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Jonathan Paul Arbeau

Convicted by Jailhouse Snitches

Jonathan Paul Arbeau

In 1990 our son, Jonathan Paul Arbeau, was convicted of first degree murder.

The evidence against him was the testimonies of three jailhouse snitches and the original suspect, who became the crown's star witness. One jailhouse person has since been killed at the hands of another person; the second is a career criminal known for lying to the police and using aliases; the third was charged with aggravated assault on his sister ruining her eye.

The trial lasted for one week: approx. four days for prosecution and 2 hours for the defence. Although the defence had 8 subpoenas done the week prior to the trial none of the witnesses were called. An undercover police made three unsuccessful attempts to extract a jailhouse confession from our son in his cell.

He said our son told him nothing; he was never called.

TIME OF DEATH was not determined at the scene: at the autopsy they said 24 to 36 hours.

Jerry Arbeau, Fredericton, New Brunswick