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The Hillstead case

We'll be hearing lots more about this one!

Joyce, Ken, Jeff  Hillstead

When Joyce Hillstead took in a Vanessa Pearce, one of many troubled teens she had fostered, she learned the hard way exactly what the new government agenda was. The girl became involved with -- and then married one of her sons. There were two children born to this union. She made allegations against Joyce and then about the sons.

None of the allegations were true -- in fact most were investigated and found to be false.

Nonetheless, Joyce was not allowed to have foster children any more and the whole family became the subject of abuse and ridicule in the community. Central to encouraging Vanessa Pearce's incredible allegations was Carol Ross, the founder and runner of a government-funded "advocacy centre."

The story received some coverage locally, but I became aware of it only after Ken Hillstead contacted inJusticebusters. These pages remain open to the family, to get their story to a wider audience. For now, I post the following news clippings images:

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