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Derek Bemister

Derek Bemister

Newfoundland man smeared by Newfoundland Child Protection people

Here is my story about the CAS.

It started in 1994 when a London CAS worker (SUZANNE KHWAJA) told a lie to the courts about me. It was a claim she made stating that I sexually abused my 3 month old son. This lie was never proved. The police in London, stated that there was a note in the worker's CAS file to this effect. This note was never found to this day and the worker is the only person with knowledge of this note.

The last time I contacted the London CAS about this worker, they now claim that they have no idea who she is?!?

Since then, the CAS has burned me by claiming they have evidence even though no such evidence exists. I have been trying to get this evidence but have been unsuccessful. The CAS claims it will jail me 15 years but they refuse to take me to court.

I now live in Trenton with my girlfriend. Again the CAS worker here, LISA RYAN-PAUL uses the same lie to take my girlfriend's son away. And she too refuses to produce the evidence I am looking for. She even went so far as to admit lying to the courts and everyone else concerned.

I have never been questioned by anyone about this sex abuse, never jailed for it or even spoken to about it. I have proof of the lies by this worker from her own hand. I will state emphatically that no investigation was ever done to prove this claim of sex abuse or child abuse. I understand how Wanda Young feels about being falsely labled as a child abuser.

I have tried since 1994 to get the truth but was unsuccessful. I have been refused legal counsel. I have also been jailed before by CAS becuse of lies they told the police. And even today, they still push this crap on me even though they know otherwise.

Hi Sheila,

The latest in my story is an admission of lies by the Hastings County CAS by all parties concerned. These parties are as follows:

1) Lisa Ryan Paul (primary worker)
2) Maralee Stephenson (Brandon's worker)
3) Kristen Farrell (Lisa's supervisor)
4) Melanie Regan (Krista's supervisor)

They have admitted to me and my girlfriend about lying to the courts. They admitted that Brandon (my girlfriend's son) was lied to about the reason he was in CAS care. I have documents in my possession to prove that they have knowingly slandered and defamed me. Even with these documents, a psychologist (Susan Beckett) pushed in a report that I have admitted to a sex crime. This person has also manipulated the facts to further smear my girlfriend and me. This is in a parenting assessment done in May 2005. I have spoken to my MP here in Trenton and he is asking many questions. All the questions concern a note that supposedly existed in 1994 which was never found.

I have since contacted the CAS in London about the note but the were less than willing to produce the note. They also refuse to produce the evidence they say they have to prove this sex business.

The CAS here in Trenton are now ignoring all contact with my girlfriend and me and even tried to have me arrested a month ago. Since then, I have spoken to a lawyer about charges against the CAS in Trenton and was told there are grounds for slander and defamation of character. And to this day, I have not been told why CAS is doing this.

As it stands right now, CAS has no home for Brandon. They have admitted to me that he has been in three "INAPPROPRIATE" foster homes. They also claim they can do no better of a job caring for Brandon than his mother. In fact, they have done a worse job as Brandon is very badly emotionally disturbed.

These bastards must be stopped. Everyone concerned has agreed that the CAS have lied and bluffed the courts to take Brandon. Brandon was still under the impression he was coming home. Melanie Regan has admitted this to me. The case really had nothing to do with me at all. Then why were they investigating me? The newest thing now is they claim Mauriena (Brandon's mom) cannot look after him. They have no room to talk after their admission.

In December 2004, CAS's own lawyer admitted that this case against the two of us is nothing but bullshit. I since learned that the CAS have never filed any paperwork with the courts. The judge has no idea what's really going on. I asked him to get the truth from CAS but I was ignored. According to him, I have no right to know?!?