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Hatchen, Munson's release

Target of police protesters

A small group of citizens held yet another protest beside Saskatoon police headquarters for several hours Friday, in an effort to highlight their concerns with the justice system and various policing-related issues.

Darrell Night

The protesters want an apology for Darrell Night, who was abandoned on the outskirts of the city in freezing temperatures by former police officers Ken Munson and Dan Hatchen. The former officers were released Friday after serving more than half of their eight-month sentences.

Richard Klassen, who is restricted from demonstrating at the police station but remains affiliated with the protesters, said they were trying to send a message to the public.

"The message was that Munson and Hatchen got out right now and there's still no apology for Darrell Night. That's No. 1" he said in a telephone interview.

On Friday, the protesters also circulated a petition in support of Chief Russell Sabo and Mayor Jim Maddin, and distributed photocopied clippings of news stories relating to an upcoming high-profile trial.

A multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed against prosecutors, therapists and police by several people wrongly accused of ritual child abuse will go to trial on Sept. 8. The case led to dozens of charges against Klassen and several others.

Three children fabricated wild stories about Satanic rituals and sexual abuse that they suffered at the hands of Klassen and others.

Although one protester -- who wore a mask that hid his face -- shouted loudly outside the police station on Friday, police cannot act on the matter or lay charges unless they receive a complaint from a member of the public, said Acting Insp. Lorne Constantinoff.

Last month, Klassen was charged with creating a disturbance by yelling during a similar protest outside police headquarters, where he spoke into a bullhorn. At the time, police said the charge stemmed from complaints they received from private citizens.

Klassen said the next protest will likely take place on Monday morning, in front of City Hall.

Friday's event marked about the 14th protest the demonstrators have held this year.