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Albert Royer

Timmons, Ontario

Albert Royer

There are thousands of Canadian parents who have had their hearts broken by the heavy handed intervention of the people entrusted with protecting our children. They claim to place families first but have neither the tools nor the will to carry out that mandate.

I have resisted placing on this website stories which seem to be rancorous domestic tales told from one side. I receive many and I generally write back that it is beyond my scope to get involved. I don't know if this story was different or if I had reached a tipping point where I thought perhaps one story could represent many. Of course it can't. Every family breakdown is different; every hard working, honest parent who has tried but failed to make things work carries his or her own pain.

Too often that pain has been compounded because the other spouse has called in the cops who call in the child protection people who then call in the Crown. The aggrieved party is then forced to get counsel who is often more interested in collecting payment than helping resolve the situation.

I think we can all agree that Albert's anger is justified and that he has managed, despite obstacles, to keep his the welfare of his children as priority one.

Here is the story, more or less as he sent it to injusticebusters. --Sheila Steele

To whom it may concerned

I am writing you to inform you about my personal story about my ex girlfriend making false accusations to alienate me from my children. My intention are to inform the public about false accusations and its consequences. I have made a lot of research and women are often making false accusations to secure child custody. Here is my story.

On Feb 12/05 I called my girlfriend to let her know I would be coming by our house to see the kids. It was 630 am which is not unusual: I go over early in the morning all the time to watch our kids while my ex sleeps. I don't need as much sleep as most people and helped my girlfriend out by letting her sleep in because she is always complaining that she is tired.



ON this occasion when I went over she wouldn't go upstairs which was the deal, because we haven't been getting along, due to the fact that my ex constantly endangers our kids. I was playing with my 9 month old daughter and told the mother of my kids to go to bed. So I could spend time with the kids. She reluctantly started to go upstairs and being the fool that I am took this as a hint that maybe she wanted to talk. So, in a real calm voice, I said. "Jamie, If you just could have understood me better this could have worked and I referred to an incident that just happened in which I was driving and our 2 year old son kept screaming so in a calm voice I said to my son, Landen you are going to make daddy get into an accident, because it was a really bad snow storm.

My ex then turns to me and yells "what the fuck" loud enough to hurt my ears and scare our son into silence. All this because I used the word accident to a 2 year old. After I said this to my ex she started yelling at me that you even said saying accident is not right. She assumes that it is more appropriate to yell and curse in front of our kids as opposed to me using the word accident (too big a word I guess) so after she became confrontational and not being able to understand her warped way of thinking I said look if you're stressed out I'll get a bigger place and take the kids until you are done your schooling.

Then she really blew up and started telling me to leave and I told her no I live here and to go to bed. She wouldn't go to bed and kept trying to provoke me prancing around threatening to call the police and such. I had my 9 month old daughter in my arms so I put her down on the couch and tried to get Jamie to go upstairs to bed. At this time, my daughter fell off the couch and started crying, Jamie came up and said, you asshole as if you leave the baby on the couch I got emotional due to the fact that at three months old she put the baby in the car seat on the table and the baby fell a total of three and a half feet on her head.



Jamie, was also always putting the baby on the bed and she would fall off every other day, and she made it sound like I did it on purpose so I picked up my baby and settled her down in about thirty seconds this is important because she called the police and said I was in a rage I would have never been able to settle my baby down if that was the case.

I told her she was a selfish bitch and to fuck off upstairs and I punctuated by hitting the wall with open hand I'm pretty sure because I had absolutely no marks on my hand and they claimed I put a dent in door frame. So, she finally goes up stairs I think finally she's going to bed but after about ten minutes I can hear her talking to someone so I went upstairs to see who and she told me the police, and again I became emotional for I knew what was to come she handed me the phone, and told me here he wants to talk with you so she handed me the phone and I accidently hung up so I passed her back the phone and told her to call him right back so the police don't come in a big panic. So I talked to the person on the phone, and told him I was going to leave the house and will be walking up the road because I don't want to be arrested in front of my kids so I give Jamie back the phone go down stairs and bring my daughter up stairs and put her on the bed beside my ex kissed her good bye and told my daughter I was sorry went down stairs and did the same to my son which he didn't even notice anything because he was to busy watching cartoons.

I left the house and was walking down the lane when the police came along and arrested me. They put the hand cuffs on tight enough that I still had marks Monday at bail. The police tell me I am under arrest for disturbing the peace, which I figure that I left my house to keep the peace but as they said I was compliant any ways, and I figured Trina Gosse would go talk to Jamie come back and tell me I am not allowed back at my house but instead Trinna Gosse came back out and said I was under arrest for assault after talking with Jamie for 1 minute which I could not believe.

So officer Jeff White started reading me my rights and I asked him if I was going to jail and he said yes, you'll get bail Monday at which time I told him to stick it up his ass for I couldn't believe what was happening. This girl has been planing this for awhile and I should have picked up on it because she was doing strange things like start swearing at me in front of the kids then once I start fighting back all of a sudden she would sit back with a smile and tell me to quit yelling when she was just doing the same .Just all kinds of things so she might have been trying to set me up for a while. The morning of Feb 12/05 she told police that she told me not to come over she said I didn't live there (Trina Gosse knew I lived there because she was there on Jan 11 05 to pick up my wallet because I was just involved in a motor vehicle accident and I was at the hospital. She stayed with me after retreaving my wallet from Jamie Silk for a good 45 minutes or more).

