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Darren Koehn

Satanic abuse charges; false testimony from "experts"

The Accident

Darren Koehn

Jeremy's injury was a terrible accident that occurred one day when Darren was babysitting, as Jeremy was too sick to go to the regular sitters. Darren had awoken from the couch, and hopped quickly over the coffee table (to grab the 'puke-bucket' for Jeremy) - but tragically, landed upon Jeremy before he saw him on the floor behind the table. Darren didn't realize that Jeremy could be internally injured, as he didn't seem to be badly hurt. This was Darren's fatal mistake, for which he will never forgive himself, and for which he admits guilt of Negligence.

A couple of hours after the accident, Jeremy had a convulsion and aspirated his vomit. Darren, the neighbour, the paramedics, and hospital staff all tried hopelessly for nearly an hour to revive him. In the emergency room, the doctor mistook and reported the minor bruises and scrapes on Jeremy as fitting the 'profile' of signs of child abuse, without realizing or investigating that the superficial marks were from Jeremy's rough play outside, and from the CPR.

In immediate recognition of the accidental nature of Jeremy's injury, Darren was originally charged with Negligence...however, with False Medical Evidence and Police Misconduct the charges were wrongfully inflated to 2nd degree Murder. Murder means Darren intended to injure Jeremy - that it was an "assault". Jeremy's injury was from falling upon him - he was never assaulted in any way. With Criminal Negligence, Darren would've been released years ago. With Second-degree Murder, he may spend the rest of his life in prison.

At trial, almost twenty witnesses (including Jeremy's mother and two doctors) testified there were no indications of abuse, and to the close loving relationship and lack of violence in the household. They described that Jeremy and Darren had been best buddies, and that Darren was filled with despair over the accident.

Significantly, several witnesses had seen Darren regularly leap from the couch, over the coffee table, in the exact same fashion (or had even done it themselves). The witnesses were ignored, in favour of medical "evidence", that after the trial was found to be false and full of errors.

"EVIL" Steps In... "Satanic Hysteria takes control"

When the police went to Darren's house, they immediately observed new-age spiritual items and decor that they decided fit a 'profile' for recognizing "Satanic Crime" - Darren and Jeremy's mother were actually Wiccans, (which can be described as a revival of the "Native Spirituality of pre-christian Europe", and is strikingly similar in most aspects to the Natives of North America - and nothing to do with Satan).

However, the police were stubbornly and hysterically convinced they were dealing with something more sinister and sensational. They photographed and seized items such as tarot cards, a diary written in wiccan runes, and a ceremonial dagger that was absurdly tested for blood. (of course, turned up negative!)

The police interrogations illustrate more proof of this presumption, with quotes about them knowing that Wicca "involves the abuse of young children". They were determined that Jeremy was actually the victim of some dramatic sort of "ritual torture", and even released this as 'fact' to the newspaper. A media ban was then put in place by the courts, to conceal the prejudicial nature of the case from the public.

In their occult hysteria, the police completely refused to listen to Darren's explanations of the accident, or to document the evidence to confirm it. Instead, they coached their witnesses to bolster their accusations, and sought out a highly biased pathologist whose specialty was convicting abusers. Further, the grieving in-laws were easily manipulated into feeling they had failed Jeremy, and making more accusations of abuse.

False Medical Evidence

The hand-picked pathologist was told her extraordinary testimony was needed to convict in a "satanic ritualistic crime". Her examination was therefore prejudicially conducted and poorly reported, as her conclusions were 'pre-decided'. Her report was full of errors and distortions, including completely mis-stating 'left' instead of 'right', and the lab returning her samples as unreadable due to "foreign matter" contaminating the microscope slides. Darren's ultimate conviction is based on the false evidence of this pathologist - evidence that was not discovered as false until after the trial!

The errors in the report directly generated false testimony that Jeremy's injury occurred with a velocity equal to 50 km/hr! Ultimately, the judge pointed to the apparent severity of the single fatal blow, rather than any wild accusations of the grandparents or police, and felt the alleged "savageness" of the abdominal blow implied intent beyond a reasonable doubt. But it was the undiscovered false evidence that generated this overstated estimate of the velocity of the blow. Even further faulty medical science was added later, to contrive accusations of prior abuse. Much of this can also now be discredited with modern medical knowledge. Again, the errors in the medical evidence were not discovered until after the final conviction, and have never been investigated...!

The Legal Battle - Right to Representation?

Why hasn't Darren filed an appeal, based on the false evidence? He was denied Legal Aid for an appeal lawyer. In 1999, he represented himself to the Appeals Court, asking them to appoint him a lawyer to prepare an application for an Appeal... But, because his (Sec. 684) appearance was not formally presented properly, it was dismissed for "lack of due diligence". Without a lawyer, Darren has been unable to ever properly complete an appeal application, and no appeal has yet been filed.

The Nightmare Goes on - No Parole?

Darren has now been in prison over ten years. However, his chances for parole appear slim, with his continuing to say he is innocent, the system views him as 'unremorseful'... cuttingly ironic since his very heart and soul have been destroyed by grief that the term 'remorse' can't even come close to describing.