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'Hurricane' Rubin Carter

'Hurricane' Rubin Carter passed away April 19, 2014

Rubin Hurricane Carter

'Hurricane' Carter quits rights group he founded

Noted activist resigns after fight over appointment of provincial judge

Former boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter resigned today from an organization that fights for the wrongly convicted because some of its directors refuse to oppose the appointment of an Ontario judge.

Carter, the group's executive director, said the position of his five colleagues has undermined the integrity of the organization, the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted.

"I have to let this baby go," Carter told journalists today.

"I will no longer engage in a power struggle with AIDWC's board of directors," he added.

"Which will only mean that innocent people behind bars will only languish there for want of an advocate."

The judge in question is Susan MacLean of the Ontario Court of Justice.

Before her appointment to the bench, MacLean was a member of the prosecution in the notorious miscarriage of justice involving Guy-Paul Morin, (right) who was twice convicted in the murder of his nine-year-old neighbour Christine Jessop of Queensville, Ont.

Carter himself spent two decades behind bars for a triple murder in New Jersey although he was innocent of the crime.

He founded the Toronto-based association, which has garnered international respect for its work on behalf of the wrongly convicted, in 1993.

He said he would return to the organization if the five unnamed directors, who are also lawyers, leave the board.

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