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Dueck's crimes

Investigation of Superintendent Dueck must extend to his involvement with Beryl and Hugh Stonechild

Beryl Stonechild and his brother Hughie were fostered by Richard Klassen's grandparents, Abe and Marie Peters in the 1970s.

Last year during the Klassen/Kvello civil trial it became clear to me that Dueck was intending to use false testimony from Beryl Stonechild in his defence against plaintiff Richard Klassen.

Dueck claimed that in 1990, shortly after Beryl Stonechild had been arrested for the double murder in Regina, his brother Hugh had come into the police station to complain. The complaint was turned over to Dueck who went to Stonechild's place of residence to investigate. Dueck testified that Stonechild was intoxicated on drugs and was not coherent enough to answer questions so Dueck left his card on the coffee table and asked Hughie to call him when he was straight.

The next day Hughie Stonechild was brutally murdered with a rake shoved into his anus.

This is an unsolved Saskatoon murder which should be investigated. Hugh was gay and he was also living on the economic edge. He was using illegal drugs so he had connections with criminals. When Dueck visited him he was too incoherent to talk. Yet Dueck left his calling card.

Wouldn't any prudent police officer know that to leave a police business card in plain view in the dwelling place of an incoherent complainant was to put that complainant in danger? The murder of Hugh (Beck) Stonechild is one cold case which should be opened up by police who have no association with the Old Guard. The last I heard Murray Zoorkan had been put in charge of the Cold Squad.

Cold Squads are glamorous these days because according to TV shows they are solving many old cases. In Winnipeg, Jim Thiessen is on a squad investigating unsolved cases of murdered street women.

The Hugh Stonechild murder is one for the media, the police and the public to get interested in.

Cold case cover-up

This is one of those threads from the Klassen/Kvello civil trial which requires further investigation. We hear about unsolved murders but we don't hear the name Hugh Beck or Hugh Stonechild come up. We know from the Klassen/Kvello civil trial that Dueck had visited Hugh's brother Beryl in the P.A. pen with no other intent than to get from this convicted murderer evidence that Richard Klassen was part of an intergenerational Satanic sex cult.

Dueck concealed the fact that he had a tape of this interview from his legal counsel. When Richard Klassen brought the matter up during the plaintiff's case, the court went into a confusing flurry. Dueck's counsel disappeared for a while and then returned to the court to announce that Dueck had suddenly "found" the tape in the back of a drawer. The lame excuse for not having previously disclosed the tape was that in the moving of offices (Dueck's promotion from Sgt. to Superintendent?) it had worked its way to the back of a drawer.

We had to wait for the police transcribers to type the thing up and, when we got the tape and the transcription, most of it was inaudible.

Nonetheless enough words came through to make very clear that Dueck was encouraging perjury from Beryl Stonechild in return for a promise that Dueck would help provide him with witnesses at his trial. These witnesses would testify that Beryl became a crazed drug fiend and double murderer because of trauma he had suffered at the hands of the Klassen intergenerational cult.

This was the malicious plan. It didn't work out because even Crown prosecutor Matthew Miazga couldn't make the Satanic cult part of the allegations fly and the Crown had backed off the most unbelievable aspects of the original allegations. (This was made clear when retired prosecutor Terry Hinz testified.)

This was a clear case of suborning perjury and deceiving the court. We provided Chief Russell Sabo with this and other examples of criminal offences Dueck had committed. He assured us that he would send the file to an arms-length investigator, outside Saskatchewan, to determine if criminal charges could be laid. We actually believed him. When we asked why it was taking so long, Sabo assured us that the outside investigators were going through the report with a fine-toothed comb and that everyone wanted to make sure the report was thorough so that any charges coming out of it would stick. So we were more than a bit ticked off when we learned the file had been sent only to Regina and they had done nothing more than dip it in a bucket of whitewash.

We have now been told that Brian Dueck is outside the range of a criminal investigation. If this is true, the Dueck career should provide the perfect template for larcenous and corrupt officers throughout the land. Frankly, I don't think it is true. I still believe that our justice system provides for the prosecution of cops -- even retired ones -- who break the law.

There can be no statute of limitations on the truth.

There is no statute of limitations on murder and we suggest that if Saskatoon Police really want to persuade the public they are cleaning up their act they should re-open the file on Hugh Beck. And the investigator should not be Murray Zoorkan or any others of the Old Guard. -- Sheila Steele, April 15, 2005