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Wilfred Hathway

In November 2008 Wilfred Hathway pleaded guilty to manslaughter. On the 28th Justice G.N. Allbright sentenced him to 11½ years with a credit of 7½ years for time served. He was released July 30 2011 with the condition that he stay away from booze and dope.

[46] For all these reasons, Mr. Hathway, I sentence you to serve a term of imprisonment of 11½ years, and I direct that you are deemed to have served 7½ years of that sentence. You are therefore sentenced to serve a further 4 years imprisonment as part of your 11½-year sentence.

I have voluntarily removed the name of the operative [Justin Harris] until the issue can be addressed in court, Tuesday morning. I arrived at this agreement during a telephone conversation with undercover RCMP legal counsel Jeffrey Hayes who will serve me with the appropriate documents to appear in provincial court Tuesday morning at the beginning of the evidence hearing for Wilf Hathway. I have changed the operative's name to Martin until this matter is resolved.--Sheila Steele

A major player in Hathway sting operation, Justin Harris, is alleged to have raped several underage prostitutes in Prince George, B.C.

Question: Who is Wilf Hathway and why was he picked from a long list of possible suspects in the murder of Denver Crawford?

Answer: Letter from Wilfred Hathway

Editorial: October 2004

What's happenin'?

I have put links to this page all over the website. Many people have returned and have not found anything new. "What's happening?" you wonder. The answer is LOTS. However, we are talking about the life of a man who has been sitting on remand for almost a year. He has now been assigned a third lawyer after Bill Roe and Morris Bodnar sat on his file for many months. When he was unable to get Bodnar to move (except to write him a letter asking Wilf to please stop writing to the StarPhoenix) Hathway applied for a new lawyer. Judge Betty Jane Hucaluk agreed to let him switch counsel one more time, noting this would be "his last chance."

I don't think so, BJ. Even in Saskatchewan a person charged with first degree murder is entitled to competent defence!

But there is more to this story. Before Wilf was brought in from the holding cells, and before Her Ladyship had taken the bench, Prosecutor Brent Klause addressed the guards and gallery proclaiming "He's guilty as sin" regarding Hathway. Of course Klause is aware that injusticebusters have taken an interest in this case and so he made some disparaging remarks about one of us. Far from presenting himself as an honest prosecutor prepared to present honest evidence in a genuine search for truth, he wore his bias on his sleeve.

He then went on to argue against Hathway's request for new counsel. The new counsel, once agreed to asked the court for leave to apply to the Justice Department for a higher tariff than that allowed by Legal Aid. Since this is a first degree murder case, the judge agreed.

But oh, ho. There is more. A week or so after he had made his applicatiom, the newly appointed lawyer received a reply from the Justice Department saying they would give him 15 hours at $60 an hour. The more cynical among us might suspect some interference from the prosecutor. Ah, but it ended well. The newly appointed lawyer made some calls and a more reasonable tariff was agreed upon.

We are gaining some deeper insights into just why Justice Minister Frank Quennell places such importance on overturning the findings of malice against the Crown in Judge Baynton's decision. The Crown requires malice. If it loses the right to present forged statements, perjured testimony and faulty experts what will crowns like Matt Miazga, Gary Parker and Brent Klause do?

In the meantime we are taking great care to do nothing which will jeopardize Wilf Hathway. --Sheila Steele

RCMP "Mr Big" stings: Illegal, immoral and offensive to any community with humane standards

Al Haslett brags he developed the methods 14 years ago and they work so well he has taught courses in it. Could it be they work because they place the suspect in a lose-lose dilemma? Innocent or guilty, you are going to get nailed if Haslett or his acolytes get their hands on you!

Atif Ray and Sebastian Burns

"Anybody is approachable and anybody can be brought into our scenarios if the approach is done right. . ." -- Al Haslett, RCMP undercover operator in the Burns/Rafay sting; also a key player in Hathway sting

Appeal Campaign for Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns: More information is coming to light about RCMP dirty, deadly stings. Detailed analysis

Another "sin" which the Crown is committing in this case is (See the Seven deadly sins of prosecutors) overcharging. At the time of the original investigation Hathway was not charged with anything. He was questioned because he discovered the body. Six years later, there was still no evidence on which to charge him. The sting extracted a "confession" which appears only in the police notes: the tape recorder "malfunctioned".

Nonetheless the Crown has laid charges of first degree murder. Of course the only reason for doing this is to leave themselves "bargaining" power: plead guilty for something you did not do and we will reduce the charge to second degree or manslaughter. Many innocent people are placed in this position. After languishing on remand for many months, some go along with it.

Wilfred Hathway

When he was first considered a suspect in the Denver Crawford murder, Saskatoon police used the ruse of telling Hathway's parents they had "reason to believe" their son was planning to kill them. Dr. Hathway could not take this seriously. He knew his son had a problem with alcohol and that he had been asked to leave the place where he was living because he had gone "off the wagon" after some success as a non-drinking member of AA. He had brought his dog to stay with them until he could find another place to live. The police failed to find any evidence Hathway had anything to do with Crawford's death except for discovering the body. Nonetheless, they told Crawford's niece that they were sure Hathway was the murderer and they were continuing their investigation.

Of course it was not an investigation at all but a carefully worked-out scheme to get Hathway into a lose-lose situation . . .

