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Karla Homolka Just before Christmas, 2001, when no one was paying attention, the infamous videotapes depicting sex killer Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka's vicious rape and torture of schoolgirls Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy were incinerated by court order. Future historians will have to speculate about just how demented Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka really were. An exercise kind of like speculating on how awful Auschwitz was. Except to holocaust deniers like Ernst Zundel, we can point to the evidence. Bernardo dad: Karla got away with murder

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Wenatchee Witch Hunt Wenatchee child sex ring Witch Hunt: In 1994 a witch hunt was launched when a Child Protective Services supervisor told the local Wenatchee office to find some cases to justify its budget. National attention brought a halt to the worst witch hunt in U.S. history, 43 adults were falsely arrested on 29,726 fabricated charges of child sex abuse involving 60 children.

Jaime Wheeler Jaime Wheeler, 20, was murdered in her basement suite on March 12, 2000, stabbed and slashed 56 times. Dominic McCullock, 23, was convicted in 2004 of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 15 years. He has maintained his innocence and is appealing his conviction. The trial heard that DNA found in blood on Wheeler's jacket and apartment door handles matched McCullock's, and a pubic hair stuck in dried blood on Wheeler's arm matched his.

Sandy Murphy and Rick Tabish Rick Tabish - Sandy Murphy: Acquitted of murder. Allegations of corruption by Sheriff Lieseke who was left an estate of $250,000. A former deputy gave a television interview saying the sheriff was lying on the stand and also that after Sheriff Lieseke met with the Estate lawyers he told the two deputies what to write in their reports.

Mountie sues Mounties John Hudak: Ex-Mountie sues Mounties for $3M. His own colleagues helped set him up. On November 23, 2004, in a report on CBC's The National, the former RCMP Constable told his story. He was well thought of in the community of Rocky Mountain House, AB, where he worked most of his 24 year career. The accuser who alleged sexual assault was charged with perjury and received a six month sentence.

Clayton Johnson Clayton Johnson: Janice Johnson, 36, is found with fatal head injuries at the bottom of the basement stairs in her Shelburne, N.S. home. 1993-2001: Clayton Johnson, her husband, is convicted of bludgeoning her to death. A Texas pathologist who reviewed the original findings determined the woman died accidentally when she fell down the stairs backwards and struck her head. The federal justice minister refered this case to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal which ordered a new murder trial for Clayton Johnson. Gets $2.5M

Brenton Butler Brenton Butler: "Murder on a Sunday Morning", the winner for Best Documentary at the 2002 Academy Award ceremony, premiered on HBO. It recounts the trial of Brenton Butler, a 15-year-old Jacksonville resident who had been falsely accused of murdering a white tourist during a robbery. He had no gunshot residue on his hands. His fingerprints were not on the woman's purse which was stolen during the shooting. The $91 he had on him was from honest work at Burger King. Butler testified that police detectives beat a confession out of him. Settles for $775K.

Ron and Linda Sterling Ron and Linda Sterling were the key figures in the Martensville case, the most infamous sexual abuse trial ever held in Saskatchewan. They were found not guilty of 32 crimes against children. "We're going to be tainted as the most vile child molesters for the rest of our lives" says Ron. "No matter that I've been found not guilty. Our life can never be normal. We've lost two years of our lives. I used to have great faith in the justice system."

David Milgaard David Milgaard: The partly clad body of nursing aide Gail Miller, 20, is found in a Saskatoon snowbank. 1970: Milgaard is sentenced to life in prison for murder. 1992: The Supreme Court of Canada recommends a new trial after hearing evidence of a series of rapes committed in Saskatoon by RCMP snitch Larry Fisher who had already been convicted of four rapes and one attempted rape. Fisher was convicted in 1999 and sentenced to life in prison. David Milgaard was set free in 1992 and exonerated in 1997 following DNA tests. Gets $10M

Peter Reilly Peter Reilly found his mother's severely battered body on the floor of their cottage. Police immediately found his demeanor odd and whisked him away. A failed polygraph examination solidified investigators' belief that he attacked his mother, and used the findings as a hammer during an 8-hour interrogation. A jury convicted him of first-degree manslaughter in 1974. He was exonerated after it was disclosed prosecutors improperly withheld an auxiliary trooper's statement which placed him far from the crime scene at about the time of the murder. A judge concluded "a grave injustice" had been committed and vacated the conviction with prejudice, meaning Reilly could never be retried for the still unsolved crime.

