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Sandra Davis

She wants the right to live with the family she chooses -- the one who has chosen her

Sandra Davis

I am in Duntser BC and my dad's name is cleared in the criminal area but according to the ministry he is still dangerous and they think he will hurt me, which he would never do. Thank you for helping me, I don't really know how I can fight the ministry right now except for going public with what they have put my family and I through, if there is anything you need to know please email me. Thanks again Sandra Davis

Update: March 5, 2004: I just wanted to update you on the more recent things the ministry has done and told my mom and I.

On March 4th my Social worker and her supervisor phoned us and told us that yet again the director has refused me on staying with my mom and if I do not cooperate and move to another foster home (they said I would not have to participate in any family activities or bond with the family) then they would start the restraining order (time #3).

They said they could get the restraining order on a balance of probability that something did happen, and they could get it on my mom for "not believing a offence took place".Kemp the supervisor told my mom that she should get legal council, mom told them that I wanted a lawyer and asked them how I would go about getting one and they told me through Legal Aid.

So I contacted Legal Aid and I got refused to get a lawyer. My mom and I have already gone to the MLA and Ombudsman and they both said that they could not help me. I do not know were else to turn for help, my mom and I have been given until Wednesday 10th to contact a lawyer and make our decision on what to do. My mom and I are going to talk to a judge, and we were also hoping that you would be able to help us. As long as my parents and I have something to fight with we are not backing down from the ministry.My mom and I have also sent our story to various newspaper and we have not received anything back form them yet regarding my story. All this stress is killing us, we need help, please help us.

Hello my name is Sandra Davis and I am 16 years old.

Two years ago my sister, Nicole Roebuck, accused my Foster Dad of 11 years, Ben Davis, of sexual assault. My brother and I went on to another foster home while my sister went to go stay with her boyfriend.

Years have past, my brother went on to independent living at the age of 17 and I went on to two other foster homes and neither of those homes being the one I truly wanted to be in.

The charges against my Dad have been stayed. It took two years before crown council, Jason LeBlond looked at it and it went to a preliminary hearing. After the preliminary hearing crown council asked for extra time to review the case and then threw it out because the prosecutor's witnesses lacked credibility.

I am thrilled because I never believed it happened in the first place and I wanted to go live with him and my mom again. I have left the ministry on my own and I am now currently living were I truly feel safe and wanted, at my original foster parents house who I have grown to love and they are my family.

But the ministry wants to take me away from them because they are using the old charges against my Dad. I knew my Dad would never do what he was accused of and would never think of hurting one of his children or anybody for that matter.

Apparently I don't know what is right for me and I don't know what I really want, according to the ministry. In these two years they have never listened to what I wanted or what my feelings were on this matter but all of a sudden they decide that I don't really know what I want and they are trying to take me from my home again.

The Ministry are threatening my parents and saying that they are going to put a restraining order on them so I won't be able to see them. I thought when I reached 16 I would have more say but apparently they're going to be doing this stuff to me and trying to protect their jobs instead of acting upon what I want and my well being until I am 19. My Mom, Dad and myself have all told the ministry of our wish to adopt me, but they are not going to let this happen. I am convinced this has nothing to do what I want it is only to protect their jobs. This somehow has something to do with "the best interest of the child?" This is a very brief outline of all they have put us through, and what I am asking for is help in going public with my story.

The reason I want to go live with my old foster parents and not my biological parents is because I have been in this same foster home for 11 years and these people are my family, and the only family I know.

From Sandra's uncle

My name is Chris Mennie and I am a brother in law of Ben Davis and have known Sandra and her two siblings since they were directed to the Davis household.

Not because of our relationship but because of our friendship, I have never believed Ben Davis guilty of any wrong doing. Nicole had her day in court and Sandra has explained what occurred there. Nicole is now carrying on with her life as is their brother Steve. If Nicole and Steve are allowed to carry on then I believe Sandra should be given the same consideration.

I am not some type of know it all authority about the social service Ministry. I do not think that I could do their job and I do not want to do their job. I do however, point out the same thing that Sandra does and that is that all of this has been done in the best interest of the child/ward of the Ministry. I was at the preliminary hearing and waited along with the rest of the family for the news that the charges were dropped. Since that time, Ben Davis has gone to the RCMP and had his record expunged and there is no criminal charges against him, pending or otherwise. This being the case, what are Sandra's rights in regards to her wishes of being re-united with the people she knows as Mom and Dad? A Dad who was not convicted of a criminal charge there-fore should he not enjoy the rights of a free citizen?

I made a statement to my wife, Bens sister, when the accusations were first made, that the damage to Bens reputation was already done and may never be overcome. Just the allegation ;ruins most peoples life's, regardless of guilt or in this instance, innocence. Since Ben has been cleared of all charges, does this mean he is innocent? If Sandra is not allowed back into the home and family of her choosing, does this mean that the Ministry still considers Ben to be guilty? If this is the case then something is very wrong in my opinion. If this is not the case then is there something personal happening here?

These are just a few questions that I have and believe me there are many more. I stand behind Ben Davis and Sandra and will assist them as best as I can. I think that Sandra needs your assistance to bring this to the forefront within your sphere of influence.
Chris Mennie;