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Don Smith lost his appeal. Monique Turenne was convicted. The Saskatchewan government paid the Klassen/Kvello lawsuit.

A Tale Of Three Cops

Brian Dueck, Scott Gobeil, and Loren Schinkel


Brian Dueck

Now that Brian Dueck has been thoroughly exposed (although we believe he should be in jail) we have some idea of just how much effort it takes to expose a corrupt cop.

As I was posting up the transcripts of Dueck's exams for discovery, I had cause to consider all the different tactics I have tried on the Internet to bring this case to the attention of the public. I have linked to some of the efforts over the past six+ years.

Dueck spared no expense to go after those of us who were trying to tell the truth about him. Of course, he was not picking up the tab. The city was. He had people criminally charged for defaming him even when those people were telling the truth. During the exams for discovery in the civil claim against him he had private investigators try to entrap Richard Klassen into breaking the rules of court.

During the year and a half he investigated the Klassens, Kvellos and Ross, Ross and White, he worked on no other files. He put in many hours of overtime. He did not keep a notebook.

As far as we know he is still on the city payroll, on paid leave.

The Trial of Brian Dueck (a satire)

There are two other corrupt cops (below) we have our sights on. They have also pursued innocent families with false allegations, lied under oath — and continue to hold their jobs.

Malice and persecution of the Smith family in Ontario

Scott Gobeil

Scott Gobeil in Fort Frances, Ontario has even pursued the Smith family to Kenora, where they moved last year to spread false stories to Lorna Smith's employer.

The Smith family was not ever guilty of any crime. Don Smith ran a legal enterprise consisting of a satirical website where he used live models to practice "special effects" in video format. He used live models who enjoyed the work and were not exploited, They were all above the age of consent.

Smith's children were not aware of the website.

Yet Gobeil attempted to have Smith's children removed from him and then had Smith charged with obscenity, even though Smith had gone to every effort to make sure his site conformed to acceptable community standards.

Gobeil illegally searched the Smith house and found nothing illegal. He seized from the Smiths thousands of dollars worth of equipment which has never been returned.

He lied on the witness stand. He spread false rumours in the community about Smith's activities, resulting in the family being shunned by their church. Although all of the material in Smith's Internet enterprise was adult in nature, the community had the impression tht the case involved child pornography. Nothing could be farter from the truth.

The Smiths were so demonized that even the defence lawyer, Darren Sawchuk from Winnipeg, backed off from giving a viforous defence. From what I witnessed, he seemed to be embarrassed by his client and overly willing to believe information given to him by the Crown, which had, of course, received it from Gobeil.

Sawchuk's notebook

This page from Sawchuk's notebook, after an in-camera meeting with the Crown, outlines a plea agreement he wanted Don Smith to take.

Of course the prosecutors in this case were more than willing to put a dishonest case before the court and that they did. They presented a brain-dead judge with an emotional case, presenting Smith's website as posing an imminent threat to the safety of women. They hired an expert to say so. Certainly no victims were presented because there were none.

In his closing argument, Howard Leibowich state that the website stated as its purpose "showing beautiful women being killed." That was a preposterous lie. But judge H. Pierce (she of brain-death) picked up on it and used it in her instruction to the jury. Needless to say the jury had been selected from a community which had been systematically poisoned to believe the Smith's were "evil."

Now Smith stands convicted (an appeal is underway) and as part of his sentence his family is not allowed to have Internet access in their home. The government of Ontario holds copyright to Smith's creative material.

Brian Greenspan has agreed to represent Smith in his appeal, but he has been very slow to move. Meanwhile the family remains in limbo. Their children are denied access to the Internet because part of Smith's punishment was to have all access to the net removed from his home. His wife Lorna is also punished: as a professional, she must keep up with developments in her field and this is done by Internet. The two have pondered absurd solutions to this very real problem including a sham divorce whereby they would split the residence and Lorna and the kids could have the Internet in their part of the home!

Greenspan's appeal against the harsh sentence was turned down two years ago — with the understanding that the appeal against conviction would be held in a few months. However, Greenspan became busy with other matters and failed to file a factum. He has now turned the writing of the factum over to another lawyer in his office who does not seem to have any passion for the clear civil liberties issues at stake in this case.

Don and Lorne Smith

The stress which has been placed on Don and Lorna Smith (above) is beyond what anyone living in a free and democratic society would expect.

Dishonest prosecutors and lazy lawyers will be the subject of a different sermonette. We have to remember that most injustices arise with the police investigation. A good investigation is less likely to bring forth false charges. A malicious investigation will bring forth malicious charges.

Loren Schinkel

Maliciously investigating Monique Turenne

The other corrupt and malicious cop we have our eye on is one of Jack Ewatski's favorites in the Winnipeg Police Service.

He may be worse than Dueck.

Loren Schinkel actually manufactured a nine page statement from Monique Turenne after holding her for questioning for nine hours the night before her husband's funeral.

Schinkel signed an affidavit stating this was a true statement and gave it to authorities in Panama City, Florida where it was presented to a grand jury which held secret proceedings to indict Monique Turenne for murdering her husband.

When injusticebusters first published this information more than two years ago, Jack Ewatski wrote me by registered mail defending the actions of his corrupt officer.

Of course Ewatski has also been defending the actions of his officers in the Driskell case, in the Kevin Tokarchuk shooting, and came forward in Tom Sophonow's case only when it was clearly in his interests to do so.
--Sheila Steele, July 23, 2004

Yesterday, Monique Turenne's appeal to the Manitoba Court of Appeal was turned down. The media has not properly investigated how extradition agreements between the U.S. and Canada have been enforced. In this case, the eagerness of Loren Schinkel to provide perjured testimony for an equally corrupt cop in Panama City, Florida have not been considered. Of course, the law allows loopholes where corruption marches through and is saluted, not exposed. Turenne's counsel has been unable to obtain disclosure on the Florida investigation. When asked why they would not turn it over, they have replied "Because we don't have to."