Mountie sues Mounties Justin Harris: Corrupt undercover cop without a single redeeming quality. Everyone in the world now knows a prostitute has alleged Harris hit her when she refused to perform oral sex because he wouldn't wear a condom. And that another prostitute described him as a "bad date," a term ladies of the evening ascribe to clients who are often drunk and aggressive. Faced an RCMP tribunal that he had sexual encounters with underage girls selling themselves on the street.

Shannon Murrin Shannon Murrin: Mindy Tran disappeared on August 17, 1994. A lead RCMP investigator had Shannon Murrin brutally beaten up by thugs in 1995. He was charged with her rape and murder in January 1997 and acquitted by a jury in January 2000. A juror, later Murrin's girlfriend, wrote a story of what "really happened" and accused the media and RCMP of having him convicted before the trial began. The Mindy Tran website writes: "Her's is a well crafted tale transforming Murrin from a monstrous child killer into the lovable falsely accused rogue".

Neil Stonechild Neil Stonechild's frozen body was found at edge of town. Saskatoon Police take natives on the "Midnight Ride" to the edge of town. The story was picked up by Saturday Night magazine. Saskatoon made the Amnesty International list of police brutality centres. Two fictitious police officers, Hawk and Gumby, describe how they handled a drunk on the "Starlight Tour".

Rocco Galati Rocco Galati: Immigration lawyer quits cases over death threats. "I'm not on the verge of tears for my safety" says Galati. "....because it means we now live in Colombia, because the rule of law is meaningless. It means that lawyers cannot represent anyone even in what you profess to be a democracy here in Canada."

Gilmer Texas Gilmer Texas Satanic Murder Hysteria: Wendell Kerr and 9 Gilmer residents were charged with murdering 17 year old Kelly Wilson in a grisly Satanic cult murder where she was held and tortured for ten days in a shack in the woods, barbecued, stabbed, and possibly eaten. There was no forensic evidence for any of this. The body has not been recovered. Unimpeachable evidence shows Kerr was in New York City at the time of the alleged ritual murder. The case was the subject of an NBC Dateline called "A Touch of Evil". Ray Smith, who is now an adult but was six at the time recanted his testimony and explained how it was extracted from him by Scott Lyfeld, the "Special Prosecutor" who led what was called "The Team" and created the case.

Darryl Anthony Howard Darryl Anthony Howard: spemt 19 years in prison. Citing misconduct by a former prosecutor, Mike Nifong, and a Durham police detective, Daryl Dowdy, a judge ordered a new trial for Darryl Anthony Howard. He always maintained his innocence in the 1991 double homicide. He was arrested nearly a year after the crime occurred although there was never any physical evidence linking him to it.

James Driskell James Driskell was convicted by 3 hairs and the testimony of two paid snitches. RCMP testified at the trial the hairs found in his van belonged to the victim. The prosecution argued he committed the murder in the van. According to test results from the Forensic Science Services in England, none of the hairs belonged to the victim. He did 12 years for nothing.

Tulsa 1921 Race Massacre Tulsa 1921 Race Massacre: In 2003 a legal team filed a reparations lawsuit on behalf of 126 living survivors of the Tulsa race massacre. The oldest was 102; the youngest 81. Many of the white mob were given weapons and deputized by local law enforcement, according to the 2001 report of a state commission. This "state action" violated the due-process clause of the 14th Amendment.

Greg Parsons Greg Parsons: His mother Catherine Carroll is killed in her St. John's Newfoundland home in 1991. Her son, Greg Parsons, is convicted of her murder in 1994. He was exonerated by DNA evidence and formally acquitted in 1998. A childhood friend of Parsons, Brian Doyle, was later charged with murder. Doyle was sentenced to life in prison. Gregory Parsons gets a compensation of $1.3M

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