Now, she changed her story. She told me I could come over, as long as we didn't talk about our relationship; yet she told the police that we didn't have a relationship and that she was scared so why was the door unlocked for me when I got there? Someone put this in her head and she was thinking that it would be easy but let me tell you I will not stop fighting this until I prove myself innocent.

When you are thrown in jail with no explanation then they come and read you your charges when they feel like it and then they change their story in between there and court on Feb 14 they put you in shackles and chains and tell you, you can not go near your kids because you are a threat to kill them. When that is done to you, and you have no chance to defend yourself I'm sorry that is enough to break anybody. The only thing, she has that can hurt me is my kids and that is what she is doing (won't give me baby pictures which are from sears and I paid for because she hasn't worked in over three years and everyone in town has pictures of my kids, they are lying all over the house in drawers getting ruined). I also should have seen the signs, because she was telling my mother and sister that I wouldn't give her her space but it wasn't me that wasn't giving her any space, it was life, two kids one income, she's in school and we're barely making ends meet she would always say you lived your life, you're older, I feel like my life is over and all kinds of things along that nature. We had two kids and it's both of our faults (good faults) and I was trying to do the best I could.

She wanted her freedom, yet she wanted complete control of the kids and to achieve this she made me out to be a danger to kill my kids. Sorry about the bluntness. I guess I could be a little more sensitive. The Timmins Crown attorney says I am a risk to do harm and maybe other guys in this situation wouldn't look like they are unstable.

Do they think they can say whatever they want and a guy should just take it? Let me tell you that when I came out on feb 14 on bail I was broke. I wanted to walk away but I care too much for my kids and cannot be labeled as a threat to kill my own kids or her for that matter. I want to see my kids grow up, and I want them to have their mother so they just keep adding insult to injury and two little children are having there rights violated: their right to a relationship and protection of both parents. I have been worried sick about my kids due to the fact that she has no common sense and endangers my kids (leaves them with strangers instead of my own blood when she goes partying in Timmins with a car that I told her can kill her and the kids because the ball joints and tie rods were completely finished

C.A.S had to go in and finally enforce it. because even after she admitted to the police that she knew about it and they told her not to drive it, C.A.S had to go and tell her, because she was still driving it around. C.A.S Pat Lisiecki 705-232-7000 has most of my complaints including that the father of her kids can't be around his kids but her sister and her boyfriend were baby sitting my kids, and he has been charged with assault.

Mike Leroux assaulted Melanie Cormier. C.A.S had to go tell her nobody with a criminal record allowed around my kids. Now she is seeing a guy who is known for being violent with his girlfriends. This family is really messed up. Her sister is baby sitting my kids and she is suicidal. One time we had to go to Ramore at 1 o'clock in the morning because she tried to commit suicide by slicing her wrists because her mother disowned her for almost a complete summer. Her mother also disowned Jamie before, like when she got pregnant she wanted Jamie to have an abortion and she wouldn't. That was when she was pregnant for my son Landen. That's because they never approved of me and my family, and always excluded my side from birthdays and such.

Jamie knew that it was done between us and she knew she wouldn't be getting her way, some special occasions would be with me, and my family and she doesn't like that so she did this to make me look like a danger to my kids, then in the same breath tell everyone else I am a good father I don't believe she doesn't want me around the kids, she just wants total control, at least I hope she isn't that evil that she keeps the kids away from their father. I don't want to believe that the girl that was supposed to love me could do such a thing. If she gets charged when this is done I would still never keep the kids away from their mother, due to the fact that it would be cruel to the kids firstly, and her leastly. At first she was trying to make me plead guilty by not letting me see my kids. That is how one of my lawyers said it, if you plead guilty to this for one year probation you can see your kids at which time I said I can't do that and she said then there is nothing I can do for you. Well, that lawyer got fired,

This is so unbelievable that now when they send me my disclosures they tell me I can't show anyone and I cannot publish it. Now I don't know but why would they not want it published if they are so sure that I am guilty? This is just too much to comprehend. The police have been after me for years because of my family name, pulling me over and being rude to me -- not all police but the most of them. My ex even commented how ignorant the police are to me and she would get mad at times and now that they had someone that put allegations on me they jumped on it, and tried and convicted me without a shred of physical evidence and now two young kids have to suffer. They didn't question my ex at all. They took everything at face value from a girl who was trying to get even with me because of something that I said that made her realize I don't care about her anymore and she can't say anything that could bother me anymore so now she is using my kids as a weapon. And was that morning . That is why I would not leave because I knew she would take off to the cottage for two or three days and I wouldn't be able to stop her, and with a car that I've been telling her could kill her and the kids no word of a lie. I could go on and on with things that she has done to endanger my kids, even though it was my own residence but I left frequently to save an argument.

Now here is the real kick in the teeth even though the police would pull me over repeatedly and search me and what not I never got in any trouble. I got into minor trouble when I was 14 mind you, I'm 28 now and my life was my kids and now I doubt it will ever be the same. I am not saying I was perfect but to put a guy down as a danger to kill his kids I will never be the same again.