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We have no way of knowing how many people are being entrapped through sites such as the ones described below. The line between legal sex and the exploitation of children has become blurred in the eyes of self-appointed sex police. Some of these are real police -- who provide their own interpretation of the law to enforce a personal agenda of stamping out anything they disapprove of. -- Sheila Steele

Porn Police: self appointed

Subject: Perverted-Justice

I'm not sure if this falls into your realm but I wanted to bring to your attention a American based privately run website called

Basically this site baits private chatters on the Yahoo regional room chat service to engage in sexual conversation with underaged girls.

In actuality, adult men portray themselves to be underage girls and bait the chatter to offer up their picture and phone number. When this information is obtained it is verified with a real time phone call (using a adult female posing as a underage girl) and then with the aid of various information databases, all available information of the chatter is obtained by the website.

By all information I refer to DOB, job/profession, family names, businesses owned etc. The website records the chat log and reprints it on their website along with all information obtained and brands the chatter as a paedophile. Members of the website then begin a smear campaign against the chatter using tactics such as never ending phone calls to the chatter's resident and workplace along with posting flyers in the chatter's neighbourhood alerting the residents that a "baby raper" lives among them.

The members of this website will not cease in their efforts until the chatter's personal life is completely and utterly destroyed. By this I refer to loss of employment, divorce, alienation of family/friends and public banishment. When the members feel satisfied the chatter's life is destroyed they simply move onto the next chatter they've "busted".

The website offers the chatter the "Right of Reply" where the chatter can respond to their "crime" and offer their side of the story. If the chatter gets counselling and then submits those medical records to the website then after a undisclosed amount of time the website may decide to delete the identity of the chatter from their website. The website NEVER deletes a Right of Reply for any reason other than a possible legal ramification against the website which may occur.

The website will setup what they call a "media bust" where they arrange to meet a chatter under the assumption that the chatter will meet underage girl they chatted with. A group of website members will occupy a house along with a media crew and when the chatter shows up the media crew will film the encounter and then air the footage on their evening newscast. This operation usually occurs during the stations sweeps period.

At this time no law enforcement or child protection agency supports or endorses this website contrary to what the owners/members of this website pontificate.

Also note that the owners of this website are not directly involved with the baiting and conversation of chatters. Instead they encourage their membership to do the "dirty" work in order to absolve themselves of any legal entanglements.

Additionally, the owners no longer encourage their membership to harass chatters. In fact the word is not permitted to appear in the message forums. The do however encourage members to make the public aware of these wannabe paedophile chatters by whatever means they see fit (re: harass).

Normally I wouldn't bring this to your attention but the website's owner, Angry German aka XavierVE aka Xavier Von Erck (good luck finding this person's real identity) recently discussed in the website's message forums about starting a CANADIAN version of Perverted-Justice.

(AoC = Age of Consent)
Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2004 2:56 pm Post subject:

For the record, PeeJ Canada, when it happens, will not be paying attention to Canada's silly AoC laws. If we want to pretend to be fourteen in Canada, we will. It is up to the individual contributor. I will not be changing our age paradigm because Canada has an AoC that is far too low. Just like I don't change our age paradigm for US individual US states.

While it is nice to be in agreement with the law on the AoC, it is not essential for what we do.

Still, you have seen a downward trend in the ages we portray here in America. We like to diversify our tactics. You will see shifts up and down the age spectrum as we see fit.

As much I support the rights of children and protecting them for those who wish to harm them, I do not support trying and convicting Canadians in the court of public opinion "Perverted-Justice style" nor do I support vigilantism. Further, I don't support exploiting "hot button" topics such as child molestation as a means to a end as the members of Perverted-Justice are so aptly doing.

I direct you to [defunct], the owners blog, to see a glimpse into this persons views on life as well as joining the Perverted-justice message forums to view the opinions and motivations of the people who wholeheartly believe in this misguided endeavour.

In closing, Perverted-Justice paints themselves as the altruistic protectors of children but when you start looking beneath the surface you find a very different picture. Should they open a Canadian based website and unleash their brand of "justice" upon Canadian citizens then every red flag there is should be going up.


Thank you for reading

(Name withheld) AB