love you all mom, dad grampie and nanny,stuart,kaitlind and dalton so this will be the last message for a while... .take care and i still love you all ..And Dad and Grampie take care of yourselves for me...I will need you both when I get home.. Love Devon B Bice

Bice Family

Family Photo taken at Christmas time before the apprehension of Dale and Tracey Bice's four children

Update: Dec. 2003 - Well as far as children's aid society in belleville and us fighting to have our 4 children returned ...i am at a loss to tell you. Our lawyer told us on the last family court day we need not go. He would deal with it as it was just going to be held over. Well he dealt with it alright! My 4 children have gone crown ward and now my 11 year old son when aprehended is now 14. Yes its been 3 years and I miss them so much. People involved in cases like this know what I am feeling but others can only imagine.... As for the criminal court case and the sexual assaults, it has gone from 12 charges down to 1 because my 2 youngest sons told the crown in Belleville ontario I had done nothing to them ...3 of the 4 charges against me by my oldest son have been dropped due to a police investigation: when it was said to have taken place my son did not live with me. He was at his grandparents so 3 of the charges have been dropped . . .

Abusive authority dismantles the Bice family: then charges them with sex crimes nineteen months later

This photo was taken on the last Christmas the Bice family was together, 2000. This story is unfolding in 2002, eleven years after Saskatoon police and social services used foster children to trump up charges in the foster parent case and ten years after the RCMP used day care children to do the the same in Martensville. The only consequence to any of the officials who used vulnerable children to advance their careers has been a $1.2M settlement to a policeman, John Popowich who was wrongly charged and received an out of court settlment after a Queen's Bench judge stated he had a good case for malice. Other cases are stalled as the Crown insists it might be able to "beat" the lawuits.

That cops and social workers are still using trumped-up child sexual abuse charges to further their careers demonstrates the importance to society of proper exoneration and compensation to all the families this has happened to. It is most often disadvantaged familes who are victimized in this way: the social workers already know that the familes do not have the educational or financial resources to resist the theft of their children -- and their rights.

This is what is happening to the Bice family. No journalist has taken up their case and told their story.

A father's story: in his own words

Where to begin? My name is Dale R. Bice and I live in Marmora, Ont. My children were taken from my wife and me in April, 2001 by Children's Aid Society of Belleville (Quinte).

An alleged pedophile transported them home from school, on one occasion and after after C.A.S. worker Kenneth Richard Rowley said it was OK for this man to do so.

After an exhausting one year and five months without our children I now have been criminally charged with 9 counts: 3 for sexual assault 3 for invitation to sexual touching and 3 for sexual interference. Wiley had used unneccesary force in apprehending my two sons; they had told her not to touch them.

The Undertaking | Criminal charges

As well, Childrens Aid workers involved in this matter have assaulted my wife and children both physically and verbally. Mr Kenneth Richard Rowley threatened to "take Tracy out behind the barn and beat some sense into her." Mr. Brian Davis grabbed my daughter by the arm and when she asked him not to, flung her across the room. Ms. Julie Miller struck my Tracey as well as did the exact same thing to my daughter as Mr Davis.

(The above picture is from an early supervised visit with the parents after the apprehension; below they are shown with Dale's parents)

Since my children have been in foster care my daughter has tried to hang herself with foster parents seatbelt ...and tried cutting herself with a knife. All four of my children have been split up even though Mr. Rowley promised them and us they would keep the children together.

Now my biggest fear is I will go to jail for something I did not do...My youngest son phones home for access calls and tells my wife that childrens aid worker Julie miller made him say I did things to him . . . and he didn't want to because he knows it was lying but because they threaten they will never see us again "if you don't do as we say."

The lawyers around here won't charge the C.A.S. for the things they have done and forget about trying to have an O.P.P. officer charged -- it will never happen. So as my wife and I suffer and I am looking at court date in Oct 10, 2002 in Belleville criminal court and fingerprinting on Sept 23, 2002 the really guilty people are sitting back laughing....

I just don't believe this as my wife and I have been foster parents for Lindsay, Ont . C.A.S. society, I have been a school bus driver for 3 different companies as well as a security gaurd and a block parent in Durham region......What a great justice system we have ("Guilty Until Proven Innocent" not "Innocent Until Proven Guilty....")

I write this but fear nothing will come of it as no one listens until it happens to them....

All I want is my family back together ...

A Grieving Lonely Father

Dale R Bice