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Chris Axworthy

Chris AxworthySaskatoon, July 2, 2003 - inJusticebusters is delighted to report that Queen's Bench Judge David Wright has ruled that Robertson Stromberg cannot represent the FSIN at the forthcoming inquest into the death of Lawrence Wegner. Because Chris Axworthy, a former justice member, is now part of the firm, their representation might be seen to be in conflict. Lawrence Joseph, FSIN chief is said to have expressed disappointment. The inquest is scheduled to begin September 8, the same day as the civil trial in the Klassen/Kvello matter, another case where Axworthy played an ignomious role.

-- Sheila Steele (source CBC radio broadcast, suppertime, July 2, 2003) Also see pictures for Saskatoon vigil held June 20

Axworthy's conflict

Chris Axworthy has now taken a position with the law firm of Robertson Stromberg. Karen Prisciak, a lawyer with the Robertson Stromberg law office in Regina was hired by Geoff Dufour to do the pretrial brief and close the deal in the Popowich settlement, June, 2002.

As Justice Minister, Chris Axworthy paid out $1.3M, a big chunk of which went to Prisciak at Robertson Stromberg. Now he works for them. Prisciak was a key player in the Popowich setttlement and is completely familiar with all aspects of not only the Popowich case but other claims pertaining to Martensville.

Injusticebusters must ask: Did Axworthy know he was going to be hired by this firm? Did he buy himself a job?

Our former Justice Minister is working in the firm which Geoff Dufour used for assistance in Popowich. There are still lawsuits outstanding which Dufour is handling (Ron and Linda Sterling).

In early August, Dufour approached Richard Klassen offering to be his lawyer. He said he could get a setttlement much more quickly than Klassen could on his own. He could be up to speed and ready to go for exams for discovery within 3 weeks.

He said: "I bring to the table my experience in dealing with these government people."

Axworthy (formerly one of those "government people") has already established a close working relationship with Dufour and who knows who else.

Former justice minister Robert Mitchell apologized to the Martensville people on The Fifth Estate. Although he lied about his degree of ignorance of the content of the file, he appeared to be genuinely shaken. Axworthy, by continuing the covering of lies told under Mitchell's aegis dragged the Saskatchewan Justice system even further into the sewer.

Not only is he now working for Robertson Stromberg, a prestigious firm, but he has also joined the University of Saskatchewan's Faculty of Law. Now he can dine at the Faculty Club with other shameful refugees from government. The university's role increasingly seems to be provision of sanctuary for disgraced politicians.