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Dueck drops appeal

Sask police officer drops appeal of malicious prosecution ruling

Brian Dueck

SASKATOON (CP) - A Saskatoon police officer has dropped his appeal of a malicious prosecution ruling against him.

A judge ruled last December that Supt. Brian Dueck, along with a Crown prosecutor, Matthew Miazga, and a child therapist, Carol Bunko-Ruys, maliciously pursued a case of suspected child abuse against Richard Klassen and 11 members of his family.

Klassen agreed last month to a compensation package from the provincial government over the wrongful allegations. He had accepted an undisclosed settlement from Dueck in April.

Dueck filed notice on Friday he was abandoning his appeal.

The case made national headlines after Klassen and family members were charged in 1991 with abusing three foster children - a brother and his younger twin sisters - in bizarre and demonic ways.

The children said they were forced to eat eyeballs, drink blood, participate in orgies and watch newborn babies get skinned and buried.

By 1993 most of the charges were stayed, and, as the years passed, all the children recanted.

The appeal cases of child therapist Carol Bunko-Ruys and Matthew Miazga, the lead Crown prosecutor, are scheduled to be heard in the fall.

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SGT. Dueck helped/took part
Dueck helped/took part


Brian Dueck Brian Dueck Brian Dueck Brian Dueck Brian Dueck