"We'll get you -- one way or another." -- Brian Dueck to Wilfred Hathway after investigation cleared him of involvement in Crawford murder

Dueck, Haslett and Haslett's accomplice Gary Shinkaruk are part of the growing number of thug cops who hide behind unreasonable court ordered publication bans to conceal their Rambo activities.

Is the Globe and Mail an independent source or just an arm of the RCMP?

More malice by Dueck? "Project Erlina" cast its net to manufacture a murder confession and criminalize another citizen

Wilfred Hathway

Wilfred Hathway was in Kamloops working as a janitor while taking college classes and taking his daughter to daycare. His life was busy and there was little extra cash. When a woman knocked at his door to ask for help changing a flat tire, Hathway had no idea the damsel in distress was an RCMP undercover agent who was part of a sting operation to extract from Hathway a confession to a 1998 muder in Saskatoon.

Hathway had already been investigated by Saskatoon police shortly after he found his landlord, Denver Bruce Crawford, brutally murdered in his apartment building. The investigation did not produce any charges. As they say on TV, the case went cold. Hathway moved to Kamloops, married and had a daughter. He attended Kamloops College.

After Dave Scott promoted Dueck to top Superintendant, Dueck asked that Hathway be considered by an RCMP sting unit as someone who might be "persuaded" to confess to the Crawford murder. RCMP put Hathway on a waiting list and in December, 2003 conducted a "lifestyle" investigation.

Wilf Hathway

This must have been one of his last acts as Superintendant before he was found to have acted with malice against the Klassen/Kvello families and eventually placed on "administrative" leave. (He has been on medical leave since the new year, continuing to collect a good portion if not all of his $104K salary.)

For Wilfred Gordon Hathway, the knock at his door asking for help was the beginning of a four month nightmare. The distressed damsel's partner was RCMP operative Martin. Documents show that the undercover squad used what is called "the Big Boss" sting on Hathway, which begins by establishing "criminal credibility."

The establishment of "criminal credibility" is cop talk for turning a law-abiding citizen into a criminal by enticing him to commit crimes. The plan is to then use the person's willingness to engage in petty crimes to assassinate his character in the media and before the court.

The sting team began by asking Hathway to run small driving and delivery errands for them. On one of thse errands, Al Haslett, the undercover most involved in terrorizing Sebastian Burns, was the receiver of a package.

They then staged elaborate crimes for him to witness: extortion, beating a woman (an undercover agent who wore blood make-up and was thrown into a trunk) and cross-border weapons deals. He was asked to count cash -- $180,000. He was shown a laptop computer with pictures of weaponry and the pricelist. He was invited to help smuggle arms across the border . Eventually, this man who had been lured into their network by agreeing to help change a flat tire was asked to drive a truck to Montreal for $40K. But before he could be trusted with the valuable cargo, he had to meet the "Mr Big".

He had already "seen" Mr Big -- by accident -- while meeting Martin at a restaurant. At that time, he had come close to a table where the "Mr Big" was sitting and had been intercepted by a Big Bodyguard who told him to stay away. He was then informed that now that he had seen the Boss and knew what he looked like, there was no going back.

It is during a subsequent meeting that RCMP and Saskatoon police allege that Hathway confessed to murdering his former landlord. His so-called confession does not, however, fit the facts of the case.

We will be following this case closely and will report fully on the details of this sting. Hathway has not yet made a court appearance.

Another Saskatchewan man, Jean Paul Aubee is in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert after having been found guilty of first degree murder following a similar cross-country sting.

Dueck was previously involved in the Flotilla sting.

Wilf Hathway

Is another innocent man being set up by cops with illegal powers?

The item below was on a police website. As far as I know it was not published anywhere else. Since May 11, Wilfred Hathway has been held on remand at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre.

He has been told by guards at the correctional that he is not allowed to talk to the media. He has spent very little time with his court-appointed lawyer. Meanwhile, it has come to our attention that the evidence gathered to pick Hathway up on the Canada Wide warrant was the product of an elaborate sting similar to the one used to entrap Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay. injusticebusters is persuaded that Burns and Rafay are probably innocent. Please read the information we have posted about the Burns/Rafay sting. Some of the same players were used to coerce what they call a "confession" from Wilfred Hathway.

Arrest Made in 1998 Murder

May 13th, 1998 murder of Denver Bruce Crawford.

An arrest has been made in this 1998 murder investigation.

May 13th, 1998, Denver Bruce Crawford, age 84 years, was found stabbed to death in his suite at 323 9th Street East, Saskatoon. The deceased had been found by another resident, Wilfred Gordon Hathway age 39 years.

During the investigation of this death, Mr. Hathway was identified as a suspect in this murder.

Last week Major Crimes and the Crown reviewed the investigation to date. It was determined sufficient evidence existed to arrest Gordon Hathway on a charge of 1st Degree Murder. A Canada Wide Warrant was then issued for Mr. Hathway who is now living in Kamloops, B.C.

Yesterday at about 3:00 PM, Kamloops RCMP arrested 45 year old Wilfred Gordon Hathway for the murder of Denver Bruce Crawford age 84 years. Mr. Hathway will be transported to Saskatoon where he will make a court appearance next week on a charge of murder in the 1st degree.