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Chewed up, digested, sucked in and spit out by Saskatchewan (in)Justice

Editorial: January, 2005

Russell Sabo

When Brian Dueck prepared his carefully contrived information to present to prosecutor Matt Miazga he knew he was doing wrong. He was confident that police and justice culture in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan would keep his lies safe. Although a Queen's Bench judge found that he had acted with malice (an assertion we had been making for many years) he is not being called to account. In fact he has been rewarded.

In 2001, Jim Maddin was elected mayor, largely by people on Saskatoon's west side, and he pledged to clean up the Saskatoon police. There was incredible resistance to his efforts. Acting Chief Dave Scott, the man who promoted Dueck, managed to get a huge severence package when Maddin finally fired him. After an expensive selection process, Russell Sabo was hired to replace him. Sabo has also protected Dueck and he has lied to do it.

We know that many Saskatoon Police files from 1991 were lost because we were told this at the Klassen/Kvello and Stonechild hearings. The explanation was plausible: they were switching to a new system and moving offices. Now that Dueck has been allowed to walk away with his hefty pension, we would like to know what becomes of his files. Sabo has thwarted all of our efforts to get an honest investigation into the cases he has worked on. Why does Sabo have such an interest in keeping these files secret?

Brian Dueck

The public has an interest in knowing why Dueck and current superintendent Murray Zoorkan threatened postal worker Kim Cooper using "Rambo" tactics. Where did that money stolen from the post office go? What would we have to do to get an audit of Dueck and Zoorkan's accounts?

Dueck was a police spokesperson for the Ritalin problem on Saskatoon streets. He even went to other cities and talked about it at conferences. He was, for a time, head of the drug unit and part of the integrated drug unit. Now there is a larger problem on Saskatoon streets than there was when he was talking about it. Who was being paid off? Who got rich?

Dueck also called for a brief detox center and was present for the sod-turning. (photos below) It took forever to build this center which used funds from many levels of government. A huge amount of money was spent for a facility which is as useless as the rest of Saskatchewan's efforts to address the addiction problem on our streets. Who is getting rich?

While Dueck was head of pawn detail, break and enters did not decrease and items stolen from people's houses continued to be pawned. More and more pawn shops appeared and the public was falsely told that there was a system for checking these things. I know that when my computer was stolen in 2001 I was told this. Later I find there was no systematic method for keeping track of these things. Dueck was not the only one who benefited from crime in Saskatoon. We would like to know who is cohorts were.

Covering up is not cleaning up! The stains of the past seep through. We will not stop calling for a full inquiry and we hope that Sabo takes notice that the files must not disappear!

Over the years we have ridiculed and protested the Police Complaints procedure in Saskatchewan. I had some personal experience with the former thugs who visited me personally when I filed a complaint about Dueck calling Richard Klassen and me "part of an inbred group." That was in 1995. Since then, I think a lot of people have had similar experiences and Gritzfield has finally been retired. Now we learn that the new head of this outfit is Bob Mitchell, former Justice Minister and Attorney General under Roy Romanow who stood by the Martensville and Klassen/Kvello prosecutions and harboured that criminal Richard Quinney.

First Eric Cline and now Frank Quennell talk about the justice system "evolving."

Meanwhile students at the university are beginning to speak out about the cutbacks in liberal arts. Last January Richard Klassen was invited to address law students. To a large audience he outlined how he went about preparing the civil case (which he ran for seven weeks and which resulted in the findings of malice against Dueck, Miazga and Carol Bunko-Ruys). He explained that once he had charge of the file, he purchased the Rules of Court, studied them and applied them. After that presentation he was contacted by several students who wanted to know where they could get the book.

One really has to wonder what is being taught in the classes. Students have a right to receive a proper education. How to think, how to question, how to identify and solve problems. More importantly, how to pursue truth.

Over the holidays, I saw Lorne Calvert on television speaking in starstruck terms about his five minutes with George W. Bush. Calvert thought that Bush "heard" his concerns. Ya, Lorne. We thought Chief Sabo "heard" our concerns. The problem with these corrupt people is that they hear our concerns only to figure out how to pacify us. If we have a premier who really thinks George W. Bush, who has just appointed an attorney general who favours and promotes torture, is in any way going to fulfil any promises he makes (or indicates, I think Calverts words were -- he "indicated" he took the concerns seriously), then we are really in a hall of mirrors.

The U.S. Aid industry is now setting about to turn the tsunami in South Asia to its own political and economic benefit: we in Saskatchewan are part of the world to be exploited by Bush and his friends. We have uranium and we have Don Ching. That is the extent to which we have any importance to the military machine which has grabbed power since 9/11.

We can be sucked in, swallowed whole or sucked up and spit out. But we are not giving up. And we are many. --Sheila Steele, January 12, 2005

Detox centre sod turning

Detox centre sod turning

Brian Dueck shown with former chief Joe Penkala (right) during after sod-turning for Brief Detox Center at Larson House in Saskatoon, 2003